Sunday, January 04, 2009

Our Green Brothers

The NFL playoffs started yesterday with the San Diego Chargers beating the Indianapolis Colts and the Arizona Cardinals triumphing over the Atlanta Falcons for their first playoff victory in nearly 100 years (or so at least it seems). On the boob-tube today you'll find the Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota taking on the Vikings at 4:30. We don't normally stray away from baseball on here, unless you count Corey's dip into WNBA blogging and the occasional Penn State or that other type of football/soccer plug, but today we're here to show support for our brothers from another mother...we're red and they're green. As seen below, Cole Hamels and a pimp, otherwise known as Pat Burrell, are enjoying an Eagles game (well, they might actually be enjoying something else). If the spirit moves you, go ahead and sing the Eagles' fight song (stirring lyrics provide below) and pound a Yuengling and root the Eagles on to a win later this afternoon. Go Eagles!



GM-Carson said...

Jimmy Rollins leads all MLB players with 90 triples in the 2000's.

furiousBall said...

look at Pat with the cheerleaders, can't believe we didn't resign him. the man got more ass than a toilet seat

GM-Carson said...

Have no fear, Ibanez is a notorious tail-chaser. And my notorious I mean, no previous record of such events and that I just made a completely unsubstantiated claim.

How do you spell retard? said...

At least the Phillies don't have an awful fight song; thank you for that shitty remix, 6abc.

GM-Carson said...

Fight songs in baseball don't really make sense.

GM-Carson said...

Eagles up at the half 16-14...c'mon!

Dan said...

Nice game by the Greenies today. Asante and Westbrook had the game-changing plays, but I think that Jason Avant deserved a ton of praise...he is turning into a first-down-on-third-down machine.

Props to the Birds, and let's hope that they smack around the Giants next week and thus make some Mets fans cry.

GM-Carson said...

I have no real good reason, but I can't stand Eli Manning.

GreggyD said...

This JC Romero suspension is really striking a nerve with me and I'm livid. I'll save my thoughts for tomorrow's post's comments section.

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