Sunday, February 01, 2009

Mr. Classy, Oh Man!, & Abreu Non-Drink Stirrer

Remember the incident during the 2007 season where Brett Myers blew up on a reporter? You know, the infamous "How do you spell retard?" episode. Well, I went rummaging through YouTube and found the relic. Ladies and gentlemen, the always classy Brett Myers...


Oh Man!
ESPN's Jerry Crasnick reported that the Phils are interested in lefty reliever Will Ohman. He'd be a welcome addition even if JC Romero wasn't facing that lengthy 50 game suspension. He'd pair up with fellow lefty Scott Eyre and help solidify an already solid relief corps. 2008 stats with Braves: 83 games, 3.68 era, 1.24 whip. Over his career, he's held lefthanded batters to a .197 batting average. Go get him Rube!


Plight of Bobby Abreu:
Our old buddy Bobby Abreu is still unemployed. My first instinct is to feel sorry for him, because I honestly liked the guy for the most part, but then I remember he raked in $16M last season and suddenly being jobless for him doesn't seem all that significant. At the beginning of the offseason, Abreu was seeking a 3 year deal in the neighborhood of $45M (that's an ritzy neighborhood, probably a gated community), but has since backed off that stance because of the dearth of suitors. It's now February with spring training beginning in a few weeks, so Bobby may have to swallow his pride and accept a one year pact. His former GM Ed Wade had this to say- "He’s still an All-Star-caliber player. He’s probably not the guy that stirs the drink, but if you have the ability to add Bobby Abreu to your lineup and your clubhouse, it’s going to make all the players around him better.” By golly, if I were the GM and signed him to my team, he damn well better man-up and become a swizzle stick and stir my drink!



Rich Baxter said...

Abreu and Burrell became way overpriced for what they did. I would have liked to see Pat stay on the team and so would have the new Phillies GM if he knew Burrell's going rate would be under $10 million a year as he signed with Tampa for.

Burrell deserved to stay with the team I think. He was an important reason they accomplished what the team did.

Abreu is going to have a job somewhere, there is just a glut of good hitters out there and he just happens to be one of them.

Both Burrell and Abreu had at least 20 homeruns and 100 rbi's last season- remember when that used to be your ticket to a nice contract?

GM-Carson said...

Stat Nazi- Burrell only had 86 rbi.

Amanda said...

Hahha, I forgot about that situation with Myers.

GM-Carson said...

Super Bowl Prediction:
Steelers 34 - Cardinals 17

GM-Carson said...

Sports Illustrated's #2 thing to look forward to during the 2009 season- "Milestones

In 2009, we'll almost certainly see Randy Johnson get to 300 wins (needed: five more), Gary Sheffield get to 500 homers (needed: one more), and Tony La Russa join Connie Mack and John McGraw as the only managers to win 2,500 games (needed: 39 more). As well, Carlos Delgado needs 31 home runs to get to 500, and Alex Rodriguez needs 47 to get to 600. Need more? Mariano Rivera is 18 saves away from 500, and if Ichiro notches 200 safeties then he'll break Wee Willie Keeler's record of eight straight 200-hit seasons. If you're into going negative, then know that the Pirates, with their 82nd loss, will set the record for most consecutive losing seasons. They're tied with the 1933-48 Phillies with 16 straight losing campaigns."

*Wow, baseball in PA has sure been shitty at times.

David said...

Is it just me, or is Myers really hard to root for sometimes?

Maria said...

I graduated with that reporter's son. Same name- Sam Carchidi.

GM-Carson said...

I root for the pitcher Brett Myers, not the man.