Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Changes in the NL East

With the Winter Meetings for GM's right around the bend (December 8-11 in Vegas), I think it's time we take a look at what every team in the NL East has done to date since the end of the 2008 season.

Philadelphia Phillies:
Adios- Pat Burrell, Rudy Seanez, Tom Gordon, and Guchi Brothers.
Swap Meet- minor league project (not prospect) John Mayberry Jr. brought in from Texas for Greg Golson.
Sign Me Up- minor league deals for Andy Tracy, Mike Cervenak, and Mike Koplove; retained Scott Eyre.
Needs- righthanded batting outfielder, and possibly a utility infielder, relief pitcher, and back of the rotation starter.

New York Mets:
The Metropolitans have been quiet in on the player movement front, aside from exercising the option of Carlos Delgado and keeping Fernando Tatis. However, they have been connected by rumors to many free agents and trade candidates. They need major bullpen help, namely a closer, and to bolster the rotation.
Check Ya Later- Pedro Martinez, Moises Alou, Luis Ayala, Damion Easley, and Orlando Hernandez.

Atlanta Braves:
Peace Out- Mike Hampton, Julian Tavarez, Will Ohman, and Greg Norton.
Freebies- pitchers Ed O'Flaherty and Jairo Cuevas have been added to the 40-man roster through the waiver wire.
Trade Ya- starting pitcher Javier Vasquez and lefty reliever Boone Logan were just acquired from the ChiSox for a package including hot catching prospect Tyler Flowers, and minor leaguers Brent Lillibridge, Jon Gillmore, and Santos Rodriguez.
Gimme- Braves still would like an outfielder, bullpen help, a frontline starter, and possibly a shortstop if they deal Yunel Escobar.

Florida Marlins:
Gone- Luis Gonzalez, Paul LoDuca, Mark Hendrickson, and Arthur Rhodes.
Shipments- Mike Jacobs to KC for relief pitcher Leo Nunez, Scott Olsen and Josh Willingham to Washington for Emilio Bonafacio and minor leaguers, and Kevin Gregg to Cubs for a minor leaguer.
Claims Department- pitcher Dan Meyer off waivers from the Athletics.
Kept- Re-upped Wes Helms for some strange reason, two years no less.
Wish List- fans, new stadium, money.

Washington Nationals:
Good Bye- Chad Cordero, Aaron Boone, Odalis Perez.
Trade Em- package of minor leaguers for starter Scott Olsen and outfielder Josh Willingham.
Signings- inked Pete Orr and Matthew Whitney to minor league deals.
Want- to be upgraded from a Quad-A squad to an actual MLB team.



GM-Carson said...

Happy birthday to Chad Durbin and Paul Byrd.

GM-Carson said...

From the mouth of Ruben Amaro:
About Burrell & Moyer- “First, we still have the ability to negotiate with both of them,” he said. “The fact that we didn’t choose to offer them arbitration really doesn’t have much to do with letting them go or not having a relationship with them anymore. We can still bring them back. But the problem with offering them arbitration is that, if in fact they were to accept arbitration, we would be locked into a number that would not give us the flexibility that we have to have to do some other things. Plus, it would delay the process of knowing what those numbers actually would be, possibly until February. So for us to be able to do our business and try to improve our club in other ways, it would kind of handcuff us because there would be some uncertainty with what we can do.”

About Eaton- “He’s still part of the club at this particular time,” Amaro said. “If he’s in spring training he will be competing for one of the spots in our rotation. That said, he hasn’t proven to us that he’s a lock by any means. Frankly, we’ll have to see how things shape up as far as rotation is concerned. Some of it may depend on whether we have Jamie back or someone else.”

furiousBall said...

my favorite Paul Byrd memory as a Phil was when Eddie Perez (catcher of the Braves) beat the shit out of him, while Paul shouted bible verses.

GM-Carson said...

Paul Byrd and Dale Murphy some classic devout ex-Phils.

Bob D said...

I say keep Eaton, he could come in handy during the All-Star game. He could throw to any Philly representative during the home run derby.

Carson, you forgot gone: GM Gillick
arrived: GM Amaro, advisor Gillick, and many new coaches.

GM-Carson said...

"According to Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pirates are in talks with free agent reliever Derrick Turnbow. Kovacevic notes that Turnbow stopped pitching in July this year due to a slight labrum tear. Turnbow, 31 in January, hasn't shown any control since 2005."

*Oh those Pirates, when will they ever learn?