Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2009 Philadelphia Phillies Roster

With the signings of Jamie Moyer, Raul Ibanez, and Chan Ho Park, Ruben Amaro Jr. has essentially set the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies roster. Rube can now go borrow in a hole somewhere and take a nice long winter's nap.

1. Cole Hamels
2. Brett Myers
3. Joe Blanton
4. Jamie Moyer
5. Kyle Kendrick/Carlos Carrasco/Andrew Carpenter/JA Happ/Chan Ho Park

1. Brad Lidge
2. Ryan Madson
3. JC Romero
4. Chad Durbin
5. Scott Eyre
6. Clay Condrey
7. Likely Chan Ho Park

1. Jimmy Rollins
2. Shane Victorino
3. Chase Utley
4. Ryan Howard
5. Jayson Werth
6. Raul Ibanez
7. Pedro Feliz
8. Chooch Ruiz

1. Greg Dobbs
2. Geoff Jenkins
3. Matt Stairs
4. Eric Bruntlett
5. Chris Coste/Ronny Paulino

Adam Eaton is on the outside looking in, and doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of making the team. Jason Donald will help fill in at secondbase (with Bruntlett) until Utley is cleared to play. Coste and Paulino are fighting for backup catcher, with the loser likely to be dealt. Lou Marson will be playing everyday at Lehigh Valley, preparing to take over starting catcher in 2010. Carpenter is just being added to the mix for 5th starter to spice things up, as he destined for the Iron Pigs rotation, as likely is super prospect Carlos Carrasco. I foresee the battle coming down to Happ and Kendrick, with Happ being the victor. I still see the team as being short one righthanded hitter, so maybe Rube will try to swap Jenkins or Stairs for a RH bat.



GM-Carson said...

Happy 30th birthday to Chase Utley, keep on mending, we need ya sooner rather than later.

BloodStripes said...

Good wrap. The World Champs roster looks strong. Gonna miss Pat but Rauuuul a Phillie! Should get power bump coming from Safeco to the BrickCit. Another RHB I agree would round it out nicely.

GM-Carson said...

Jenkins and Stairs are pretty much the same player, so it's likely one of them is traded (Stairs because he's cheaper) and a RH bat is added.

furiousBall said...

Carrasco has been looking good, not sure if everyone saw this article at Beerleaguer

GM-Carson said...

Carrasco is a future front of the rotation starter, but I'm just not sure if the 21 year old is ready to shine in the Majors while helping the defending World Series Champions.

Lake Fred said...

Carson, you have the lineup pegged. I, too, see Coste as a gone pecan. My gut, as opposed to Cholly's, sees another FA starter coming to the Phillies, making that fifth starter question moot.

ripjgarcia said...

A good point on the sooner rather than later. Why is it that the Phillies seem to let guys that are destined to be stars take a bubble bath in the minors. It is just tradgic that Utley was not here sooner. And perhaps Ryan Howard may have learned to hit a left-handed off speed pitch by now had he been brought up sooner.

Andrew said...

perhaps with signing Park, Condrey can be packaged with Coste or Stairs and we get another righty bat in return. Would make sense. Park is basically the same as Condrey and we're paying him more.

Bob D said...

For Carrasco to brake camp with the Phils, he would need to be lights outs. Also Happ, Park, Kendrick, and Eaton (if he shows up) would ALL need to suck totally and maybe an injury or 2. If Happ or Kendrick do decent, then one of them will be on the team. My projection for Carrasco will be midseason if the Phils have a need or a September callup. Park has little chance for the 5th spot unless Happ and Kendrick bomb out. Park could boot Condrey off the bullpen, but chances are the team will need an extra arm during the spring, as it is unlikely that noone gets hurt/sore.

Kendrick if he stays with the team maybe better suited as a reliever anyway. However he has more value in a trade, especially if he has a decent/good spring.

Drabek and less likely Savery could put themselves on the fast track to the majors this upcomming season. Its possible they could play themselves into a September callup as they have a high ceiling.

However, it is best to go into the Spring with too many catchers and pitchers and do what Gillick did. He managed to make a trade right before the season starts. Yes the team could trade 1 catcher, 1 reliever, maybe an extra starter, 1 lefthanded outfeilder, maybe even a 3rd baseman come April. Those are areas that Ruben may have a surplus in players. It is a way to obtain a valuable player in April or the trade deadline. The team has good potential from where it stands now, maybe even the most complete team in baseball at this point. If there is money they should consider bringing in a Kris Benson or another reclaimation project as insurance.

SirAlden said...

Excellent Post.

RH Bat for Jenkins
Reliever for Condrey
Moonshot Starter
Moonshot 3rd Baseman


A Catcher, 3 Starters, and Donald in the minors or subbing for Chase, awaiting in AAA. Nice.

NE Phillies Phan said...

That bench sucks...WE NEED SPEED!

Ashame we got rid of that Bourn guy, eh?

SirAlden said...

Yes let's give Lidge back and get Bourne.