Friday, December 12, 2008

Phlashback Phriday: I Love the 80's

1980's holdover, Greg Maddox, announced his retirement earlier this week, and it got me thinking about players that are still active that made their debut back in the 80's. With a bit of research done while wearing an ensemble of a pastel colored Ocean Pacific shirt with bodacious corduroy pants and gnarly LA Gear sneakers, with a finely groomed mustache and male-perm, watching Miami Vice, and listening to Duran Duran I was able to compile the following list...

(listed by year and team of debut)

Jamie Moyer/Chicago Cubs- lovingly referred to as Grand Pappy by WSBGM's, this 46 year old man is still logging nearly 200 innings a season (196+ ip in 8 straight seasons). Big #'s- 246 wins and numerous potential male enhancement endorsements. He's a free agent and is asking for a 2 year contract between $18-20 million. Last seen- digging up the pitching rubber at Citizen's Bank Park after the Phils won the World Series.

Tom Glavine/Atlanta Braves- this someday Hall-of-Famer was almost a hockey player. 2 Cy Youngs and 305 wins later, I'm pretty sure he chose the right profession. Glavine is unsigned and coming off of injury. He'll find work if he desires, but does he desire? Last seen- putting up identical numbers to his rookie season (2-4 with a 5.54 era in both '88 and '08...strange).

Randy Johnson/Montreal Expos- the "Big Unit", all 6 foot 10 inches of this ugly s.o.b. is just 5 wins shy of 300. Big #'s- 4789 k's, 1 dead bird, and 1 kick-ass mullet. Last seen- throwing dodgeballs at "odor" (odor=poor innocent people) in a RightGuard commercial.

Curt Schilling/Baltimore Orioles- Mr. Bloody Sock has a big pompous ego and isn't afraid to let everyone know it. If not for numerous injuries, he'd be a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer. Even so, his 216 wins and 3116 k's are hard to ignore...oh, and his 11-2 postseason record helps too. Last seen- feverishly typing away on his computer derogatory remarks about ex-teammate Manny Ramirez.

John Smoltz/Atlanta Braves- hard to believe Doyle Alexander brought the Braves Smoltz via Detroit. Proud owner of 210 wins, 154 saves, and 3011 k's, Smoltz finds himself in line for a date with Cooperstown (that's New York, not a chick) after he decides to retire. Of course, Tiger Woods claims that Smoltz is the best amateur golfer in the US, so he may remain in spikes even after retirement. Last seen- not being offered arbitration from Atlanta, and wondering is it worth coming back another season from yet another injury.

Tom Gordon/Kansas City Royals- "Flash", although not one of my favorites, has had a very "Smoltz" like career (138 wins, 158 saves), but that's not to say he's in the same class as Smoltz. Last seen- signing copies of Stephen King's The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon.

Gary Sheffield/Milwaukee Brewers- admitted steroid user and anti-Yankee, Shef has had himself a great career. The converted shortstop/thirdbaseman has bounced around both leagues, but has always delivered with stats and bad attitude. Big #'s- 2615 h, 499 hr, 1592 r, 1633 rbi, .292 avg, .910 ops. Last seen- in the trade bin after Dave Dombrowski gave him the boot.

Ken Griffey Jr./Seattle Mariners- "Kid" or "Junior" made wearing baseball caps backwards cool before any rapper did, and he put Seattle baseball on the map (what you thought Phil Bradley did?). Through the steroid era, Griffey never came under question, as his power is generated from one of the sweetest swings of all-time. Big #'s- 2680 h, 611 hr, 1612 r, 1772 rbi, .288 avg, .920 ops, 13 time All-Star, 10 time Gold Glove recipient. Last seen- posing for Nintendo Wii's new game Baseball DL- Rehab.

Kent Merker/Atlanta Braves- I nearly forgot about this longtime lefty reliever, but Merker was yet another Brave pitcher to start a fine career in the 80's. He's likely to retire, after only pitching in 15 games for the Reds last season after coming out of semi-retirement (missed 2007).

Kenny Rogers/Texas Rangers- "the Gambler" is one of those guys that doesn't have great numbers (4.27 era/1.40 whip), but manages to keep his team in the game enough to amass a buttload of wins (219). He'll likely be remembered for shoving a cameraman who got a little close, and for the mysterious "poo palm" of the 2006 playoffs. Last seen- drunk, fat, and out of breath at the Grand Ole Opry.

Rudy Seanez/Cleveland Indians- this man has been everywhere, seriously I think he's even pitched for Saskatchewan of the Northern Canadian League. Big #'s- averaged more than a strikeout per inning pitched for his career (566 ip/574 k). Last seen- beating the crap outta someone in an Ultimate Fighting tournament.

Omar Vizquel/Seattle Mariners- one of the slickest fielders the moder day game has ever seen. Often compared to "The Wizard" Ozzie Smith who is a Hall-of-Famer. Omar- 11 Gold Gloves/ Oz- 13, Omar- 2657 h, .273 avg, .693 ops/ Oz- 2460 h, .262 avg, .665 ops, Omar- 1361 r, 892 rbi, 385 sb/ Oz- 1257 r, 793 rbi, 580 sb...very similar. Last seen- still telling Jose Mesa he hates him in Omar! My Life On and Off the Field Volume II.



GM-Carson said...

I find it funny that Cole Hamels called the Mets "choke artists", but at the same time a bit disturbing. It's one thing for fans and the media to label the Mets that, but for a player on the rival team to say that...well, it's very NFL smacktalk of him don't you think?

GM-Carson said...

Good article by David Murphy.

goDuke said...

Phils signed Ibanez, 3 years 30 mil. Looks like Werth is gonna have to be the right handed bat in the middle of the lineup.


Not bad.

GM-Carson said...

36 years old, is slow and can't field like Burrell, and is likely more expensive...don't like it.

Maria said...

Those guys kind of baited him into it. I kind of like that he said that.

I wish they would've resigned Pat Burrell instead.

GM-Carson said...

Ibanez is a good player, just not a good fit for the Phils in my opinion. Only RH power threat is Werth now. Utley, Howard, and Ibanez will be easy-peasy for lefthanders to handle, especially late in games.

Andrew said...

can't field like Burrell? Please. Burrell was not known for his fielding. And Ibanez will have a higher BA. He may be a hit in HR and RBI, but if he continues his consistency, it shouldn't be much of a big hit. I feel its almost an upgrade, aside from the lefty thing.

GM-Carson said...

Andrew- you read my comment the wrong way, I was saying just like Burrell, Ibanez is slow and can't field...I wasn't trying to suggest Burrell is a good fielder.

Andrew said...

ahh ok, agreed. Like I said, it aside from being lefty vs. righty, Ibanez is almost the same guy but with a higher BA. Now we got him for 3 years.

GM-Carson said...

I had this Phlashback already posted before I heard for the Ibanez signing, but I promise to have a full rundown/breakdown of the week's happenings in tomorrow's post.

Andrew said...

just a thought. maybe Ibanez is an old friend of Moyer's (from his Seattle days) and this signing encourages Jamie to speed it up with the Phils.

GM-Carson said...

More like Ibanez is an old friend of Gillick's.

njh723 said...

Not sure if you guys knew this, because I sure didn't, but Ibanez hit .305 against lefties last year... hope he keeps that up

GM-Carson said...

I did know that actually, and that's great if it continues, but he's much more likely to dip down in the .260's where his career average against lefties falls.

furiousBall said...

I'm undecided on the Ibanez deal, and I know this isn't the case, but for the same deal, could we have kept Burrell?

What's Ibanez like in the field? At the plate, it's close to a wash. Burrell is better at OBP, HR, and BB. Ibanez better at AVG and Ks.

GM-Carson said...

Ibanez is rated one of the worst LF in MLB just like Burrell.

njh723 said...

Any Baldelli rumors floating around recently? I think I'd actually be pretty happy with an Ibanez/Baldelli combo in left.

Corey said...

could they have signed burrell for 3 years and $36 million? i would rather have given a little more to keep burrell in town.

i hope i'm wrong about ibanez, but i expect him to be a solid, unspectacular hitter for a year then fade and end up a 39 year old waste of money by this third season.

i miss pat burrell already...

GM-Carson said...

We'll be paying an American League team $6MM of his contract come season 3 to take him off of our hands.

No way we sign Baldelli to platoon with Ibanez, $10MM a year means full-time starter, no platoon action.

Jenkins or Stairs needs to be moved for a righthanded outfield option now though.

njh723 said...

I don't understand why sports teams make moves that almost everyone wonders about. I mean do we really think Ibanez has another 3 solid years? Did we save that much money over resigning the younger Burrell?

You guys should be GM's

GM-Carson said...

Yes, that much is true, Corey and I should be GM's. That's why this site was started 3 seasons ago...

Corey said...

in ruben we trust.

GM-Carson said...

Seriously, what the hell is Lil' Rube's plan?

ripjgarcia said...

I didn't realize Stairs was signed through next season. I figured he was just brought in to hit a clutch moonshot in the playoffs.

GM-Carson said...

Stairs- 1 yr. $1MM left on his contract. He's worth it, and I'd rather have him at that cost than Jenkins at his cost, but we don't need both of them.

GM-Carson said...

According to Todd Zolecki- "The Phillies are expected to sign righthander Blaine Neal to a minor-league contract."

Neal last pitched in the bigs in 2005 with Boston and Colorado. He owns a 5.08 era and 1.71 whip. He did have an outstanding year in Triple A Toledo with Detroit's farm team last season, racking up 26 saves with a 1.21 era and 1.10, but he's nothing more than Lehigh Valley roster fill.

Skeeter said...

I'm in near tears about losing Burrell. I knew it was coming but this solidifies it. Ibanez will forever be the "Dick that Replaced the Bat."

And I know Raul's a great guy and all... but Burrell was my freakin idol.

Sad Sad day...I'm starting to despise Jr

GM-Carson said...

According to's Jon Heyman, the Phillies worked late Thursday night trying to see free agent lefty Jamie Moyer. Heyman says:

Moyer, 46, is believed likely to sign a two-year deal for about $15 million, though it's uncertain whether anything with Moyer is completed.

Bob D said...

With Ibanez on board, I do now expect a trade involving either Stairs or Jenkins to occur. I also would not be surprised to see a catcher (Ruiz or Coste) or a pitcher (Kendrick or a reliever) to be traded. Especially if Lowe, Park, or Moyer is signed.

The Ibanez signing is very confusing if there is not another move of one of the lefty OF'ers they have.

The Paulino trade is understandable if they are about to trade either Coste or Ruiz (also to open a spot for Marson).

Park should be signed to be a reliever and a backup starter for emergencies. Right now he would be battling with Condrey for the 6th reliever spot.

If Lowe signs then someone will likely be traded to make salary room.

So far the moves made by Ruben still leave questions. Unbalanced lineup with lefty/righty and with power? Another catcher to add to the overloaded position? One questionable OF prospect for another? A rule5 draft that has almost no chance? An open spot in the rotation has not been filled.

Come on WSBGMs give us some answers, probe the mind of the Rube, tell us a blockbuster trade is about to happen.

Aaron said...

Ibanez is a good signing. Let me make the case for Ibanez.
1. They did not trade away Happ for Mark freakin Derosa.
2. We did not sign rocco baldeli to be tired and sit on the bench all year.
3. We did not sign Juan Rivera and his awesome 260 batting average with mild power.
4. Ibanez is a consistent hitter he does not go through two month slumps like Burrell.
5. Ibanez can hit a sacrifice fly. Which if you watched closely this teams inability to hit a sac fly or an rbi ground out could have easily cost us the world series this year.
6. So what if he's left handed.Everybody always worries too much about what hand someone hits or throws with. He can hit.....i don't care from which side of the plate. Our lineup is not unbalanced. If we face a lefty our lineup looks like this.

Rollins - R
Victorino - R
Utely - L
Howard - L
Werth - R
Ibanez - L
Feliz - R
Ruiz - R

That's 5 right handed hitters and 3 lefthanded hitters. We are gonna be ok. relax people.

I will miss Pat the bat just as much as everybody else but the fact is Ibanez is a baseball player than Pat Burrell is right now.

Do remember that for about 3 and a half years of Pat's contract we were all trying to run him out of town.

GM-Carson said...

I promise a recap of the entire week tomorrow plus some other goodies.

Aaron said...

Also imagine this senario...
K-Rod is in to preserve a 1 run lead and all he has to do is get out Utley, Howard and Ibanez.

dr. steve said...

So far, it looks like the Phillies are trying to set their team up for a rebuilding year.



Bob D said...

Looks as if Moyer is very near to being resigned by the Phils (2yr 15mil). Expensive but worth it.

SirAlden said...

Miss Bloodstripes this is for you mate!

Starter for RAMS is Drew Naylor, Catcher for RAMS is Joel Naughton.

Batting 3rd for the Victorian Aces Brad Harman.

Aaron said...

Ibanez 293 BA matches victorino for highest BA on our team last year.

The last three seasons Ibanez batting average has gone up each year while Pat's has declined each year.

Ibanez struck out 26 less times than Ibanez last year.

Ibanez 110 rbis is more than anyone on our team last year with the exception of Howard.

Yes Pat has a higher on base percentage because of walks. And then clogs up the base paths because he is the slowest man alive.

if the phils had lost the Series we would be crucifying Pat right now for getting one freakin hit in the entire world series.

stop thinking with your hearts and pay attention to the raw stats everybody.

dr. steve said...

I really think Moyer is the WRONG move, and that someone like Lowe or ANYONE younger would be the smarter move.

I'd like to keep Moyer on if he promised to become a coach for the team, but I don't think I want him as anything more than a 5th starter.

Bob D said...

Moyer is a smart move. And they may still sign Lowe. However I would think they would move someone if they sign Lowe and that person could be Myers.

SirAlden said...