Saturday, December 27, 2008

Like Links?

Many fine Phillies related blogs have been so kind to extend a linking hand to WSBGM's over the years, and today in the spirit of the holiday season I decided to give back. The following are a list of blogs I frequent to keep myself well-rounded (mentally, not physically, that's what cookies and beer are for).

BeerLeaguer takes a look at the Phils drafting strategy and how it's like panning for gold so to speak. Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus says, "While the Phillies' system lacks talent at the top, they have as much high-ceiling talent as anyone, and they need to hit gold on just one or two of them to see the organization take a dramatic step forward."

Phillies Nation continues with their 100 Greatest Phillies list, with #91 being the fantastic 1993 Macho Row, mullet-rocking thirdbaseman Dave Hollins.

The Fightins offer up some New Years Resolution for our beloved Phils. "Jamie Moyer: Finally converts his 8-Tracks to the much more modern cassette tape. Some one’s gonna be bumpin’ and grindin’ all night to those Chubby Checker albums."

The Phillies Zone lets us know Shane Victorino is still "flyin' high" after the World Series win and parade. "The parade was incredible," Victorino said. "I remember toward the end of Broad Street looking back and seeing the flood of people following us to the stadium. People were everywhere. I still don't know how the trucks got through. It seemed like there were two or three generations of people there."

Although not a blog, writer Alden Gonzalez for the Phillies, does a good job recapping month-by-month the amazing 2008 of the Philadelphia Phillies.



GM-Carson said...

Happy birthday to our World Series MVP young lefty ace Cole Hamels who turns the ripe age of 25 today.

How do you spell retard? said...

Great Links!!!
/pats self on back