Monday, December 08, 2008

101 Reasons to Love the Phillies Contest

We Should Be GM's is proud to present our first contest- 101 Reasons to Love the Phillies book giveaway. Author, Robert Green Jr., did a tremendous job spanning generations of Phillies teams, from the Whiz Kids to Macho Row, the Phanatic to Ashburn Alley: they’re all here in one hardcover that takes you from the Phillies’ first pennant win in 1915 up to the world championships in 1980 and 2008. This compact trivia book is filled with vintage photos and nostalgic memorabilia alongside facts, stats, and action shots of today’s stars.

*Reason 1- 10,000 Losses
*Reason 23- Grover Cleveland Alexander
*Reason 39- Richie Ashburn
*Reason 61- The Vet
*Reason 66- Mike Schmidt
*Reason 77- Pete Rose
*Reason 87- John Kruk
*Reason 95- John Vukovich
*Reason 101- Faith (World Series Champions 2008)

Submit "Reason 102" for loving the Phillies in the comments section of today's post or email us. Corey and I will then select the top 3, post them in a poll later this week, and then have WSBGM's readers vote on the winner. Be creative, have fun, and make your reason as heartfelt or funny as you'd like.



GM-Carson said...

By the way, the book just doesn't list the reason with a title, it also has a paragraph explaining why the reason is near and dear to Phillies fans hearts, so you should do the same with your entry. I didn't want to perform plagarism, that's why I didn't elobrate on the reason listed in the preview.

JRosen said...

B/c what else would you rather be doing on a nice summer afternoon then go down to CBP and catch a Phillies game. Baseball is the most unique sport we have in America. They are out oldest professional team from this city and we have had there back from day one. I cant imagine not having Phillies baseball in this city. I can do with out football, basketball, should i even mention hockey? But baseball and the phillies are always there on warm summer days. Remember going to your first game, catching your first home run ball. sneaking down from the 700 level at the vet to sit nice and close b/c everyone knows that the Vet was not a baseball stadium. Just being in that environment of baseball fans watching your favorite team is my reason to love the Phillies. Theres no time limit. games can be 2 hours with Cole on the mound dominating every last hitter, or you can have your 4 hour games going into 18 or so innings. Its so unique and captivating to watch your team win. So the passion of Phillies fans is my 102 reason to love the Phillies.

World Phucking Champions....Its never going to get old.

How many days till spring training?

Kevin McGuire said...

#102 Dollar Dog Days

GM-Carson said...

Damn fine reason Kevin.

goDuke said...

Reason #102 - Because we aren't the Mets

Lake Fred said...

Get Noticed By Women - Real women respect men with character. Being a Phillies fan means you can display character by backing a team that has broken your heart over the years. Women like sensitive caring men with feelings. Real women like men who identify with winners. Being a Phillies fan shows women that you support a winner...the WFC Phillies! In a world full of Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs & Dodgers fan, you'll stand out in a crowd wearing your WFC Phillies garb. Be a winner in love, real women love the man who proudly loves the WFC Phillies!

GM-Carson said...

Finally, the suggestion box is rolling...

Keep 'em coming...

GM-Carson said...

According to Ken Rosenthal, free agent southpaw Randy Wolf is open to all teams. He won't limit himself to the West Coast. Wolf first revealed this info on September 26th. Rosenthal wonders if a return to the Phillies could be in order if they don't re-sign Jamie Moyer.

GM-Carson said...

From Stark- The Phillies' difficulties in re-signing Jamie Moyer have reached the stage where Moyer has re-enlisted his former agent, Jim Bronner, to begin calling other clubs to see how much interest they would have in the 46-year-old left-hander. Sources indicate that while there continues to be mutual interest in having Moyer remain a Phillie, the two sides continue to haggle purely over dollars.

Two years ago, Moyer took a below-market, two-year, $9.5 million deal to remain with the Phillies, with a low $3.5 million guarantee in the second year. But after leading the World Series champs in wins, he's looking for a significant raise. Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. told the difficult negotiations have been "a little disappointing."

"We'd like to bring him back," Amaro said. "Hopefully, we can still have a meeting of the minds."

Eric Gervase said...

Jimmy Rollins...

Where else can you be the MLB MVP, question the fans loyalty (and get booed) then win the WS in a two year span?

Bob D said...

Reason 102 to love the Phillies:
The Phanatic, he has become the zaniest, funniest, and most professional mascot in all of the sporting world.

GM-Carson said...

Jimmy Rollins and the Phanatic are already in the book, but we'll still take your suggestions into consideration...or cook another one up.

Dave Tanenbaum said...

The Tailgating---Tailgating for Phillies games is just as much of a tradition as tailgating for Eagles games. At times, the party is just as big as Eagles gameday tailgates. Philly is the only place in baseball where I consistently see fans tailgating before the game, and it makes for a one-of-a-kind atmosphere walking to the stadium.

SirAlden said...


Skeeter said...

Reason #102: We Should Be GM's

Amanda said...

#102- Joe Roa


Corey said...

"joe roa" is good, but i think "joe roa taking off his hat and adjusting his hair between every pitch" would have been a better one.

James L (forever a Phillies fan!) said...

Billy Wagner no longer is a Phillie. Imagine if we had signed him a couple of years ago? We wouldn't have Lidge. I doubt we would be WFC if we didn't.

GM-Carson said...

Joe Roa is probably the frontrunner right now (that's in no reference to J-Roll's comment).

GM-Carson said...

Pirates news-
*Still holding on to Jack Wilson for some stupid reason. Tigers and Dodgers were interested, but Detroit just signed Everett. Buccos need to trade him already, he doesn't nothing for the team now because they're not even close to contending.

*Pittsburgh is looking at signing Kevin Millar and David Eckstein...why?!?!?!?!

Bob D said...

Phils are rumored to be kicking the tires on OF Delmon Young. Problem with this is the Twins are likely to ask for Donald or another top prospect. On pitching the Phils have been looking into Wolf and Lowe.

Reason to love the Phils: They have fans around the world (see Bloodstripes-from the land down under)

Lake Fred said...

Submittal No. @ for Reason 102:

P.S. I need a shirt that says WFC. They don't sell that stuff in Houston or New Orleans!

GM-Carson said...

My predictions- no chance in hell at landing Delmon Young or Derek Lowe. Phils lose Burrell and Moyer to free agency. Amaro sign Punto to Nunez like 2 year deal and Punto plays like shit just like Nunez. Amaro signs Paul Byrd to fill Moyer's void, Byrd pitches like shit. Amaro seems destined for shit. I have no faith in him right now, he needs to prove me and many others wrong, but he'll likely go the dumbass route and sign shit. Sorry for the negative outlook, but the Phils are WFC and worried about increasing payroll...something isn't right there.

The Rev said...

#102... the original "everybody Hits...WAHOO!" guy.

And I'm talking about the guy who used to sit in my section in the Vet, section 214, every game in the early and mid 80's and dance in the aisles when the Phils hit a homer. Not the poser who was selling t-shirts the past few years.

GM-Carson said...

Apparently Moyer is asking for 2 years at 10+ million per year. He's f'n nuts. Good bye Grand Pappy!!!

philly phan said...

Reason #102- 33 year old rookie, Chris Coste. We don't go out and buy every player. We use the Farm System. We give the uknown, little guy a chance. And he produces.

Andrew said...


if you're prediction of signing Byrd comes true... that poses a new question. Who sucks more, Byrd or Eaton? And who wins out in spring training?

laclips said...

Reason #102- Beacuse we are the only professional baseball team in Pennsylvania!

GM-Carson said... true. Poor Pirates.

Andrew said...

Reason #102

Because the team is from Philadephia. Lets face it, if it wasnt the Phillies we would all be in love with whatever team it was. Bottom line is that if you love the Phillies you are probably from the area, and thats all the reason we need.

Amanda said...

What can be better than Joe Roa..?

Terry Adams!

GM-Carson said...

We'll be posting a poll with our favorite 3 entries sometime this weekend.

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