Monday, December 29, 2008

Touch Me Please!

I've known about Alyssa Milano's MLB-themed apparel, Touch, for a while now. What I did not know is how freakin' hot Samantha from Who's the Boss? looked in a khaki mini-skirt and itty-bitty Phillies jacket. I was also unaware that how much of a turn-on Phillies emblem P's on accompanying butt cheeks are and that the 80's brought sexy back in the form of a Phils jean jacket.

For more Alyssa Milano hotness, visit her blog- *Touch* 'em All. Warning, she's a Dodgers fan, but in her case it's forgivable.



GM-Carson said...

From a NYTimes story on the Jets end of the season collapse:

"Tight end Chris Baker did not need to speak. He wore the answer on his head, in the form of a Mets cap. The teams are cousins in futility, forever in the shadow of the other New York teams, joined together this season by eerily similar late-season collapses."


furiousBall said...

I'd hit it

GM-Carson said...

I'd hope so!