Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stupidity + Failure = Pirates New Uniforms

So these are the new uniforms the Pirates will be wearing to lose 100 games during the 2009 MLB season. Here are my first impressions:
- Generally speaking, I'm disappointed.
- I like the grey road uni, especially when the player sports high socks like Nyjer Morgan does in the picture...but the grey sleeveless was better.
- I also like the fat "P" making a long awaited return to the jersey front. However, that jersey looks like a batting practice/Spring Training jersey, and probably should be limited to such occasions.
- The red jersey is nowhere to be seen. They need to put that thing in the same closet as the "Turn Ahead The Clock" jersey and lock the door.
- The only sleeveless jersey they kept is the one I hate, that hideous pinstriped thing.
- The home whites are...boring home white. Take a look at the old jerseys [below]. How is this an improvement?

All in all, not a good effort by the Pirates. I would have simply removed the logo form the left sleeve like they did in the 60's and 70's (see pictures below), eliminated the red jersey and the pinstriped jersey, and maybe initiated a "new" throwback jersey to be worn on Sundays on something. But who really cares, right? No big deal. And then I read this on the official Pirates website:

"The changes were made in large part to identify closely with the team's history and tradition. The decision to go back to a jersey with sleeves was again part of the effort to identify with the uniform style of the most successful Pirates teams in the organization's history. Four of the five world championships won by the Pirates were won by players that had sleeved jerseys."

This is the kind of bullshit that infuriates Pirates fans like myself. I don't want to "identify" with successful Pirates teams, I want to WATCH successful Pirates teams. I don't care if they are dressed like the Taliban. I don't care if they wear ball gowns and high heels. Hell, if they would win 82 games, I'll wear a dress and high heels. I'd much rather have a player look horrible and hit .300 than have the LaRoche brothers play like crap in sleeves!

Furthermore, the Pirates didn't even do a good job "identifying" with successful teams of the past. What do you think of when you think of winning Pirates baseball? I think of this:

See any sleeves? I don't.

Sure, the last Pirates team to win the World Series had sleeves. But they also had pillbox hats with horizontal stripes, pull-over mustard yellow polyester jerseys and Dave Parker high on cocaine. Except for the coke, anybody want to bring back that winning tradition? Also, the first two World Champion Pirate teams wore sleeves. Of course, the colors were red and blue and some of the uniforms lacked a logo or script/print name and had collars. Any body want to bring back that winning tradition?

Like I said, same old tricks from the Pirates. Make some marginal changes that don't affect the state of the club, put a couple quotes in the media that make it look like they want to improve the club, all to distract the fans from the fact that the team still sucks and isn't getting any better. But hey, at least now they have sleeves.



Bob D said...

The last time they (Pirates) won a World Series was 1979. The Steelers also won the Super Bowl that year. We also had the Ayatollah Khomanie holding hostages, the USSR invade Afghanistan, and best news of all from that year April 20 - President Jimmy Carter is attacked by a swamp rabbit while fishing in his hometown of Plains, Georgia.

Why don't they also trade for Coco Crisp since he was born that year and play Michael Jackson songs at the stadium as he released his first album. Theres alot to like about 1979 how about them parachute pants????

GM-Carson said...

Corey and I were born in '79!

We'd like to blog more about the Pirates, because honestly they're so bad right now without any direction, that it would mostly just be rants.

Chip said...

I can tell you exactly how this came about. Coonelly figured "Hey, if the Devil Rays changed their fortunes with new unis and a name change, we'll do the same thing!"

Step one was the uniforms. I bet next year they'll announce they want to be known as "Bucs" from now on. God these people running the team are morons.

Since we're talking about this stupidity instead of what great players we have this year (Oops, we have none), I guess I'll add this:

My favorite alternate was the black hat with the yellow brim. I saw tons of kids wearing them at school that summer and they sucked. They should bring that back. It looked slick.

GM-Carson said...

The Pirates traded away their best talent in Bay and Nady. Both lame ass moves because they're still under contract this season. The packages they got for each were subpar too. They have McLouth and that's about it. All the young hot-shot pitchers should just be shot. Ok, that was a bit harsh, but true at the same time. Maholm is decent in the rotation, but others are mediocre. Pocket Full of Fat Capps is a decent closer but what's up with the rest on the bullpen? 100 losses is definitely within reach in '09.

Exploding Penguin said...

Oh, Pirates. I've always been a through-and-through Pittsburgh fan but its difficult to be hardcore about the bucs. It makes me a little sad to think about their drive to get a better team for 2009, and they managed to pretty much have exactly the same lineup as last year.

I lived in New York (current), Philly, & Pittsburgh within the last 5 years and I've been able to see local teams at least plan ahead to help what ailed their roster in the previous year. I heard we're close to a deal with Hinkse. I guess he's better than other options, but I'm not exactly excited.

GM-Carson said...

Hinske is okay, especially on a 1 year $1-2M deal, but what's he really going to do for Pitt? He's window dressing. I'm still wondering why the hell Jack Wilson is a Pirate. In fact I think that will be the topic of one of my upcoming posts. They had the opportunity to trade him like upteen million times, but still hold on to him. He serves no purpose!!!

Exploding Penguin said...

Heh. What do you mean? His contributions were so remarkable last year dont you think? What did he hit, one home run? Any projections for his batting average this year? I'm thinking something along the lines of .255

I don't know what the pirates are thinking when it comes to that guy. But then again, I'm still bitter about Jason Bay.

Deaner said...

The sleeveless jerseys were nice because they, like you said, were the same that the teams of the 1960-era teams wore. I know that a lot of teams did the sleeveless thing for a while, as a fad, but for the Pirates they were classic.

You're right in saying that winning is what really matters. Can we expect a Rays-like turnaround? ... new threads? ... new results?

GM-Carson said...

The Pirates will likely finish in last place in the NL Central. The Cubs are built to win, Milwaukee is decent (although they lost Torres, Sabathia, and Sheets), the Astros and Cardinals will be competitive, and the Reds unlike the Buccos are in a rebuilding stage that looks to actually be successful.

Kevin McGuire said...

Oh my goodness! Is this an actual post focusing on the Pirates??? When was the last time this happened?

Corey said...

the last time we posted about the pirates, their jerseys still had sleeves...

SVNarine said...

Haha, great post. They are pretty awful...thanks for reading BTW.

William said...

I like the black shirt with the big "P." That's kind of sharp looking.

GM-Carson said...

Nice to see some Pirates discussion on here today. Corey and I have always kept the Pirates part of We Should Be GM's but it's really become a Phils site for the most part. We're going to try and incorporate Buccos stuff in a couple times a week from now on though. Pennsylvania!!!

Bob D said...

The Pirates theme today was refreshing. I may be a Phillie fan through and through but I have always followed the Pirates thru the years. I root against them only when they face the Phils.

I just watched the Pirates of the Caribean triliogy and they had better uniforms. Maybe Wilson wearing an eye patch will improve his power.

MSK said...

As a Phils fan, I have a small place in my heart for the Bucs. Every year when i go down to spring training i try to goto McKechnie Field which i consider one of the more enjoyable destinations in all of spring training. I also LOVED the old sleeveless unis. Very classy and were a good look for such a bad team. Its not like they even changed the jersey, just added sleeves, made it more generic. Similar to your post a few weeks ago how the Phillies always had the "bad brother" the Pirates have managed to have two brothers who both suck.

Bob D said...

Go Steelers!

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Hate, absolutely, hate, the new unis. Loved the classic sleeveless uniforms ... should have been kept forever. This franchise knows nothing about brand equity.

GM-Carson said...

The Pirates pretty much know nothing...

Rich Baxter said...

Why is it I usually like the road uniforms better than the home?

Anyway, I love the new Pittsburgh road uni, it looks a little like a throwback. Much better than it used to look!

GM-Carson said...

I personally wish the Phils had a red jersey, like their batting practice warm-ups.

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