Saturday, December 06, 2008

Big Day in Phils History

December 6th has been a big day in Phils history over the ages.

Welcome Aboard:
"You Gotta Believe!" Tug McGraw (1980), "Secretary of Defense" Garry Maddox (1985), prototypical backup catcher Steve Lake (1989), soft-spoken Dale Murphy (1992), 3-16 lifetime record as a Phillie Kyle Abbott (1994), big bopper Jim Thome (2002), and Tom "Flash" Gordon (2005).

Don't Let the Door Hit Ya on the Way Out:
Babeball family legacy Bob Boone (1981), Hall-of-Famer Tony Perez (1983), New York Mets legend Jerry Koosman (1985), Kevin "Repugnant" Gross (1988), 1 of only 43 MLB players with a last name beginning with the letter "Q" Paul Quantrill (1995), and headcase Gavin Floyd (2006).

Happy Birthday:
Red-ass Larry Bowa (1945) and former Cy Young with an awesome beard Steve Bedrosian (1957).

Will there be any transactions to add to the list this year? A Jamie Moyer signing, a Chris Coste trade, a spontaneous Adam Eaton release...



furiousBall said...

this is amazing, is there any reason all of these folks were signed on this day? like an old deadline?

kinda weird

GM-Carson said...

Twilight zone type stuff there...

Bob D said...

Hmmmm, and the day before Pearl Harbor Day too. Maybe the Phils will sign the 2009 Cy-Young winner today.