Monday, January 05, 2009

Spiffy Bowman Baseball Cards of 1992

Inspired by the 1992 Bowman baseball cards I found and posted of Derek Lowe and Chipper Jones on Saturday, I decided to look for some Phillies and Pirates related classics. I love these cards because it has minor league guys posed in what looks like their spiffy high school yearbook pictures.

Rob Butler played parts of 4 seasons for the Blue Jays and Phillies. His only year in Philly (1997) he was a 5th outfielder that snuck into 43 games and batted .292 in 89 at bats. He's the brother of Rich Butler, who was also a Blue Jay, but just not at the same time as Rich's only season with Toronto was in '97. The Brothers Butler currently are influential Canadians sculpting young swings at the Homerun Baseball Academy in Ajax, Ontario. His shirt may be back in style, but Zack Morris called and wants his hairdo back.

Ugueth Urbina came to Philadelphia during the 2005 season in the highly unpopular trade involving Placido Polanco to the Tigers. Uggie pitched well in relief, but Polly went on to be a .300 hitter and Gold Glove winning second baseman (I know, I know...we have Chase, but Polly can play hella-good 3rd too). Phils ended up being Urbina's last gig in his MLB tour, turns out he's a wannabe machete murderer and is currently serving a hefty jail term (14 years) in his homeland of Venezuela; which lead to the namesake of my WSBGM's Phantasy team- Urbina's Alibis. Someone needs to tell him loafers with shorts is also a crime.

Paul Byrd has been all over the place during his 13 years in the majors, but he called Philly home from 1998-2001. In '99 he represented the Phillies on the NL All-Star squad and went on to win 15 games that season. Owner of 108 wins and a 4.38 era, Byrd finds himself looking for a job this winter, as are the other hordes of free agents. Not only is Paul an accomplished starting pitcher, he's also an author. His autobiography, Free Bird, details his current life as a devout Christians and his past struggles with pornography. You gotta admit the denim top looks good on him.

Alex Gonzalez was a mistake by Pat Gillick, but not of the Adam Eaton variety. Gonzalez, unlike Eaton, at least had the decency to retire halfway through the 2006 season due to sucking...whilst Eaton still sucks away. To this day I'm not really sure of the reason for signing Alex as he never hit for average or power or got on base at an acceptable clip. Best explanation...he was an old Toronto boy from Patty G's days there and we all know how he loves acquiring players from the Mariners, Blue Jays, or Orioles that were in the system during his tenure. Personally, I need to know where he bought that tie because it's fantabulous!

Kevin Young spent all but one of his 12 seasons with the Pirates, his lone indiscretion coming in 1996 when he dabbled in the Kansas City Royals cookie jar. That big bat of Kevin's may have churned out some decent years with the Buccos (144 homeruns), but that outfit consisting of a white t-shirt, gray blazer, bluejeans, and black boots is a no-no. Like Ugueth Urbina, Kevin Young has committed two crimes. First, his middle name is Stacey. Second, he was listed on the Mitchell Report as an HGH user.

Joe Randa was two times a Pirate (1997 and 2006). He had a fine career spanning 12 seasons batting .284 with a .765 ops while playing solid defense at thirdbase. Joe is currently the voice of Crunch Time on Kansas City airwaves. He was given the nickname "the Joker" during the '97 season in Pittsburgh due to his resemblance to the Batman comic book character and the fact that he's always smiling. He must have been a bit of a joker by the looks of that awful mock-turtleneck he's rocking in that picture.


Mike Williams very well may be one of the worst All-Stars of all-time as he represented the Pirates in 2003 and finished the season with a 1-7 record, 6.14 era, and 1.70 whip. Williams wasn't all bad though, as he ranks 69th on MLB's all-time saves leaders list with 144, so he did have some success mixed in there. He was twice a Phillie (1992-1996 & 2003) and twice a Bucco (1998-2001, went to Houston for a bit in '01, then back again from 2002-2003). Mike has been the subject of a Phlashback Phriday, a split personality debate, and a best baseball card poll in which Corey wrote, "Cowboy? 'Born-again' door to door Bible salesman? Porn Star? That evil smile, Glamour Shots one-leg-up pose, and robustache could mean sooooo many things. None of which I want any part of." To the best of my knowledge this is the 4th time this baseball card has graced WSBGM's site, and I therefore nominate it for our Hall-of-Fame (if there were such a thing).

Never Made-Its:
Phillies farmhand Ron Lockett and Pirate wenches Jon Farrell and the awesomely named Dave Doorneweerd.



GM-Carson said...

Happy birthday to former player and current batting coach Milt Thompson, ex-Phillie and current manager of the Pirates John Russell, crazy man Danny Jackson, and my alum Bucknell Bison Eric Junge.

Bob D said...

Are you sure that last card Dave Doorneweerd is not just a picture of some smuck out of work outside of the baseball stadium?

GM-Carson said...

He was a real live pitcher in Pittsburgh and Angels minor league systems, as hard as that might be to believe.

GM-Carson said...

I'm starting the crazy rumor of Andruw Jones for Geoff Jenkins straight up based on '09 salaries. Jones' contract was restructured so that it'll only be around $5M this season and we'd actually save money by acquiring him and getting rid of the redundant Jenkins (Stairs is essentially a clone that is cheaper). This gives us a righthanded bat for the outfield and someone that should be motivated to get back into shape and have a bounce back season in Jones. Just a crazy thought.

Bob D said...

I want the Dodgers to throw in the 134 leftover Adruw Jones bobbleheads into the trade as well. Ruben can spend his free time this winter painting a red P on each one.

Andrew said...

Burrell nearly signing with the Rays. If you can't beat em, hire them to play for you, I guess... Good deal for Rays. Still head-scratching why the Phils didn't offer this same deal. Gonna have to make it to Ray's-O's game in Bmore now to check on old Pat the Bat and maybe get some autographs.,-Burrell-near-two-year,-$16M-deal?MSNHPHMA

GM-Carson said...

Apparently Burrell is close to signing on with the Rays for 2 years and $16MM. Amaro is a total douche nugget if this is true. Overpaid and gave too many years to Ibanez, yet Burrell goes on the cheap...ugh!

GM-Carson said...

There you guy, must be confirmed, both Andrew and I have posted it.

Andrew said...

I think we read the same site, Carson.

The Sports Hernia said...


GM-Carson said...

I'm not so much mad that Burrell isn't a Phillie any more, but pissed that he went for so little on a short contract while Amaro clearly overpaid for Ibanez. Amaro hasn't done anything worth a pinch of poop this offseason.

Andrew said...

ESPN is listing the Burrell signing too

The Sports Hernia said...

FYI, we're not Yankee fans at the Hernia.

Joe W. Linden said...

Sad day in Philly sports.

SirAlden said...

2008 Post All-Star Break:

Pat Burrell: .215 BA .726 OPS
Raul Ibanez: .321 BA .921 OPS

2008 LF Fielding Stats

Pat Burrell: 17.5 + runs allowed
Raul Ibanez: 11.0 + runs allowed

Pat's fielding was one of the worst in baseball playing in a bandbox, and Raul's was not great but will improve because he was playing in one of the largest LF's at Safeco Field.

What is interesting is Pat turned down a better offer from the Phillies reported 2 years and 22 Million.

Ironically I am sure the Phillies would have jumped at two years and 16 million, but I am sure noone would have wanted them to wait and come up empty handed.

In year three Ibanez may be terrible, but for the next two years and winning now, two million more per year for Ibanez is a bargain.

Andrew said...

I hadn't heard the 2/22 mil offer for Burrell. Is this true or just a rumor?

GM-Carson said...

Burrell and his agent claim there was never an offer from the Phils, but numerous rumors were abound that the Phils offered him somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 year and $22MM shortly after the World Series.

Sports Hernia- why so anti-Phils then?

GM-Carson said...

Not that I wanted him, but a 5 years younger Milton Bradley who is a switch hitter with more potential than Ibanez is signing with the Cubs for a nearly identical contract to Ibanez...f'n Amaro!

Bob D said...

I was originally against the Ibanez signing, but the more I looked at it I liked it. Now in retrospective he may have been overpaid but it spared us a whole month of aganizing over who will play LF next year.
Ibanez was hitting in a pitcher friendly park - but he was hitting Hrs 20+ and a ton of doubles each year. Ibanez in the CIT could have some big years and even 3 years older he could do well. I expect in 3 years he will replace Stairs as the lefty veteran off the bench. By then the Phils should have 1 of their top 3 OF prospects ready to play full time. So what if the guy on the bench is getting 10mil while the starter is making league minimum.

dr. steve said...

Ruben Amaro is a moron. Get the Fire The GM Chants going.

SirAlden said...

You guys are silly.

Who would you pick to have
more stable production the next 2 years, Ibanez or Bradley?

Who would you sign for next year
Ibanez for 10 Million, or Pat the Bat for 8 Million?

dr. steve said...


There's no way his suspension is going to stand. But even still, it's more proof that the Phillies Bullpen isn't solidified without some help. And Park isn't solid. Seriously, he's like signing someone to pitch in blowouts. Why do you need to do that?

This sucks.

GreggyD said...

I posted a comment on the wrong post...

I'm so pissed about this Romero thing, but I am going to save my rant for tomorrow's post. This is fucking ridiculous.

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