Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Hero

This hairy-chested tubby bastard with the plumber's crack is my new hero.


Disown Jack:
Why in the name of all that is holy and just in this world is Jack Wilson still a Pittsburgh Pirate? I frequent MLB Trade Rumors, so I know that other teams were interested in this slick fielding low impact bat wielding grossly overpaid shortstop, yet he remains a Bucco. WTF?! Here's a list of supposed teams that came calling for Mr. Wilson's services: Los Angeles Dodgers, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, and Baltimore Orioles. He's set to make a robust $7.25M in '09, so just getting him off of the payroll would be worth the trade alone; getting a prospect in return would be the sprinkles on top of the sundae. I'm not saying he's a horrible player, but he's horrible for the Pirates. If a contender needed a stopgap quick-fix at SS, then Wilson could do the trick. A team that will teeter on 100 losses surely doesn't need him though, as he's not a centerpiece for rebuilding around (which is what the Pirates must do). Wilson is now 31 years old, and his overall career batting line is mediocre at best: .269/.312/.375. Jack was quoted as to saying that the "Pirates need more players" in order to compete. Well, they sure as hell don't need you!



Amanda said...

Woah, crack kills!

Jeffrey Wittwer said...

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GM-Carson said...

That dude's crack is awesome, gotta give him props.

Rich Baxter said...

Hi GM-Carson,

I just did a template change and I am in the process of reloading all the widgets on - it is like moving! I did as much as I could last night and the rest should be up today by Sat evening!


Rich Baxter

GM-Carson said...

Phils interested in lefties Will Ohman and Joe Beimel. Either would be a great addition to the bullpen. Beimel would be a Phucco.