Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hall of Fame Results

Here are the final results for the WSBGM's Hall of Fame voting:

Burrell - 84% - Elected
Jeltz - 36% - Remains on ballot.
Nunez - 34% - Remains on ballot.
Bell - 27% - Remains on ballot.
Schu - 6% - Removed from future voting.

The Veterans Committee had it's meeting at the Appalachian Brewing Company (the unofficial sponsor of all WSBGM's committee meetings) last Friday. By a unanimous vote it was determined that nobody will be inducted by the Veterans Committee.

So, congratulations to the inaugural member of the WSBGM's Hall of Fame, a first-ballot inductee, Pat Burrell.



Philly Sports Talk Now! said...

I love that Pat was elected to the "Hall of Fame" for WSBGM's but his picture should be redone for the reward.

He just about getting hit in the jewels by a screaming line drive!

Amanda said...

Hahahahha. awesome photo. Congrats Pat!

furiousBall said...

Pat rocks

GM-Carson said...

We need to make that image of WSBGM's Hall for Pat into a t-shirt!

Well done Corey.

NE Phillies Phan said...


Bob D said...

Congrats Pat! Did he have any statement released by his agent or by the Rays on this prestigous award?

GM-Carson said...

I think I read somewhere that Pat did say, "Kick ass! I love that site."