Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Resolutions

WSBGM's got on the phone yesterday and talked to a few of WFC Phillies with one simple question, "What is your resolution for 2009?" Here are a few of the answers we got.

Brett Myers - "I'm going to wear more long sleeved shirts. I have to do something to hide my wrist tattoo."

Carlos Ruiz - "Like Cher, Madonna, and Prince, I'm going to become a one name phenomenon. Look out 2009, here comes "Cooch."

Pedro Feliz - "I'm going to make a better effort to hit the ball the other way this year. I haven't hit into nearly as many 4-6-3 double plays as I have 6-4-3..."

Ryan Madson - "Since I already pitch like Mariano Rivera, in 2009 I'm going to try to look like Mariano too."

Ryan Howard - "You guys did a great job with the "K Watch" last year, but I feel that I let you down by stopping at 199. So in 2009 I'm going to redeem myself. I'm guaranteeing a strikeout record...or at least I'll hit the 200 mark."

Cole Hamels - "I resolve to make more money."

Greg Dobbs - "I'm on my way to Brooklyn New York to study with a few guys that I understand are sideburns experts, because my goal in 2009 is to grow the longest sideburns that I can. Guinness World Record? We'll see."

Raul Ibanez - "I want to make a good impression on my new teammates and fit in with the club as much as I can. So, in '09 I will try to score as much tail as possible. I understand that is what the left fielder for the Phillies is supposed to do."



GM-Carson said...

Happy New Year!

I resolve to lose 15-20 pounds and rip Amaro a new one if he didn't do enough to get the Phils back into the playoffs.

Quite the combo I know.

Corey said...

I resolve to write more about the WNBA.

GM-Carson said...

My first rip of Amaro in 2009- I think Amaro is going to look foolish in the coming months after some of these free agents start signing for lesser years and fewer million. He signed a 46 year old pitcher to a 2 year guaranteed $13MM and a 36 year old outfielder to a 3 year guaranteed $31.5MM. Similar players are going to go on the "cheap" compared to that. Abreu, Burrell, Bradley can probably be had for less years and less money. Derek Lowe for $12MM? C'mon, Amaro made waste (money) with his haste.

GM-Carson said...

I'm a big fan of Jayson Stark's column's and he delivered a masterpiece on ESPN today.

One of the hilights- "• SCOUT'S WORST NIGHTMARE DEPT.: In his first start of the postseason, sweet-swinging Phillies pitcher Brett Myers had back-to-back at-bats against CC Sabathia in which he saw nine and 10 pitches, respectively. In his next start of the postseason, Myers swung at EVERY pitch thrown (all four of them). And got three hits. Which, of course, was almost as many as he got all season (while going 4-for-58)."

GM-Carson said...

More from Stark's article- "• MIRROR IMAGE DEPT:: Finally, when the Phillies win the World Series, they really do do it with mirrors. Just check the calendar -- and the closers:

Won in:

'80 and … '08

Last out collected by a reliever wearing No.:

45 (Tug McGraw) and … 54 (Brad Lidge)."

furiousBall said...

Myers wrist tattoo is what every tramp stamp yearns to be

Amanda said...

Happy New Year!!

How do you spell retard? said...

While you were typing that, Ryan Madson just hit 110 MPH on the radar gun, and Joe Buck had an announcergasm at FOX's shitty, inaccurate radar gun.

SirAlden said...

Do you really think Amaro should have waited? Do you really want Bradley now?

Sheesh. If he had waited you would have pouted he was not doing anything, and if he had signed Bradley you would have gone nuts.

You cannot have it both ways. Or maybe you can. lol

Bob D said...

I resolve to send Corey SPAM (and not the can) if he changes this blog to the WNBA. I also resolve to attend a Phillies playoff game this year.

GM-Carson said...

I can have it both ways Sir Alden...I run this bitch!

Corey said...

i don't need to transfer this blog into a WNBA blog, i already have one. remember?

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