Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Q&A- Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog

I decided to brave the the information superhighway and interview a Mets fan. Not just any Mets fan, but Matt Cerrone of the infamous MetsBlog. In the spirit of "friendly" rivalry, here goes...

1. What is MetsBlog?
'The Grand Central Station for Mets Information,' as my slogan reads, but also a full-time job, which started as a hobby, which now takes up way way too much of my time, so says my wife.

2. Why the hell are you a Mets fan?
I grew up in Trumbull, CT. Every one I knew, including my family, were Yankee fans. In a contrarian move, I picked the Mets. They immediately won the World Series, and you can imagine how the story goes from there.

3. What is your view on the Phillies?
Honestly, I never really thought about the Phillies up until the last few seasons. Prior to that, the two teams never really competed for first place at the same time. When one was up, the other was down. Now, it's actually pretty fun. It's a good rivalry. I enjoyed fighting the Braves in the late-90s, but, let's be honest, they are not the most passionate fans, and the city is so far away. The fact that Mets and Phillies fans often share the same space, same highway, infiltrate one another's stadiums, and are now competing for 162 games right down to the wire every season, is pretty fun, despite the results.

4. Describe the heartbreaking gut-wrenching back-to-back collapses the Mets have forced you to suffer through.
It was heartbreaking and gut-wrenching, just like you said. You should ask Gene Mauch, I think he knows a thing or two about 'collapses.' *Touche!

5. What is the Mets offseason plan?
They are working to sign a free-agent closer, trade for a set-up man with experience as a closer, and trade for a back-end starting pitcher, after which they'll address the offense - assuming they have any cash or prospects left to use. *Interview conducted before Mets inked K-Rod.

6. Which current Met do you dislike the most?
I wouldn't go so far as to say 'dislike,' but I am very disappointed in Aaron Heilman, who is actually a really good guy. It's just, he has so much potential, shows signs of being really, really good, but then slides back in to odd habits that make it impossible for him to succeed. Now, he's put himself in a situation where the team has no choice but to trade him, and that will ultimately be the best thing for him.

7. Who is your favorite player of all-time?
Keith Hernandez. Initially, it was Darryl Strawberry, because of the flash. But, as I got older, I realize Keith was more than just a baseball player, who played tough, strong, consistent, etc., but he's a symbol of the 1980s ball player, which is a generation I miss watching.

8. Which player on the Phils are you jealous about not having on the Mets?

Chase Utley, a) because he's an outstanding talent, and the Mets always need a second baseman, and b) because the girls who were his jersey in CBP are also outstanding talent.

9. Billy "the Rat" Wagner- spew...
I actually liked Billy's honesty. I think the players did as well, though I am sure management would disagree. In terms of performance, he was good, not great. It's tough being a closer in this town, when people are always busy carving Mariano Rivera's Hall of Flame plaque across town. In short, he wasn't Armando Benitez, which is always the standard around here.

10. If you had a time machine, which season would you revisit?
Obviously, 1986. I was only 10 years old, so I would love to be able to experience it as an adult. Also, 1999 is a close second. The Mets didn't win, but it was an amazing ride, totally unexpected, with a group of fun, overachievers, with a lot of character, and I hated Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones and John Rocker more than the entire Phillies organization combined.

11. Tug McGraw first used "You gotta believe" with the Mets, but then brought the phrase with him to the Phils. How do you feel about that?
It's sort of annoying. It's our rally-cry, and speaks volumes about what it means to be a Mets fan. That said, it's Tug's expression, he could do with it what he wanted. I mean, if you guys are comfortable copying Mets fans, go for it I guess. I prefer to be original. *My new slogan- "Muck the Fets!"

12. If J-Roll predicts repeat, what will Carlos Beltran retort with this offseason?

I hope he keeps his mouth shut. Fact is, this group of Mets need to zip it, and get the job done on the field. You guys have earned the right to talk, shoot your mouths off, etc. The Mets have not. As I wrote on at the end of the season, the Mets need to realize they are not the favorites, unless not until they win.



Bob D said...

Interesting but true, when the Mets were good the Phils were bad/when the Phils were good the Met were bad. The exception has been here in the 2000's as they now compete against one another.

GM-Carson said...

I hate the Mets, but I'm glad they're competitive because that's what makes the rivalry heated.

Charlie Manuel got his 2010 option picked up and was extended through 2011. I've made fun of the man a ton in the past, but he's earned it.

GM-Carson said...

Coste was originally thought to be part of that confounded 4-way Peavy deal, but it looks like the Padres are interested in Jason Jaramillo can have him!

Jerry Hairston Jr.'s name came up again with the Phils.

The Pirates aren't making much news aside from interest in David Eckstein and other teams wanting some of their players.

GM-Carson said...

I'm reading all kinds of stuff about these rumors, and here's the one I like best- Kyle Kendrick and Jason Jaramillo to the Cubs for DeRosa. Cubs then flip the players including others to San Diego.

Andy Pettitte is reportedly on the Phils radar. I say "NO!".

Corey said...

love the pic of hernandez burning a heater on the bench. it's a shame the mets have gone from that and this to glamour shots of jose reyes...

i like derose to fill in for a possibly injured utley or feliz, but is he the answer to the left field vacancy? i hope not.

GM-Carson said...

DeRosa could QB the Eagles in the baseball offseason too. He's a former QB of the Penn Quakers, but I think he mostly ran option.

Jay Ballz said...

Good post today. I too am glad for the rivalry...and the results that have come along with it.

ripjgarcia said...

Awesome link there to the excerpt of the Mets book, Corey.

Great stuff.

GM-Carson said...

The Pirates just a acquired no-hit shortstop Robert Andino from the Marlins. Why?

Bob D said...

Robert Who? Are you sure he's a player and they just didn't trade for a coach.

Amanda said...

Good interview.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks. I'm auditioning for the vacancy at since Ken Mandel has been let go.

dr. steve said...

Mandel was LET GO?!

The Phillies are going to trade Happ? I really like Happ...

dr. steve said...

No, we can't trade J.A. Happ for SHIT. That's not how you build your team. We need pitching, he's a good young pitcher. What more do we need to know?!

Dan said...

Please, please, no. 1 year of DeRosa for Happ/Kendrick and someone else? NO NO NO NO.


DeRosa had 21 HR last year. Not bad at all, right?

He's 34, meaning he's been in the bigs for ~10 years. Go and look at his HR totals.

I'll save you the trouble. He has 68 total HR. Burrell, in an 8 year career, has 251 total HR.

If the Phils get DeRosa (or whoever he plays for, for that matter), my prediction is < 10 HR on the year.


p.s. It's not like DeRosa is some defensive whiz, either...and he's older than Burrell. I can't say enough how dumb this is. Ugh.

GM-Carson said...

According to Gerry Fraley, the Phillies are looking to trade starter Adam Eaton. They'll pay all but $1MM of his $9MM salary for '09 and don't want anything in return.

*Wow, paying another team 8MM to take Eaton off of our hands. He's really that bad.

GM-Carson said...

I just read a rumor that made me sick. Phils offering Happ or Carrasco and Donald for DeRosa. I wouldn't even give up one of those guys for DeRosa. Rube is a f**ktard if he does that deal, or anything close to it.

John Parrish is a reliever the Phils are looking at.

SirAlden said...

According to Gerry Fraley, the Phillies are looking to trade starter Adam Eaton. They'll pay all but $1MM of his $9MM salary for '09 and don't want anything in return.

If released and picked up the other team must pay the Major League minimum, 380K I this is a flag to try to save 620K.

Buh Bye.

SirAlden said...

Cannot see why we don't go directly to the Padres with Prospects for Peavey who is better than Lowe.

The Cubs are giving up NOTHING.

GM-Carson said...

Peavy would have to agree to play for the Phils, he has a no-trade clause...I hate those damn things.

Dan said...

If we give up anything more than Geoff Jenkins for DeRosa, I am going to punch myself in the face.

GM-Carson said...

Reports have Amaro saying a small deal is about to go down. No big names, but players that will be on the 40 man roster.

My guess- Happ or Jaramillo dealt for crappy half-ass outfielder.

SirAlden said...

1. Amaro said the Phillies are poised to announce a "smaller trade that might be a notch about [Greg] Golson for [John] Mayberry" within the hour. They're awaiting the result of physicals. The guys who will be swapped are 40-man roster players. When we know their identities, so will you. Meanwhile, let the speculation fly.

WOOT! Jaramillo?

SirAlden said...


LAS VEGAS -- So, it seems the "small trade" mentioned by Ruben Amaro Jr. will be a swap of catchers. The Phils will send Class AAA catcher Jason Jaramillo to the Pirates for Ronny Paulino, a .278 hitter in parts of four seasons.

Paulino, 27, is a major-league-caliber catcher, so this figures to fuel the speculation that Chris Coste will be packaged in a trade, perhaps the multi-team deal that would bring Mark DeRosa to Philly.

SirAlden said...

I have always liked Paulino, why did he get in the dog house in Pittsburg?

SirAlden said...

May be a pre-cursor for another trade. To Florida who wanted him, or San Diego?

I just realized we have another PHUCO!

Dan said...

Paulino was a bit of a lazy bum in Pittsburgh (seriously, go look at wikipedia). He's pretty good though. I generally like this deal.

It is clearly a precursor to trading Coste (in a smaller deal or as part of a package) or Ruiz (in a medium deal) or even Marson (but only for a big deal).

Aaron said...



CHAN HO FUCING PARK???????????????????????

I Just lost my champions ship buzz. The Mets sign K-Rod and trade to get putz for all there shitty relievers and the Phils get Paulino and CHAN MOTHER FUCKING HO FUCKING PARK?????????????????????????

Reuben Amaro is going to turn a champion into a 500 team in a mere matter of months.

If Chan Ho Park is in our rotation this year I'm taking this year off and every other year until Reuben Suckmorrow is fired.

Saleem said...

Phuck the Fillies