Sunday, December 28, 2008


WSBGM's is proud to present our one thousandth post. One thousand {mille, tausend, 千, mil, 천, χίλια, 一千 (for all our French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Greek, and Chinese speaking fans)} is a big number. So big in fact that it's one larger than 999 and breaks into 4-digit territory. Since the Phils haven't been active on the player movement front lately, aside from signing Gary Majewski, we're just going to showcase some of our favorite posts over the years rather than hash out the roster.

*My long night in Philly that consisted of Adam Eaton, an autograph, a bitch-slap, a Porsche Cayenne, and handcuffs.

*Company brown-noser, Chris Wheeler, and I tour America together with our new found friendship.

*Corey's perspective of crusty douchebag TJ Simers of the Los Angeles Times and his "monkey", aka ball-gagged man-slave.

*My novel idea of cheering everything in response to J-Roll's "frontrunner" comment, that turned into an Internet sensation (by sensation I mean 10 people participated).

*Corey's venture into WNBA blogging after being tortured by the Phils in the grueling month of June.

*We take a closer look at the hidden talent of some of the Phillies players, including Ryan Howard's lumberjacking abilities.

*Corey previews the Phillies promotions for the 2008 season, including Brandon Duckworth T-shirt Day and Paul Lo Duca Toilet Paper Night.

*We delve into the Phillies fine ballpark cuisine of "mock meat" and check out the bat-beating styles of Jose Offerman.

*The Beach Boys had their song Wouldn't it be nice? parodied. And to answer the question in our rendition of the song- yes, it is damn nice.

*Get Jeltzed by WSBGM's French-born posterboy Steve Jeltz.

*A peek into the Mitchell Report files and a juiced up No-Hit Nunez.

*The legendary mystery of the monkey-nipple was finally solved, and it wasn't Sal Fasano or Sid Fernandez, but that sausage-slugging Netherlander Randall Simon.

*Our phirst ever Phillies Phlashback Phriday was of Joe Boever of all people.

*My twisted concoction of random Phillies related items that was to exorcise the demons of the Phils past which included "a clump of Rheal Cormier's hemorrhoids" and "Dave Hollins' spider bite"...where do I come up with this stuff?

*A song parody that even Weird Al Yankovic wish he did- Bohemian Manuel.

Here's to hoping WSBGM's is around for another 1000+ posts helping you laugh, cry, commiserate, celebrate, and just enjoy the wonderful life of being a Phillies Phan.



GM-Carson said...

From Phillies Insider- The Wild Thing is moving up in the media world.

Mitch Williams, a closer who pitched for the Phillies from 1991-93, has joined the new Major League Baseball TV Network that launches at 6 p.m. ET on January 1.

Mitch will be one of several studio analysts as MLB Network rivals ESPN's Baseball Tonight Show.

Mitch has been involved with the electronic media in Philadelphia, as a post-game analyst on Comcast SportsNet's shows after Phillies games, a 30-minute talk show on WPHT radio before Phillies games and an occasional guest on WIP radio.

*I'm happy for Mitch, but it sucks losing him because I thought he did a good job.

Jay Ballz said...

Yo- congrats on 1,000!

I agree about Mitch...I'd rather have him at the local level, focusing on the Phils, but I'll watch MLB network alot, so I probably won't miss him.

Amanda said...

Congrats on 1000 guys! Great job! Love the "best of WSBGMs" posts! You guys are hilarious!! Keep up the good work!

Bob D said...

Congrats for being able to put up with 1000 posts and all of us.

You forgot one of my favorite posts that you came up with. It was probably the one post that had coverage through out the baseball world as it got recognition from many others. It also drove the Phils from pitiful play to World Champions! The post that I am talking about is none other than CAMPAIGN CHEER!


"Happ Was IL All-Star"

GM-Carson said...

Bob D- there is a Campaign Cheer link listed on today's post.

Bob D said...

Oops sorry

GM-Carson said...

Bob, that was my crowning moment as a blogger so far. Although getting interviews with Eric Valent and Chad Durbin has been pretty sweet. We also have one with Doug Glanville coming in the following month. Building credentials baby!

SirAlden said...

Aging like fine wine.

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