Sunday, December 21, 2008

Keeping My Word

Just trying to stay true to 2008's New Year's resolution. More anti-Mets sentiment: Poor, Poor New York, Still Hating the Mets, and Screw the Mets! From Epic Carnival's 12 Most Hated Sports Franchises- "9. New York Mets. Half of the New York populace can't stand them, and the rest of the National League isn't far behind. There's still some lingering animosity over the '80s Cocaine Achievers, and even their own fans aren't too fond of them after two straight September swan dives. Add in the ability to buy their way out of problems in a down economy, and the fact that the US taxpayer is paying for 10% of the roster through the government buyout of Citbank / Citi Field, and you've got a team that's going places. Hopefully, very bad places."

The Baltimore Orioles are interested in Chris Coste. I like Coste and appreciate everything he's done for this club, as I'm sure he appreciates everything this club has done for him, but it's time to move on. We have Ronny Paulino on board now and Lou Marson almost ready, if not already ready. Trade Coste so he can get playing time and see if we can get a mid-level minor league prospect in return.



GM-Carson said...

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dr. steve said...

Can you add a blog feature where the Phillies make offseason moves we are happy with?

Bob D said...

If Coste will not get regular playing time, then send him somewhere where he can play more. Aslong as the Phils are not worried about injury (they have Marson as insurance too) then there is 1 extra player at catcher who can go. Paulino has put up some impressive numbers in AFL, 7Hrs I believe.

GM-Carson said...

Paulino is a decent MLB backstop. Not a star, but easily a very capable backup. He just had an attitude/hustle problem in Pittsburgh.

SirAlden said...

Mid Level? Chris should be traded so he can continue to play and have a Big League Salary.

That is what a Classy Organization will do.