Friday, January 16, 2009

New Dudes

Mr. Amaro Jr. has been a busy man stockpiling warm bodies for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs roster. In the Lil Piggies inaugural season of 2008, they were a dismal 55-89, but that's going to improve. With prospects Jason Donald, Lou Marson, Carlos Carrasco, Antonio Bastardo, and JA Happ likely on aboard along with a mix of veteran minor leaguers like Andy Tracy, Mike Cervnak, Jason Ellison, Mike Koplove, Gary Majewski, Marcus Giles, Dave Borkowski, Blaine Neal, Justin Lehr, Yorman Bazardo, Terry Tiffie, Paul Hoover, and the new dudes Pablo Ozuna, Jorge Velandia, and Jake Woods the Fe Hams are going to be heaped with talent and players with MLB experience.

New Dudes:

*Pablo Ozuna can play all over the infield and a bit of outfield too. The 34 year old has seen time with the Rockies, Marlins, ChiSox, and Dodgers over 7 MLB seasons. Career line: .282/.677.

*Jorge Velandia is also 34 years old, and has played 8 seasons in the majors for the Padres, A's, Mets, Rays, Blue Jays, and Indians putting up the lowly numbers of .189/.544 while playing mostly second and short.

*Jake Woods is a lefthanded reliever, so until he's in his mid 60's he'll be able to find employment via minor league contract. Over 4 seasons with the Angels and Mariners he's pitched in 84 games, racking up 162.7 innings, with a 4.60 era and 1.57 whip.

None of these new guys or the ones listed above (aside from the prospects) are anything to get excited about, but they do offer depth and experience in Triple A for the emergency call-up when the inevitable 15-day DL stint occurs.

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GM-Carson said...

Cubs signed So Taguchi. That's a head-scratcher.

2 years ago Greg Dobbs was claimed off waivers from the M's. One of Patty G's better moves.

furiousBall said...

i like the low risk signings, i think everyone will have to wait to see the results from the arbitration cases to really evaluate rube's off season

GM-Carson said...

Cole and Howard are going to cost the Phils a lot of money over the next few seasons.

GM-Carson said...

It's being reported that Ryan Madson turned down a three-year, $12MM extension from the Phillies. The Scott Boras client is eligible for free agency after the season.

If that report is true about Madson, then GOOD-BYE after '09. He's not worth more than $4M a year.

Bob D said...

What player will be compared to the WSBGMS Beer on the next Thirsty Thursday?

Madson $12mil??? Uh, No!

Andrew said...

Boras is a horrible [rich] human being.

Madson thinks he's gonna be a closer, which actually may be possible. Still way too much money.

GM-Carson said...

Madson is a good setup man, however I find it difficult to picture him handling the stress of the closer's role. I will never forget all the times he's crumbled under pressure in the past.

Amanda said...

Good all Boras.. I think that was a reasonable offer by the Phillies. He's a decent set up man, but he has his struggles. Any more than what he was offered is ridiculous.


Ellison and Velandia may have a hard time making the IronPigs


I'm not sure to expect Antonio Bastardo in Allentown. Yorman Bazardo probably, perhaps Bastardo by mid-year

GM-Carson said...

Iron- I deem you the Lehigh Valley reporter for WSBGM's this upcoming season. Please keep us abreast of Iron Pigs happenings.