Sunday, November 16, 2008

Who is the NL MVP?

Who is the NL MVP? Well, all the baseball know-it-alls have cast their votes and the winner will be announced this Monday (likely Ryan Howard or Albert Pujols). I'm wondering what an MVP is though. The acronym stands for most valuable player and it has long been debated that the player winning the award should be from a playoff team. If you remember back in 2006 when Ryan Howard won the award the Phils did not make the playoffs (slightly edged Pujols whose Cardinals won the World Series), and there have been players in years past that have been deemed worthy of MVP status, but their clubs failed to play into October (Larry Walker 1997 Rockies, Robin Yount 1989 Brewers). Personally I feel the MVP should be the player with the best overall numbers that contributed the most to his team's success, but that team doesn't necessarily have to be a playoff caliber team, but at least one that was in contention for the better part of the season. By that reasoning, that means Ryan Howard was the correct choice in 2006 even though the Phils feel short of the postseason, and that Albert Pujols would be the correct choice this season as the Cardinals too fell just short. I'm a diehard Phils Phan, but I'm also a MLB loyalist and I honestly feel that Albert Pujols should be the 2008 NL MVP because he has the overall superior numbers and is a much better fielder too.

By the #'s:
Ryan Howard- 162 g, 105 r, 153 h, 26 dbl, 4 trpl, 48 hr, 146 rbi, 1 sb, .251 avg, .881 ops, 199 k's, and 19 errors.

Albert Pujols- 148 g, 100 r, 187 h, 44 dbl, 37 hr, 116 rbi, 7 sb, .357 avg, 1.114 ops, and only 54 k's and 6 errors.

Other that will receive consideration- Lance Berkman, Hanley Ramirez, David Wright, Chase Utley, Matt Holliday, Chipper Jones, and Ryan Ludwick.

*Of note, if Pujols finishes 2nd, it will be his 4th time playing bridesmaid.
Who should be the 2008 NL MVP?
Ryan Howard
Albert Pujols
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GM-Carson said...

Being that this is a Phils oriented site I'm fully prepared to see a large margin of the votes go for Howard.

JH said...

Can a reliever win MVP? Lidge was THE most valuable player to any team. I don't remember the exact stat but the Phils were 300-0 when leading after 8. Didn't Eckersley win it one year?

Maria said...

"I see it this way: Someone who doesn't take his team to the playoffs doesn't deserve to win the MVP."

-Albert Pujols 2006

GM-Carson said...

Pujols said that in 2006 because he felt he got ripped off.

Eckersley won the Cy Young and MVP in '88 I believe.

GM-Carson said...

Upon further review, Dennis Eckersley won the AL Cy Young and MVP in 1992, not 1988 (although he did have a damn fine season that year too).

Maria said...

If he believed it then, he should believe it now. 2006 was Ryan Howard's year. Not only did the Phillies finish with a better record but Ryan Howard hit .313 58 HRS and had 149 RBIs, which seems so unlikely now.

Anyway, I really don't think it should be either. I'd prefer to see Lidge. I just don't see anyone that you can clearly defend as MVP. If Chase had gotten hot in September I think he'd win.

Amanda said...


dr. steve said...

It's Lidge. There's no way it can't be.

Bob D said...

Pujols has a distinct edge, especially 100 points better on average. Although Howard has so many more hrs, rbis. Lidge is the MVP of the Phils and should get consideration. If I remember correctly Schmidt won MVP in 86 on a 2nd place team, same year that Steve Jeltz batted 219 with 4 triples.

GM-Carson said...

Steve Jeltz should have won MVP every season he was in the Majors. In fact he should have been awarded MVP for both leagues during his playing days, and been named MVP 3 years following his retirement just because of how awesome he was. By awesome, I mean outstanding hair, that's it.

fccswaw said...

Maria must be blond. You may not be able to tell, because of the very tight Phils hat pulled down so far.

GM-Carson said...

I believe Maria is a brunette.