Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wrong Brother Syndrome

Marcus Giles, of the Brothers Giles, was signed to a minor league contract. Marcus has experienced some success in the past with the Braves, but had an abysmal 2007 with the Padres and didn't even play last season after being released by the Rockies. The 30 year old may still have something left in the tank, and if he can get anywhere near his career line of .277/.353/.429 then I'd gladly welcome him aboard as an insurance policy at 2nd base for the rehabbing Utley. However, it's likely Marcus's well ran dry when drug testing became legit.

Signing Marcus Giles to a minor league deal may seem like no big deal, but I beg to differ. This continues Philadelphia's legacy of signing the lesser brother. Marscus' brother Brian is an on-base machine for the Padres and has had a damn fine career racking up nearly 300 homeruns, with 1000+ rbi and runs scored, an OPS over .900, and a batting average near .300. Of course, I'd never want to get the two of them in the shower together because apparently messed up things occur.

Wrong Brothers:
*In 2002 the Phils employed Jeremy Giambi, who is currently out of baseball, while Jason continues to mash homeruns and put up decent numbers. Need drugs? Jeremy is your man, he's been named in the Mitchell Report for using HGH and was wrote up on a misdemeanor charge for possession of marijuana.

*Juan Bell was the starting shortstop of the 1993 Phils until being extricated in lieu of Kevin Stocker. Juan sucked, but George did not, popping 265 homeruns and 1002 rbi. George too could have easily been a Phillie had they protected him in the 1980 Rule 5 draft...idiots!

*Mike Maddux had a nice 15 season run in the majors, but it pales in comparison to Greg's success- 355 wins sums that up nicely (316 more than Mike). Seems that Greg has always been Mike's superior, in his MLB debut he suffered a loss to the Cubs and Greg.

*I never even knew a Rick Surhoff existed, but apparently he pitched in 2 games for the Phils in 1985. I've heard of BJ Surhoff though, as he played 19 seasons collecting over 2300 hits for the Brewers, Orioles, and Braves. These brothers come from athletic loins, their father Dick Surhoff played in the NBA.

*Mark Leiter did win 17 games and have 23 saves in 2 seasons with the Phils, but little brother Al had a far better career churning out 162 wins and winning 2 World Series ('93 with Toronto and '97 with Florida). If we had Al, that would have been a 3rd Phillie in the MLB Network booth, along with Plesac and the Wild Thing.

*Joe Torre isn't only a likely Hall-of-Fame bound manager, but he put up some big numbers over 18 years in the bigs: .297 avg, 2342 h, 996 r, 1185 rbi, 252 hr, and an .817 ops. Joe was never a Phillie, but Frank was, and never came close to the amount of production of Joe. At least those awful State Farm Insurance commercials aren't directly linked to us.

*Have you heard of Joe Dimaggio? I damn well hope so! Have you heard of Dom Dimaggio? If you're an old school baseball fan, probably so. Have you heard of Vince Dimaggio? I have, but only because I know he wasn't close to the talent his other 2 brothers were, and Vince is the one that played for the Phils. Vince did hold the distinction of striking out the most times in one season (134 k's) back in 1938, but that has since been eclipsed by many (namely our slugger Ryan Howard). Too bad we didn't have Joe, because we'd have had Marilyn Monroe too.

*Tom Quinlan played parts of 4 seasons in the majors collecting only 9 hits total, 7 of those hits coming in 1994 with the Phils. Robb Quinlan is still plugging away with the Angels and has collected 275 hits so far. Tom was also a helluva hockey player, being drafted in the 4th round in 1986 by the Calgary Flames...maybe he should have went that route instead.

*Ken Brett won 13 games with a 3.44 era in his only season in Philly (1973), and went on to be an All-Star for Pittsburgh the next year. As great as that may seem, his Hall-of-Fame brother George has him beat by a long shot. Yes, enraged pine tar incident George Brett, he of 3145 hits, 1583 r, 1595 rbi, .305 avg, and .856 ops George Brett.

*WSBGM's was never a fan of Tim Worrell, he of mental breakdown DL stint, and we'd have much rather had his brother Todd in the bullpen...all 256 saves. Tim has since retired due to a persistent nerve problem in his neck, but he has stated that he wants to return to baseball in the capacity of coaching.

*In 2007 Michael Garciaparra was in the Phils minors, struggling mostly in Reading. He's only 25 years old and still has a chance to make the majors, but it's unlikely with his minor league line of .266/.699. Nomar on the other hand has made quite the name for himself, marrying female soccer star Mia Hamm, and owning a .314 batting average over 13 MLB seasons. Thank God we didn't have to sit through Nomar's 47 minute between pitch batting glove routine!

*Another minor league lifer who isn't likely to see time in a MLB uniform is Jake Blalock. Jake has bounced around the Phils and Rangers minor league systems for 7 seasons now posting a .256/.725 line. He's still young, but most hope is gone for him. Hank Blalock is a different story though, as he's made millions, been an All-Star twice, and has had a decent career as a Ranger over the past 7 seasons.

Why do the Phils seem to get the short-end of the gene pool stick? Maybe Amaro can coax Billy Ripken out of retirement, trade for Andy LaRoche, or check the free agency status of Wilton Guerrero.



GM-Carson said...

"Slayden likely goes to Lehigh Valley this season where he once again hits for average with moderate pop, and then becomes 5th outfielder for Phils in 2010.

Bastardo has a slight chance at becoming 2nd lefty out of the 'pen, but I doubt the Phils will trust him (namely Manuel).

Ellison and Hoover are good for organizational depth in case of a 15 day DL stint.

Donald is a true prospect in my opinion and has a golden opportunity to rock people's socks off in the spring.

Bazardo is intruguing because he's still young, and he may still be able to be molded into a useful reliever.

Goosewich is only invited because they need a buttload of catchers in the spring.

I agree that Majewski, if he can prove health, may make the team. I see either him or Koplove filling the role of Seanez."

*A comment I made on BeerLeaguer in regards to some of the non-roster invitees for the Phils this spring.

Sean said...

Jake Blalock also played for the Royals, before we got him back for nothing.

And isn't Andy LaRoche the good one? I always thought that the 3B one (Andy, right?) was the better of the two.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

I hear Adam Eaton's brother is available.

GM-Carson said...

Adam LaRoche- 1st Base- Pittsburgh Pirates: .273 avg, 111 hr, .832 ops in 5 seasons.

Andy LaRoche- 3rd Base- Pittsburgh Pirates: .184 avg, 6 hr, .560 ops in 2 seasons.

Adam is better.

furiousBall said...

can we bring back the phillies boy and girl and that cannon? and then can we shoot marcus giles out of the cannon? and then shoot the boy and girl out too?

Bill said...

Love it! I have had this conversation many times about the Phillies going to the right house for the wrong brother. I had a pretty good list but yours was complete!

GM-Carson said...

Thanks Bill, many hours of research for this post.

FuriousBall- do you mean Phil and Philis?

Amanda said...

Gotta love the wrong family member syndrome. Hasnt it happend with father/sons too.

Bob D said...

At least we got the Phillie Phanatic instead of his brother. That is one brother we got right. He may not hit home runs or win games but he puts on one helluva good show.

SirAlden said...

"The shallow end of the gene pool."

Great research. Great job.

Philip Christy said...

About the Surhoffs:

"These brothers come from athletics loins"

Nice double entendre there.

GM-Carson said...

I aim to please.

The Sports Hernia said...

Yeah, but Mike Maddux had a sick mustache.

GM-Carson said...

...and that counts for a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Tucker said...

Yeah, but Mike Maddux had a sick mustache.

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