Thursday, November 13, 2008

Review & Preview - Vol. 4

Greg Dobbs
Review: Dobbs had an absolute great season for the '08 Fightins. He put up solid numbers, .301-9-40, with his greatest contributions coming off of the bench and late in games. Dobbs was a true threat off of the bench, breaking the Phillies all-time record for pinch-hits in a season.

Memorable Moment: I can't think of anything. A little help...

And a little help I got. Thanks to reader Maria who remembered this Dobbs moment from July.

Preview: Dobbs only made $440k last season and is set for arbitration, making him one of the best bargains on the team. His role for 2009 Phillies should be very similar to last season. He will be the number one pinch-hitter and see some time at third against tough righties.

However, if the Phils don't re-sign Burrell and go with a cheaper option like Rocco Baldelli, Dobbs could see less of the bench and more of the outfield, working a four-man platoon with Werth and Jenkins.
Eric Bruntlett
Review: Everyone will remember Bruntlett for scoring the winning run in games three and five (see below) but the fact is, Bruntlett had a rough year. Bruntlett was on the team to provide depth at multiple position and not to hit, but he managed a only a meager .217-2-15 (although he did pilfer 37 runs from Pat Burrell...) He did a great job pinch-running in the playoffs, but he didn't provide anything above what an average AAA utility player could.

Memorable Moment:

Preview: Bruntlett made $600k last year and is elibible for arbitration. The price and availability may make him attractive to Ruben Amaro, so I think there is a real good chance Bruntlett is back next year. I would prefer a better option at the utility spot (a guy like Nick Punto would be optimal), but the team has to save money somewhere and this is as good a place as any. However, if the Phils don't replace So Taguchi with a decent right-handed bat and keep Matt Stairs in his place, then they will have to spend some cash and replace Bruntlett with a more productive RH bat.
Geoff Jenkins
Review: In the five seasons prior to joining the Phillies, Jenkins hit at least .255 and knocked in at least 64 runs. In fact he hit .290 and knocked in 90 in two seasons. He hit 21 or more homers in four of the seasons also. Last year, his line was .246-9-29 with an OPS of .694, his lowest since his rookie year. To say that Jenkins' season was a disappointment is a Sabathia-sized understatement. He lost his platoon spot to Werth, who despite being atrocious against righties, was still a better option than Jenkins.

Memorable Moment:

And thank goodness Jenkins hit that double in Game 5.5, because otherwise his "Memorable Moment" was hurting himself with his own broken bat.

Jenkins is in the final year of a two year, $13 million dollar deal. The Phils payroll is going up due to lots of valuable, arbitration eligible players, Matt Holiday is going to Oakland, and Pat Burrell may not be signed. That all adds up to needing Geoff Jenkins to contribute to the '09 Phils. Like I said in the Dobb's preview above, I see the Phils signing a mid-level righthanded hitting outfielder and using that signing, Werth, Jenkins and a little bit of Dobbs in a rotation for the corner outfield spots.
Brad Lidge
Review: 48 for 48.

Memorable Moment:

Preview: The Phils locked up Lidge with a multi-year dear in the middle of last season, so he will look to continue his perfect save record next Spring.



GM-Carson said...

48-48 for Lidge is a beautiful thing.

Eric Gervase said...

I'm putting that video on repeat and watching it all day.

Maria said...

For Greg Dobbs I can't remember him having a memorable moment in the post season but regular season yes.

July 26 against the Braves

GM-Carson said...

Maria- I remember that game, I was so pissed at Hamels for a horrible outing and thought that was a sure-fire loss. Thankfully Dobbs helped change things around and the Phils went on to win against the Braves.

Bob D said...

There are a number of options for the OF, some would be free agent signings, some trades, some wishful thinking:
Manny Ramirez
Matt Holiday
Pat Burrell (Phils get 2draft picks if he goes)
Magglio Ordonez (Tigers salarycut?)
Milton Bradley (Rangers salarycut?)
Rocco Baldelli
Vernon Wells
Eric Byrnes
Jermain Dye
Aaron Rowand (he wants to come back)
Alex Rios
Jeff Francoeur (in the doghouse)
Delmon Young (If you can handle him)
Greg Golson? I dont think so.
And there are a half of dozen others, most who should be DH like Burrell. The Nats have an overcrowded OF, so they will look to trade as well.

GM-Carson said...

I've heard the Milton Bradley and don't like it. He's a straight up prick and injury, no, and Hell NO!!!

Maria said...

Hearing Harry's call on that Greg Dobbs homerun was pure joy.

Having Aaron Rowand back would feel really weird. He has also 4 years left on his contract; I'm assuming he'd be playing LF.

GM-Carson said...

No way the Phils bring Rowand and his huge contract back. If they wanted him making that much, they would have offered it to begin with. Our outfield really is a mess and I highly doubt Burrell returns. I think Amaro will sign a lower level right-handed free agent to rotate with Jenkins, Stairs, and Dobbs, with Werth and Vic being primary starters. I don't like the idea, but that's what is likely to happen.

foos said...

Regarding the upcoming vacancy in left field. This situation is horrid. The top 4 on Bob D's list won't happen, Bradley is a cancer, and Baldelli can't play back to back days... The only way Rowand returns is via a huge paycut... not happening. I realize we are going to have some kind of multi-headed hydra outfield system that is really going to suck. I know we won't get someone with power (too much money), so we better atleast get someone who can hit for .300. Gotta have lots of power or a nice average to protect Howard a bit.

I'm just upset that all we need to do is retain Moyer and the Bat and then plug a few holes (So, Rudy, etc.) and we'd at least be able to make a run at another WS. It's not like the team needs a complete overhaul. It's just sad that we're in the 4th largest sports market, we're coming off of a WS win (meaning highly increased revenue next year), and we won't pony up a $120-$125M payroll to keep things rolling.

I swear to god, the philosophy of all Philadelphia sports is to field a team that will be fairly competative with a team salary in the lower top 1/3 of the league and hope somehow you can gimp into the playoffs. At that point, it's, "Well, let's roll the dice an maybe we come out on top."

GM-Carson said...

I think the payroll will be in the $120 area after arbitration and without signing Burrell or any other free agents. Lidge, Rollins, Howard, Jenkins, Eaton, Myers, and Blanton will all be making a lot of money next year, and so will Hamels, Vic, and Madson if they get the raises they deserve.

furiousBall said...

I know Milton Bradley is a great ballplayer, but the guy is a head case. going through Bob D's list...

Manny Ramirez - too much $$$, never happen

Matt Holiday - gone already

Pat Burrell - would love pat back for a 2 yr deal at $10 M/year

Magglio Ordonez - no problem with him coming to Philly, injury concern?

Milton Bradley - headcase, injury prone, but damn this guy can play

Rocco Baldelli - injury prone

Vernon Wells - injury prone, decent addition if he can get back to 2006 numbers

Eric Byrnes - injuries, and a shitty OBP, doesn't walk enough

Jermain Dye - old and doesn't draw enough walks for a guy with that much power

Aaron Rowand - sure, but contract?

Alex Rios - big dip in HR numbers

Jeff Francoeur - no

Delmon Young - headcase

Greg Golson - how's his defense?

GM-Carson said...

Golson would challenge Howard for the K record in half as many at bats. He'd literally strikeout 50% of the time. I have zero faith he'll even become even a semi-productive MLB player.

The Hot Stove is pretty boring right now. I need some juicy rumors.

dr. steve said...

Greg Dobbs was the ORIGINAL Philly Phucker. Anytime a camera was near him he'd drop the F-bomb, it's just what he does. My friend had a quote of him last year yelling "FUCK YEAH!" after the Phillies won a game, right on the broadcast. He does it at least three times a month, or more.

Thats my Dobbs memorable moment. I had the parade on the radio and I swore that the Utley f-bomb was Dobbs. The two of them must get along great.


Bob D said...

On the OF list some players will be expensive in prospects like D.Young, A.Rios. Some will be dirt cheap to trade for due to high salaries like Bradley, Ordonez, Rowand. And some will cost an arm and a leg and will empty your wallet like Ramirez, Holliday (yes he could still be traded for the right price).

My guess for Amaro to do is go for an outfield via trade that will be cheap to acquire but with a high salary. Or he will say forget this lets bring back Burrell.

dr. steve said...

I'd have no problem giving shit players to bring Rowand back. It would be at a reduced salary because they'd have to pay some of it.

The only problem it presents is any precedent it'd set on the team for Victorino, who is clearly better than Rowand. But we're the damn Phillies, and Baseball is a sport where you need to pay a lot.

We can't compete with both NY teams, Boston, and some others if we're not willing to spend. As long as we pick players who are good in the clubhouse, money won't be our downfall.

For example, don't bring in Milton Bradley.

GM-Carson said...

For the record, Milton Bradley, the player not the gaming company, is a free agent, so no trade needed.

GM-Carson said...

Marlins continue trading off players, this time sending closer Kevin Gregg to the Cubs for a minor leaguer.

GM-Carson said...


The Phils hire Sam Perlozzo, ex-O's skipper, to fill one of the vacant coaching jobs.

Chase Utley won the Silver Slugger Award for NL 2nd Baseman for the 3rd straight season.

Ex-Reds GM Wayne Krivisky is being looked at to fill Amaro's old job.

GM-Carson said...

Jayson Stark says the Phils will take a look at signing a relief pitcher, namely Doug Brocail or Russ Springer. I'd be okay with either of them at the right price.

dr. steve said...

Can we move the Marlins somewhere in the Northeast? Like maybe Canada or something?

Lots of Southern Hockey Teams should go back to Canada... I'm sure one of those cities would enjoy baseball. It'll keep the Division local, and it'll bring a real team back into baseball.

That or dissolve the franchise and add a team to each division.

Maria said...

Dr. Steve I believe the game you are talking about is the 4th game of the 4-game series with the mets (August 30th). After the walk-off and Dobbs was in the dugout. He also dropped the F-bomb in game 4 against the dodgers in the NLCS.