Saturday, January 17, 2009

Phillies Business

Many believe Ryan Howard is going to ask for $15-17M in arbitration. The Phils likely won't oblige, and a bloody battle will ensue once again. I've given up all hope of signing him longterm, nor do I want to. We control him through 2011, after which he'll be 32 years old. With his body type, horrific defense, and consistently lowering OPS ('06- 1.084, '07- .976, '08- .882), he won't be worth the A-Rod contract he and his family are so desperately seeking. He's a tremendous talent and the best pure slugger in the game today, but his talent lies solely within his prodigious power.

Mr. Cool, aka Cole Hamels, is set for a hefty raise, probably in the neighborhood of $5M. He's become the ace of the staff, is only 24 years old, pitched like John Smoltz in the postseason, and is still likely to improve. Unlike Howard, I hold out hope that Hamels can be secured with a longterm deal, but even if not he's still under team control through 2012.

With the arbitration of Cole Hamels and Ryan Howard lurking, the Phils received a slight reprieve when Greg Dobbs avoided arbitration and signed a 2 year $2.5M contract. Dobbs will continue seeing time at 3rd base, outfield, pinch-hitter, and his most important job- team sideburn consultant.

Amaro attempted to bypass the gruesome arbitration process with setup man Ryan Madson as well, offering the lanky righty a 3 year $12M deal. Not surprisingly MadDog swatted that offer away like an annoying bee buzzing at your beer in the summertime. His agent, human leech Scot Boras, compares Madson to Mariano Rivera and wants closer's money for him once he hits free agency. Thanks for everything Ryan, have a great '09, but good-bye following the season.

The skirmish for the 5th spot in the rotation is setting up to be a good one. Ryan Madson's lefthanded body-double, JA Happ, is determined to prevail, "The goal is to be a starting pitcher. That's what I'm accustomed to, and that's 100 percent what I'm shooting for. This is what I do and what I love to do, and I'm going to give everything I can to win that spot. That fifth starter's spot is something I've been looking at since the last day of the season, so I'm looking forward to it." Meanwhile, recently signed ninja Chan Ho Park is forgoing pitching for Korea in the WBC, so he can concentrate his full effort on being the Phils final starting pitcher. "I'm very sorry to my fans and the people who wanted me to play in the [Classic]," said Park, who was speaking at a news conference in Seoul, South Korea, and briefly left the podium after breaking into tears. "I won't be playing for the national team any more. "As I'm going to the Phillies, I will do my best there to achieve my goal of becoming a starter." Super phenom Carlos Carrasco and leftover Kyle Kendrick will be added to the mix in what should shape up to be the biggest story of spring training aside from Chase Utley's health and Jamie Moyer's new pitch- the softball lob.



Corey said...

i like your ryan howard dollar bill. your first foray into the world of photoshop was a successful one.

GM-Carson said...

Pirates interested in Pedro Martinez. Of course they are now that he's 4-5 years removed from his prime.

Andrew said...

Phils signed Hamels to 3 years, $20.5 mill. excellent signing. very pleased about that.

SirAlden said...

Hamels is signed for about 20 mil for three of his four arbitration years.

Perfect contract for both sides. Cole gets his payout for last year, and stability in his life, if he is injured he is all set now.

For the Phillies, they pay Hamels what would be projected for the three years, do not go over their three year rule, and make a great statement about the franchise.


Andrew said...

on second thought... its not even touching his free agent years. but still nice to not have to worry about arb for the next two seasons.

Dan said...

Solid signing by the Phils for Hamels. Not a huge deal really - the Phils saved a couple million over what he'd have made in year-to-year arbitration, and Hamels got a nice bit of security in case of injury. But really, not a big stretch for either side.

If anything, it helps the Phillies build some good faith with Hamels - remember how he was pissed he got his contract renewed this past year for basically no raise? Now, hopefully, we've made him a bit happier. Obviously, gotta hope that he doesn't get complacent...but let's honest, Hamels isn't that kind of guy.

Overall, nice deal by the Phils for sure. Too bad Madson rejected that deal - definitely a good offer by Amaro, if perhaps unrealistically low. Still, it was good that Amaro offered.

Good deal on Dobbs. If he could get his glove skills to a better level, it could turn into an amazing deal for the Phils.

I agree that there's little sense giving a long-term contract to Howard, especially in these nutty economic times. Keep him until he's 32 then re-evaluate the situation - that's what I say.

As for Werth - hard to say, but I like the way he plays. I'd have no problem offering him a smallish 2-3 year contract, but really, it's got to be pretty small until he proves he can hit RH pitching regularly. Until then, he's only proven as a platoon player. Still, I love the guy's attitude...

Dan said...

Also - it's very, very unclear to me that Madson will get a better offer than Amaro's in Free Agency after 2009. Seriously, it's hard for relievers to get fat contracts. I think Madson might regret that - especially considering it was offered after his best month of baseball ever (October 2008).

In conclusion, I think Boras is overvaluing Madson, and he should have jumped at a decently generous offer in what is clearly a "sell-high" situation for Madson.

dr. steve said...

I'm guessing next year the Phillies won't have to worry about this and hopefully not a bad economy so we'll have a good offseason NEXT offseason.

Because obviously Amaro was wary of spending money with so many players knocking down the door for money.

GM-Carson said...

It's liked I called the Hamels signing with today's post. I predict a Vic and/or Werth multi-year deal in the works too.

Andrew said...

I predict Blanton and Durbin accepting one year contracts soon. $5 mil for Blanton. Maybe about 1.5-2 mil for Durbin. I think Vic should get a 3 year deal. Maybe about $5-7 mil per. And Werth should get a 2 year deal at about $4-6 mil per.

Bob D said...

Hamels contract is a good deal for both sides. Victorino will likely get a one year as he is under team control for the next few years. Werth will likely sign for a multi year deal as he is a free agent next year.