Monday, December 01, 2008

A Closer Look: Nick Punto

Will slick fielding utility infielder Nick Punto be making his second tour of duty with the Phils in '09?

Versatility- Plug him in at nearly any position on the diamond and he'll make ESPN's Web Gems. 2nd, SS, and 3rd are the positions he's accustomed to, but he's played a bit of outfield too. While Utley is out with his hip, and Feliz probably needing games off for his back, Punto would be a fine defensive replacement. Adding to his versatility is the fact that he's a switch hitter.

Speed- Punto has swiped 13+ bases in each of the last 4 seasons, along with collecting 19 triples.

Price- Last season in Minnesota, Punto pulled in 2.4 million. He's an excellent fielder that can play multiple positions, but the Phils already have a cheaper version of him in Eric Bruntlett (very similar offensively and defensively).

Hitting- Nick has posted a batting average above .284 in 2 out of the last 3 seasons, but sandwiched in between those solid batting averages was a stinker of a season where he only hit .210. His lifetime average is .252, with minimal on base skills and power, evident by the low .651 OPS (Bruntlett- .240 avg/.659 OPS).

When Punto was traded away in 2003 I was not upset. If he's not signed in 2008/2009 I won't be upset either. In fact, if he is signed, I'll be confused, because as mentioned above we already have a cheaper version of him with Eric Bruntlett and minor leaguer Jason Donald is foaming at the mouth for the opportunity to fill Utley's void for a month or two. Therefore, I say "pass" on Nick Punto.

Random Info:
*Phillies must decided whether to offer arbitration to their two big free agents (Moyer and Burrell). Each is a Type A free agent, meaning if offered arbitration and they signed elsewhere the Phils would get compensatory draft picks.

*Relief pitcher Chad Durbin was interviewed by the fictional Jimmy Scott over at High & Tight.

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Corey said...

i would sign punto for no more than $1 million. otherwise, he isn't worth replacing Bruntlet.

furiousBall said...

I got that blanket for my son!

SirAlden said...

I am thinking that Moyer is getting a little bit greedy at his age he should be going year to year. Or discounting deeply for 2 or 3. Deeply.

If he is offered Arbitration, what GM would give up a 1st round Pick?

If you were in the second division and did not have to give up a pick maybe. But I cannot see the Phillies being blown away in years or dollars. Moyer should remember the Phillies brought him the satisfaction of World Series Play, and remain the best path to his possible arrival in the Hall of Fame.

After you have that many millions, why can't he just chill and go year to year?

GM-Carson said...

WSBGM's loves Grand Pappy Moyer and want him back for 2009. We only want him for 2009 though, and we'll make up our minds following the season. The dude is 47 and going multi-years at this stage of the game with him is crazy. I hope he can pitch effectively until he's 50, but it would be foolish to think that's happening automatically. I'd be willing to throw out 1 year 6 mil, with a vesting option for 2010 after 180 ip.

GM-Carson said...

According to ESPN's Jerry Crasnick, at least four teams are interested in free agent infielder Mark Loretta. Among them: the Phillies, Pirates, Diamondbacks, and Dodgers.

Crasnick figures the Astros won't offer Loretta arbitration this time around; he accepted last year. He lost his case but still earned $2.75MM. The 37 year-old hit .280/.350/.383 in 297 plate appearances while playing a below-average second base and an above-average third base.

Justin Evans said...

Exchanging links is fine with me.

I will add it when I am completely finished updating my computer.

Dan said...

I can't believe the Phils didn't offer arbitration to Moyer and Burrell (at least according to early reports - the deadline was 1 hour ago).

To me, both of these arb offers were no brainers. If these guys sign with other places (very likely for Burrell), the Phils just threw away 2 real nice draft picks for no reason whatsoever.

Honestly, just dumb. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, though...maybe they see something I don't in the market. I'm curious to hear what everybody else thinks on this blog.

Aaron said...

Not offering Arbitration to Moyer and Burrell makes absolutely no sense at all!!
I was going to give Amaro the benefit of the doubt but he is officially an idiot. Burrell in not going to sign with the Phils and now we just lost 2 draft picks.
Even if he what good I'll pay Burrell a big salary as long as it's only 1 year!!

Moyer I don't mind as much because I think they are going to sign him anyway. But still just in case he leaves we just lost 2 more draft picks. And again even if he accepts arbitration so what it's only for one year which is really the perfect length of a contract for a 46 year old man.

Add the Koplove signing to that and Amaro is officially useless.

GM-Carson said...

Not offering Burrell and Moyer arbitration is retarded, straight up dumbassery!

SirAlden said...

I'd be willing to throw out 1 year 6 mil, with a vesting option for 2010 after 180 ip.


No arbitration offered for Burrell or Moyer. Did not see this coming.

Makes sense that Moyer offered Arbitration might get 7-9 million,
and what team would offer that and lose a first round pick? Makes sense.

Pat the Bat could arb 14 million. To me, I think others would outbid that, and as a long term Draft Pick Whore I am disappointed that we did not take the risk. Overpaying Pat is normal, worst case, one year bridge would be ok with me.

GM-Carson said...

I'd rather have Burrell back for 1 year and 15-16 mil, then any free agent outfielder (with the exception of Manny).

metsblow4show said...

Eric Bruntlett Sucks ! Go to Baseball Resources and compare their defensive statistics. Bruntlett's infield stats are brutal. Nick Punto blows him away at second,third, and shortstop. Nick Punto is a switch hitter who has hit over .280 two of the past three years and is a far superior baserunner. I don't know how many times Bruntlett pinch ran for Burrell and had to stop at second base on a base hit to right because he didn't pick up the ball. He was even picked off twice. I would sign Punto, decline arbitration on Bruntlett, making him a free agent, and financially it would be pretty much a wash. Punto is a far superior utility player and can grow a REAL BEARD!