Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Phillies World Series 8 DVD Set Contest

WSBGM's has been lucky enough to fall into 3 copies of A&E's Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series Collector's Edition 8 DVD set (one of the perks of being a tremendous blogger I suppose). Corey and I have ours, but being the generous souls that we are, we'll be awarding the 3rd set as a prize to a contest winner. This time we're looking for the best story of a trip to see the Phillies. Story needs to be true, visual documentation is encouraged though not required, and it can be funny, scary, or heartwarming. Story can be of a trip to Philly on another MLB city and can be from this season or seasons of yesteryear, just has to be about seeing the Phils. Please submit stories to us via email.

Prize Description:
It had been 25 years since the city of Philadelphia’s last major sports championship, and the City of Brotherly Love was getting restless. Not even the sage advice of perhaps its most celebrated resident, Ben Franklin, could alleviate the angst: “He that can have patience can have what he will.” Thankfully, in 2008, it would be the 125 year-old Phillies franchise who would deliver the glory with its second World Series title in team history -- an impressive 11-3 postseason run, a year after being swept in the first round of the NLCS playoffs.

A&E Home Video and Major League Baseball Productions are giving the Phillies’ fans something else to celebrate with the Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series Collector’s Edition. The most comprehensive piece of sports memorabilia from the ’08 Fall Classic, the ultra-collectible 8-DVD set, priced to add to the shelf of any Philadelphian at the recently reduced price of $63.96, features every pitch of every World Series game vs. the resilient and surprising Tampa Bay Rays, plus the dramatic NLCS Games 4&5 vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers and more!

Fresh off of capturing their first division crown in almost 15 years, the 2008 squad was poised to make a deep run. With a powerful line-up of league-leading sluggers, a deep bullpen and the careful guidance of manager Charlie Manuel, the Phillies captured the NL East division for the second year in a row. Then, after dispatching the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLDS (3–1), and the Dodgers in the NLCS (4–1), their ticket was punched for the 2008 Fall Classic, their first World Series appearance in 15 years.

Collector’s Edition provides fans with a comprehensive record of the Phillies’ historic rush to the National League Pennant and exhilarating World Series triumph – every game, every pitch, every run and all the incredible memories. The set also includes a special feature which allows viewers to choose from four different alternative audio tracks for each World Series game, giving fans the ability to watch the TV broadcast, while listening to Phillies Radio announcers Harry Kalas, Larry Andersen, Scott Franzke and Chris Wheeler!

The heroics of Cole Hamels, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, and Brad Lidge are on full display in this spectacular set, along with every twist, turn, and dramatic decision that played out in unforgettable Phillies fashion. Digitally preserved on DVD, each remarkable game is wrapped with SleeveStats, featuring game stats, player facts, data and notes to enhance and illuminate. With a locker’s worth of bonus material featuring celebratory footage – including their unbelievable million person parade through the city to Citizen’s Bank Park – highlights, team interviews and ’08 highlights, and more than 20 hours of fantastic October game action, this set will be a cherished part of every Phillies fan’s memorabilia collection. From Atlantic City to Allentown, the Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series Collector’s Edition is certain to bring out Phillies’ fans, wherever they are!

Bonus Material: Locker Room Celebrations, World Series Trophy and MVP Presentation, Phillies WS Parade Footage, NL East Division and NLDS Clinching Highlights, Team Interviews, Brett Myers Goes 3-3 in NLCS Game 3, 2008 season highlights: Jayson Werth Inside-The-Park HR; Pat Burrell's GW walk-off HR; Jayson Werth hits 3 HR’s; 3 consecutive HR’s (Utley, Howard and Burrell) and Ryan Howard’s 40th & 48th HRs.

If you're not the chosen one of this contest, fear not, the DVD set can be purchased at A&E's online shop.



GM-Carson said...

JC Romero is being suspended 50 games and being fined $1.25MM for taking an over-the-counter stimulant that had no warning while he took it, but has since be labeled as- "Use of this product may be banned by some athletic or government associations". Word is he could have had the punishment reduced to 25 games had he admitted guilt, but he maintains he did nothing wrong. Lot of questions marks heading into the season- Ibanez's ability to stabalize the offense, Feliz and Utley's health, and now the void of Romero.

Bob D said...

Your kidding right?

GM-Carson said...

Unfortunately I'm dead serious.

Tomorrow we will have a post about the Burrell signing and Romero suspension.

Bob D said...

Yeah, I just read 2 of the stories on it. Looks as if he got a bum decision from the arbitraitor. That is why they signed Park. Maybe they will go after Joe Beimel or another reliever.

GM-Carson said...

My guess is that Amaro now tries to trade Coste or Stairs for faily cheap lefty reliever.

furiousBall said...

crap, romero's suspension sucks balls.

in a bad way

Andrew said...

Romero got screwed. Totally shafted.

GM-Carson said...

My post tomorrow will present both sides of the Romero situation (innocent/guilty).

Maria said...

This really sucks. He seems to have gotten the short end of the stick. I'm sure this is the way Bud Selig envisioned his policy being enforced.

njh723 said...

first of all this is ridiculous. second, any chance we go after will ohman from the braves?

i only saw him pitch a few times, but he looked great. maybe it was just because he faced howard a couple times...

Lake Fred said...

Bummer on Romero. Living in New Orleans, I've seen the NFL Saints have three high priced players suspended for a quarter of a season for a legal over the counter diuretic that the players claim they used to aid weight loss that the league says covers up the presence of banned steroids. It's just a tough business that ultimately hurts the fans. Is losing 50 games worth the WFC? Damn right it is.

On the DVD Set. I couldn't wait for the contest, so I used the old Visa card and got my set this past weekend. I'm watching them in reverse order. I watched the Bonus DVD first. It's great. It has season highlights plus what appears to be unedited locker room celebrations and parade footing from the float's perspective. Great stuff. I've watched part of the 5th WFC game (DVD 7) and am loving Harry Kalas' relaxed play by play. Enter the contest!

ripjgarcia said...

I was reading yesterdays comments and came across this.

dr. steve said...


There's no way his suspension is going to stand. But even still, it's more proof that the Phillies Bullpen isn't solidified without some help. And Park isn't solid. Seriously, he's like signing someone to pitch in blowouts. Why do you need to do that?

This sucks.

10:22 PM

I really hate random, uninformed comments. The last time I looked, the Phillies led the NL in ERA bullpen last year of 3.22, and the postseason bullpen ERA was even better.

As far as Romero goes, I don't think the truth will be known for a while, because we never get all of the details when these reports come out.

I do have to give some respect to Romero though, because he said he didn't want to say what the stuff was called because kids might go out and buy it.

Also, I had read that the 25 game punishment was applicable only if he admitted guilt AND accepted the suspension prior to the playoffs and World Series, as the original hot test was in late September.

GM-Carson said...

Phils signed Marcus Giles to a minor league contract. I think he's pretty much done, but you really can't complain about a minor league deal for only $600K

SirAlden said...

It's only if he makes the team.
the 600K.

LynnieMac said...

Oh, sure. I had an amusing anecdote about a trip to see the Phillies (well okay, maybe it's only amusing to me - that's certainly possible), but I already have the DVD set.

LynnieMac said...

By the way, for those who don't win: I would recommend checking the price of the set on amazon before purchasing it from A&E. Pre-Christmas, it was $20 less there.

GM-Carson said...

I was obligated by A&E to post their price and site for purchase, since they were kind enough to supply the 3 sets.

LynnieMac said...

Oh geeze, sorry Carson (and A&E, too). I clearly wasn't thinking.

GM-Carson said...

No harm, no foul. People want the best deal possible in these hard economic times.

Anonymous said...

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