Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Review & Preview - Vol. 3

Shane Victorino
Review: Does anybody remember when Victorino lost his starting job to Jayson Werth back in May? I do and six months later it was still a dumb move.

I’ll admit, I’m a little biased when it comes to critiquing Vic. Aside from Pat Burrell, he may be my favorite Phillie. I have been adamant in my support for Vic since he came to Philly, so every solid season he has makes me look good. And as far as good seasons go, Vic hasn’t had a better one than 2008. He had the highest average(.293) and the most homers (14), runs (104) and RBIs (58) in any of his full season. He also took home a deserved Gold Glove. Overall, he had a great season.

Memorable Moment:

Best Unused Pic: I got his from a website a long time ago and somehow never worked it into any post about Shane. But I can’t let a good “taint” reference go unused…

Preview: Unless the Phils use Victorino in a trade, he will be back in centerfield and counting on a pay raise. He made $480k last year but should get more in arbitration.
Adam Eaton
Review: I predicted a positive season for Eaton, something like 12-7 and a 4.67, saying he would “exceed very low expectations.” Carson agreed, having him winning 11 games. I guess we thought if we wished for it hard enough, it just might happen. But in the end, there is no Santa Claus, and Adam Eaton sucked.

Memorable Moment: None. They all sucked equally.

Preview: Eaton will get paid millions by the Phils, but where will he pitch? My favorites to land the services of Eaton, 1) Atlantic League 2) Northern League or 3) Honkbal Hoofdklasse .
Scott Eyre
Review: Eyre pitched like a lefthanded, short-relief version of Adam Eaton last season for the Cubs. In his defense, he had elbow and groin problems and only pitched eleven innings. But, those eleven innings were all Sweet Lou Piniella needed to see. Scott went from Lou's doghouse, to the waiver wire, to the Phils bullpen, to a champagne victory celebration. I guess he should be thanking Lou letting him get away from that loser franchise in Chicago. Or instead, Geoff Jenkins can tell him to "suck it."

Preview: The Phils have inked Eyre to a one year, $2 million dollar deal, hoping that he can repeat his 1.88 ERA in 2009.
Matt Stairs
Review: We here at WSBGM's were sad to see Fabio Castro, the Model Dictator, get traded to Toronto. But what a trade it ended up being. Stairs had a solid finish with the Phils, collecting five pinch-hits in 17 total at-bats, including two homers. But it was his one, ginormous swing of the bat in L.A. that cemented Matt Stairs as a Philly fan favorite forever...Oh, yeah, and his quote about getting his ass pounded was pretty good too.

Memorable Moments:

Preview: Matt Stairs could take over for So Taguchi as the fifth outfielder, but really is more suited for the American League. He has a single utility who may have a problem finding a role on the 2009 Phillies. Greg Dobbs is the number one pinch-hitter. Geoff Jenkins is the left-handed outfield alternative. And their just aren't enough interleague games to justify having a DH/pinch-hitter on the roster all year. If the Phils re-sign Burrell or add another outfielder, either of which they have to do, Stairs might be gone in favor of a guy who can actually play in the outfield. He will only make $1 million next season, so unloading him to the Junior Circuit should be easy. How about he goes back to Toronto for Model Dictator?

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BloodStripes said...

Watching snippets of the play-offs and world series still gets the blood pumping. I think it will for as long as I live.

GM-Carson said...

Every couple weeks this offseason I plan on reminding the WSBGM's fanbase that the Phils are indeed World Ph*ckin' Champions...not like this sort of thing happens every day.

Bob D said...

I don't think Eaton will be back. He was not present during the W.S. or any festivities.

With Stairs, Jenkins, and Dobbs the Phils have a glut of left handed OF'ers on the roster. They may all stay but there is a good chance one will be traded with Stairs as the likely canidate.

Amaro needs to give Moyer a contract for his b-day on the 18th of this month.

Bloodstripes, I am with you on watching the replays of the W.S.

Maria said...

I think part of it is that Lou Pinella called Scott Eyre "Stevie." That's rude.

furiousBall said...

i'm with the majority here too, i want jamie resigned, and i'll be happy to see some of the arbitration raises coming

dr. steve said...

I'd like Jamie resigned, but I think we should be realistic and start planning on a new third-tier pitcher. Jamie can be on this team until he's 94 for all I care, just not as our third-best pitcher.

And I would love for him to stay in Philadelphia and be a Philadelphia Institution. He may have only arrived back in town recently, but he's won a World Series here, with his pitching and certainly his advice to Cole Hamels. So I'd rather he not go back to wherever it was he came from like he said, and stick here.

He belongs here.

GM-Carson said...

I love Jamie Moyer, and agree he can stay on with the Phils in some capacity until the day he dies. However, it is unlikely that a 46 year old will repeat the success he had this past season. He's a good pitcher and smart as hell, but to post a sub 4 era and win 15+ games is unrealistic. Luckily Carrasco and Happ appear to be MLB ready or darn near close to it.

Bob D said...

I really believe that Amaro will look for another arm in the rotation. That leads me to believe he will shop Kendrick who has good value: low salary, ML success, young player, and under contract for several more years. The team can improve on the rotation leaving Blanton/Moyer as #4&5. Happ and Carrasco will get thier shot but likely not at the start. Each year the team needs more than just 5 starters so Happ and Carrasco will be the insurance and maybe force their way onto the team.
Zack Greinke is one who would improve the rotation via trade as he is too expensive for KC (a bag of twizzlers are too expensive for KC). And there are others out there. Greinke could be had for 2 or 3 players/prospects. Ruiz or Jaramillo/Kendrick/mid to upper level prospect may do it.

GM-Carson said...

Charlie Manuel finished 2nd in the NL manager of the year balloting behind Sweet Lou Pinella. Here's to hoping Ryan Howard earns NL MVP honors next week.

dr. steve said...

Why did Lou Pinella win? This is such nonsense.

Aaron said...

The more I think about it, the more I can't bear the thought of losing Pat the Bat. I don't want anybody else playing left field next year. Not Manny, Not Holliday, not sixto lezcano. I just want Burrell back.
I don't care about his long slumps. I don't care about how slow he is in the outfield, I don't care about how slow he is on the bases.
The only thing I care about is that when the Phils win a big game or win on a walk off, Pat the Bat becomes the fastest man on the team. He is always the first man out of the dugout and always the first man to start the celebration.
God bless you Pat the Bat. Your all heart. Don't leave us and Phillies don't you dare let him go.