Friday, December 19, 2008

12 Days of Christmas- Phillies Style Volume 3

Over the past two Holiday Seasons, WSBGM's has brought you 12 Days of Christmas Phillies Style Volume 1 and Volume 2. Scrooge McCorey and Santa Carson are back this year with a brand new edition...sorta like Vanilla Ice, but cooler and with less rage.

On the 12th day of the season,
the Phillies gave to me...
12 Outfield assists from the dearly departed Pat Burrell
11 Postseason wins
10 Migraines from Sarge, T-Mac, and Wheels
9 Paltry homeruns from Geoff Jenkins
8 Million wasted dollars on Adam Eaton
7 Untrue Derek Lowe rumors
6 Subway endorsements for Ryan Howard
5 Oh, Canada's! for Matt Stairs
4 Strikeouts in 6 at bats for Greg Golson
3 Relief appearance from RJ Swindle
2 Straight collapses of the Mets
1 World Series Trophy
and 0 Blown saves from Brad Lidge.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or cry yourself to sleep with a bottle of Jim Beam...Happy Holidays!
*Phillies Christmas Album courtesy of The Phunyun.



GM-Carson said...

I invite anyone to do a remix to the 12 Days of Christmas Phillies Style in the comments sections today. Have fun...

GM-Carson said...

I've read that the Phils are interested in relief pitchers Derrick Turnbow and Ray King on minor league contracts. If Rube lands them on minor league deals, he's done a damn fine job at stocking Triple A with players that have MLB experience. It's good to have depth like that and not have to rush a prospect.

furiousBall said...

1 ass hammer for Matt Stairs

Lake Fred said...

Great photo of the Christmas Music CD. Do we now refer to Cholly as Der Cholly for Christmas? Does he sing have a Cholly Holly Christmas?

GM-Carson said...

If you click on the image of the Christmas album, it appears bigger on another screen so you can sort of read the song titles.

JH said...

Completely off topic but thought I would share with other Philles fans. Got an early Christmas present today from MGM Mirage in Las Vegas. A check for my winning World Series bet that I made back in February.

Thank you Phillies!

GM-Carson said...

How much was the check for. WSBGM's does accept donations...

Inflatable Blog said...

Would it be wrong to wish for an Eagles playoff berth in the 12 days of XMas?

GM-Carson said...

I wish the Eagles a playoff berth, I wish every Philly sports team a playoff berth.