Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

Good Manager?
Looking over Charlie Manuel's managing record would lead you to believe he's a good manager. In 7 seasons as head skipper for a Major League team (4 with Philly, 3 with Cleveland), Manuel has a solid winning percentage of .543% with a record of 574-484, and 3 1st place, 3 2nd place, and 1 3rd place finish. He's only endured one losing season, and that was in 2002 when the Indians fired him 86 games into the season. I know the hillbilly West Virginian is poked fun at a lot on this site, but this blogger has been converted from a hater to an admirer. I've gone from thinking he has mush for brains to being mushy for him. Uncle Cholly gets results, and that cannot be argued.

How Old is Moyer?
Soon to be 46 year old Jamie Moyer was a rookie with the Chicago Cubs back in 1986, my first year of formal education in kindergarten. Some of his teammates from that '86 Cubbie team included current Phillies 1st base coach Davey Lopes, Phils broadcast team member Gary "Sarge" Matthews, BoSox manager Terry Francona, Hall-of-Famers Ryne Sandberg and Dennis Eckersley, and ESPN colorman Rick Sutcliffe. I truly hope Moyer pitches until he's 50 so I can look back over his entire career and be amazed by the generations of superstars he has spanned.

This was submitted by BloodStripes in the comments sections of yesterday's post-
We are the Phils,
The greatest team of all,
We are the Phils,
We're always on the ball,
We play the game as it should be played,
At home or far away,
Our flag is flying high from dawn to dark,
Down at Citizens Bank Park.

News & Notes:
*Chase Utley won his third straight Silver Slugger Award.

*Charlie Manuel placed 2nd in the NL Manager of the Year balloting behind Sweet Lou Pinella.

*Brad Lidge finished 4th in the NL Cy Young voting.

*Sam Perlozzo was added to the Phils coaching staff, he's been coaching in the Majors since 1989 in some capacity (bench coach, manager, 3rd base coach).

*Mike Arbuckle pulled a vanishing act after Ruben Amaro Jr. was named GM, but has found a new job with the Kansas City Royals. Didn't know KC had a MLB team...hmmm?

*Ex-Phillies farmhand CJ Henry, the "talent" of the Bobby Abreu trade, has quit baseball and is going to play college hoops for the University of Memphis.



dr. steve said...

On July 30, 2006, Abreu was traded along with Cory Lidle to the New York Yankees for minor league shortstop C.J. Henry (a 2005 first-round draft pick), left-hander Matt Smith (a seven-year minor league veteran), catcher Jesus Sanchez, and right-hander Carlos Monasterios -- all low-level prospects in the Yankee organization. Philadelphia Daily News columnist Bill Conlin referred to the trade as "the Great Gillick Giveaway" and declared it "an unvarnished disaster."[3]

Bob D said...

Just something to ponder. The Phils and Royals both have 4 catchers who are low priced and major league or near major league ready. The free agents available are not great so Boston, Detroit, and Florida are all looking to trade for catching help. KC is mentioned the most but I would not be surprised to see the Phils get busy with a trade. I would think Marson is near untradable, but for the right price Ruiz, Coste, and Jaramillo could be traded.

Magglio Ordonez in a salary dump by Detroit? They should take Eaton also in the trade.

GM-Carson said...

Juan Cruz is supposedly on the Phils relief radar. I would think he'd be expensive, but hey I'm only a wannabe GM.

Ruiz will not be traded, not at least until Marson proves he is ready to handle the MLB staff on a full-time basis. Coste on the otherhand looks like he is being nudged out.

GM-Carson said...

From Randy Miller:
A much better bet is the Phillies adding a cheaper right-handed bat to share left field with their three returning left field options who bat from the left side — Greg Dobbs, Geoff Jenkins and Matt Stairs. Possible newcomers include Juan Rivera, who hit .246 with 12 homers in 89 games for the Angels last season, and Gabe Kapler, who had a .301 average with eight homers in 96 games with Milwaukee in 2008.

dr. steve said...

I'll take the guy who hit over 300 please.

I'd take neither in reality, but come on. The Phillies need someone who can hit for power. You replace Burrell with a guy who hits for numbers and I think this lineup puts up bigger numbers.

SirAlden said...

I hope Grandpappy Moyer does not get too greedy. Something like the open ended option $4M per year (maybe $5M) the Red Sox have with Tim Wakefield would be perfect and maybe he might even make it to 300 Wins!

Cruz, Brocail, and Springer are all Type A Free Agents. Solid Righty Outmen, Cruz can get lefties out too. Hopefully the Phillies can wait and see who is not offered Arbitration.

Going to get a 1st round pick for Burrell, so we can lose one if we sign a LF or SP.

Phillies need to sign Moyer, make good progress on arbitration eligible players, while looking for:

- Top Righthanded Left Fielder
- Top Starting Pitcher
- Righthanded Outman for the Pen
- Righthanded Bat for the Bench
- and maybe another arm for the pen to replace Condrey, or moving Durbin in the Condrey Role making way for 2 new arms in the pen.

Marson and or McDonald are in the mix.

This is a Damn Good Team, but the Mets will be spending bigtime, so much money was earned with the 50+ sellouts and Ticket Prices were raised.

It would be great if this team rose to $140M and added 1 bigshot Leftfielder or Starter.

dr. steve said...

Gabe Kapler, whoever he is, I'll take him on a two year evaluation contract and add a BIG TIME starter.

I think that would do wonders for this team. Probably trade Blanton if we do that. And after that, gotta start plugging in the rookies to 3B and the 5th starter position, figure out if Kapler can everyday Left Field in two years or if we need to find someone new, and hope the Bullpen was for real last year, or if we should make a late-minute improvement to it.