Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

The Phillies were spread all around the world yesterday. Waiting underneath the tree and secured snugly in my stocking were 2 bumper stickers, a 3-D car air freshener, a championship flag, a #1 Phils Phan license plate, big P magnet, a championship plaque with Howard and Burrell, and my son got a ball and bat, while my dad received a Phils gnome.

What Phillies gear did you get?



Bob D said...

A dvd, world series baseball, a mug, a cup, a coffee cup w/lid. I'm gonna hafta build a cabinet now to display all of this stuff.

Andrew said...

A recap of what I wrote yesterday:
Things I got:
-Matted photo of Lidge and Ruiz celebrating
-gift cert for tickets
-SI Phillies magazine (2x!)
-wife got 2 shirts

Things I gave:
-World Series DVD (2x!)
-Richie Ashburn DVD
-Framed Championship photo

Carson, I would definitely send the extra SI mag, but I think my brother is going to want it. You could probably find one on Ebay at this point.

GM-Carson said...

Andrew- where the hell is your loyalty man? Your brother or me...c'mon!

Amanda said...

I got the MVP 6 pack tickets, "The Perfect Season" DVD, the World Series box set DVDs, "Champions" book by the Inquirer, Utley T-Shirt, World Series baseball, World Series Champs sweat shirt.

Hope everybody had a great holiday!

Lake Fred said...

Knowing how I messed up in 1980 and only bought one thing and a bumper sticker, this year going nuts on WFC stuff:

- Framed QVC Phillies WS with a photo of the Tugger on the left and the 2008 mound mash on the right. In the center is a piece of baseball cover with stitch holes of a ball that the MLB certifies was used in a Phillies game. (WS?)
- World Series 2008 single DVD.
- The black official WFC cap.
- Gray WFC T-shirt.
- Phillies WFC card set.
- Phillies WFC Monopoly Game.

Stuff that was ordered late and should arrive any day:
- Phillies WFC Santa hat.
- Phillies WFC Christmas Stocking
- Facsimile Autographed Phillies team ball.
- Classic Red Phillies T-shirt with Howard's name and number on the back.
- 8-inch WFC replica trophy paperweight.
- A WFC pennant.
- the 8 DVD WFC set.

My wife got the Gray WFC T-shirt, too! We share all the other stuff.

We found the Schuylkill Valley Sports on the web. They have a nice selection and reasonable prices.

Don't fall for that SI deal on TV. It's a rip. You can get the magazine a lot cheaper with an NFL team shirt and jacket and with the difference in price ($50) buy your ball for $10 at Schuylkill Valley and pocket the difference. Beware of the SI automatic renewal button that they make you click before ordering.

JMS said...

-A WS baseball,
-7 (or is it 8?)-pack WS DVD set that lets you pick your own announcer
-WS shirt
-WFC shirt (I love my mother for this)
-The Perfect Season/Lidge DVD
-WS limited edition team photo with team leader plaque
-Phillies WS throw
-WFC mug (even better)
-Phillies stocking, and ornament
-2009 Season Tickets (my own, instead of having to piggyback my parents')

Merry Phucking Christmas, indeed.

BloodStripes said...

Phillies WFC DVD set.
Black WFC hat and a WS program.

Rich Baxter said...

Nice Christmas haul there. I treated myself to the 8 DVD boxset celebrating the Phillies World Series win.

I have yet to open it up, maybe I'll do a report on it on my Phillies blog at

Happy Holidays and Merry X-mas

Happy New Year