Friday, January 02, 2009

Phillies Phlashback Phriday: Sil Campusano

Why choose to waste an entire Phlashback Phriday on Sil Campusano? Just look at that Blue Jays card and you'll find your answer. Sil was brought into Philly via the Rule 5 draft back in 1989. This was a case where there was no hidden talent and the Phils would have been smart to hand him back to Toronto for a cool $25k. Over his 3 years in MLB (2 with Blue Jays, 1 with Phils) he batted .202 with a No-Hit Nunez-esque .584 OPS while roaming the outfield. After being granted his free agency in the winter of 1991, Campusano opted to play in Taiwan with the Wei Chuan Dragons (1994-1996) and Chiayi-Tainan Luka (1997-1999). Wikipedia has this interesting tidbit about Sil, "For obscure reasons, Campusano's nickname was 'The Earwig'. He has been described variously as 'moist and garrulous' and a 'fartcatcher'." That's messed up!

Think 7x/Definitely 3x:
Charlie Manuel- "I think with the type of club we've got and the way we look at things, we have a good attitude about [repeating], and I think we stand a very good chance of doing it again. I think we can repeat. I don't see why not. I think Ryan Howard is going to have a bigger year than he had this year, and I think that [Chase] Utley can definitely have a better year. ... Jimmy Rollins definitely can do better. You can always do better, so I think we will definitely be in the hunt. And if we get down there in September, I think we have a good chance."

*Someone get that man a thesaurus.

Strange but True Year in Review:
I'm a big fan of Jayson Stark's articles on He writes about some of the most obscure stuff imaginable and really has fun with stats, so naturally I find it entertaining. He wrote a Year in Review piece that was chock full of interesting nuggets that true baseball fans will love to dig into. I've gone ahead and pulled out the Phillies related "strange but true" factoids.

• SCOUT'S WORST NIGHTMARE DEPT.: In his first start of the postseason, sweet-swinging Phillies pitcher Brett Myers had back-to-back at-bats against CC Sabathia in which he saw nine and 10 pitches, respectively. In his next start of the postseason, Myers swung at EVERY pitch thrown (all four of them). And got three hits. Which, of course, was almost as many as he got all season (while going 4-for-58).

• MIRROR IMAGE DEPT:: Finally, when the Phillies win the World Series, they really do do it with mirrors. Just check the calendar -- and the closers:
Won in: '80 and … '08
Last out collected by a reliever wearing No.:
45 (Tug McGraw) and … 54 (Brad Lidge)

• ANYBODY HAVE A CALCULATOR DEPT.: In one stretch covering three games May 25-27, the Phillies scored 38 runs in 14 INNINGS. Two weeks later, the same team kicked off a stretch in which it scored 38 runs in 14 DAYS.



GM-Carson said...

Don't believe everything that your hear/read department- Numerous sources have the Phils still in on Derek Lowe. If Amaro is able to sign Lowe that would be amazing. Imagine a rotation of Hamels, Lowe, Myers, Blanton, and Moyer...repeat!!!

GM-Carson said...

From Crashburn Alley- " Instead, Jenkins’ and Eaton’s salaries will remain wholly on the books, their bodies filling up roster slots that could be taken by more productive players. Amaro is content paying $6.5 million for a downgrade in left field, $6.5 million for a 46-year-old starter in Jamie Moyer, and $2.5-5 million for a flaky, typically unproductive SP/RP hybrid in Park.

WFC’s and they’re scavenging the free agent market. WFC’s and they’re hoping some food falls off the table.

Mets GM Omar Minaya, despite his team’s embarrassingly pathetic play at the end of each of the last two seasons, is eating at the table. He’s at the back end of a three-course meal. With Francisco Rodriguez and J.J. Putz stains on his bib, he may as well get some Derek Lowe on there, too."

My response- "I’ve held off bashing Amaro, but I agree now he deserves it. He was too quick to sign Ibanez, because it looks equal players (Burrell, Abreu, Bradley) will be signing for less years and less millions. I love Moyer, but 2 guaranteed years? Ho Park is superfluous, he makes no sense at all to sign, especially not at that price. He sucked for nearly a decade then had a decent year in pitcher-friendly Chavez Ravine for crying out loud!"

furiousBall said...

would love to see lowe join the phils, especially after he told the mets he wasn't impressed with their offer

Burbot77 said...

Pretty awesome that you met Stark...he's one of my favorite writers also.

And it's nice to see that in these depressed economic times, Derek Lowe is refusing to lower his possibly-deluded standards, like K-rod, and join the mets at a Costco like 12 mils a year.

Mike said...

My most vivid ( only) memory of Sil Campusano: Hating his guts for breaking up a potential Doug Drabek no-hitter with a 3-2 count and two outs in the 9th as I looked on from the 700 Level during the Nick Leyva-tastic 1990 season. The Phils got pasted and the whole stadium was rooting for Drabek so we could at least say we got to see history happen. Of course, not only did Sil (and the Phillies) suck, but they also cheated us out of the no-no.

Jay Ballz said...

My memory of Sil Campusano is brief.

Doug Drabek pitching for the Pirates at the Vet, I was there, 2 outs in the 9th inning, no hits allowed and SIL CAMPUSANO breaks up the no-no!

Don't remember the yr exactly, but I'll guess 1990 or '91.

GM-Carson said...

Sil is not a popular guy...damn fartsniffer.

Aaron said...

I loved Sil. He was really small and grounded out a lot.
He was also not particularly fast for a small guy and played very average Defense.

Ahhh the good ol days.