Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stuff 4 Sunday

I. Wish Granted:
Just yesterday I posted, "I hold out hope that Hamels can be secured with a longterm deal". Hope no more, because contrary to what the Rolling Stones sang, I can always get what I want. Cole agreed to a 3 year $20.5M deal, buying out his first 3 years of arbitration, leaving only 2012 up in the air. This is a good move for both the organization and the young lefthanded ace. In 3 seasons he's put a 38-23 record, 543 ip, 518 k, 3.43 era, and 1.14 whip.

II. Wrist Tat Good-Bye?
MLB Trade Rumors has a post on Brett Myers and his rather large final year of his contract. Mr. Wrist Tat is set to make $12M in '09 and was a candidate to be traded if the Phils became serious suitors for Derek Lowe. Lowe went way of Atlanta, but the post still suggests that Myers may not fit into the payroll depending on Ryan Howard's mammoth-sized arbitration deal. It's doubtful Amaro boots Brett, but stranger things have happened (like So Taguchi signing with the Cubs).

III. Good Day in PA?
3 PM (FOX)- Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals
6:30 (CBS)- Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Could we see an all PA Super Sunday?

IV. Happy Birthday!
Happy 37th birthday to one of the best backstops in Phillies history, Mike Lieberthal. 1st round draft pick (3rd overall) by the Phils back in 1990, that went on to catch 1170 games, pop 150 homeruns, post an OPS of .783, collect a Gold Glove, and be an All-Star twice.



GM-Carson said...

My side project More Hardball, celebrates its roots with a look back on its origin and some of the finer pieces of work over the years, including some way back in the day from Corey in 2006.

As you'll read the blog is "revamping itself by rededicating to doing funny yet solid posts based on anything related to Major League Baseball".

GreggyD said...

While MLB Trade Rumors reports that the Phils might be trying to dump some salary by trading Myers (presumably because Ryan Howard will probably ask for upwards of $17 million), Yahoo Sports is saying this per the Boston Globe:

"The Phillies have been arbitration-strapped, with a huge outlay likely headed Ryan Howard's way. The Phillies are trying to find a way to get someone of Sheets's caliber on their staff."

It's counter-intuitive to that whole saving money thing, but I'd be pretty damn happy (as long as Ben stays healthy).

Andrew said...

happy bday Leiby! its too bad you never got to that elusive postseason game that you deserved all too much.

GM-Carson said...

Ben Sheets is one of our closest buds. Seriously, we grew up hanging out with a Ben Sheets, still shoot the shit with him.

Burton said...

Do you think the Phillies will be able to hold on to Hamels after 2012? It is not as if he is chomping at the bit to leave, but there is this sense of difficulty with a long-term relationship. What would it take to keep him?

GM-Carson said...

After his new 3 year deal is up, he'll be in the 20+ million per year range most expensive.

GM-Carson said...

So much for the Eagles.

Go Steelers!

Jay Ballz said...

Back to reality...the Eagles stink again.

SirAlden said...

Mike Lieberthal was a Cancer, who with one solid August punched his ticket for his last 3 years.

SirAlden said...

The Payroll will be going from 100 Million in 2008 to 125 Million in 2009.

Next year there is a lot coming off
the books.

SirAlden said...

How about "Campaign Sheets!"

Ramp it up boys!

GM-Carson said...

Hmmm, Campaign Sheets. What will our props be? Bed linens or toilet paper...