Monday, November 24, 2008

Preview & Review - Vol. 7

Brett Myers
Review: Not even Kafka could have predicted the metamorphosis Brett Myers went through this season. He went from Opening Day starter to demoted egg-laying headcase to dependable starter to feared batsman and ended up a World Champion.

Memorable Moment: "The Walk." has the video.

Preview: Myers will make $12 million in the final year of his contact. What he will give the Phils is anybody's guess (and we'll have our guesses in about 3 months). Everyone's hope is that he continues his late-season form and slots in behind Hamels for 30-some starts.
Kyle Kendrick
Review: History will not look fondly at Kyle Kendrick's 2008 season. He ended the year down in the instructional league in Florida working on a change-up and trying to find his lost sinker. He was out of the rotation and off of the playoff roster. Let us not forget however, in Kendrick's defense, that he did make many positive contributions to the champion Phillies. For instance, in May through July, Kendrick was 7-3 with an ERA around 4.5. On August 6th, he was 10-5 with a 4.37 ERA. When other pitchers (Eaton, Myers) were struggling in these months, Kendrick was solid. Sure, his August was bad and his September was atrocious, but we can't have all bad memories and feelings for Kendrick.

Memorable Moment: He went 8 innings, giving up four hits and no runs in a win at Oakland back in June.

Preview: When Kendrick rolls into Clearwater in a few months, will he be throwing a good sinker again? Will he have an effective change-up? Will he have a place in the rotation?

Needless to say, Kendrick will be one of the biggest question marks of spring training, but regardless of his exact place within the Phils plans, he should provide some value to the team. If he isn't in line to start, I would not be surprised to see him traded this off-season. He is a young, 24 year old starter who has two double-digit win seasons in the majors. I can think of about 20 teams that would like to have Kendrick...
Pedro Feliz
Review: Of anyone on the team, Pedro Feliz was the player that came the closest to performing exactly the way everyone predicted. He played great at third. He struck out a lot, hit into a ton of double-plays and batted around .250. The only surprise is that after moving away from the spacious AT&T park in SF, his homer numbers actually dropped, hitting only 14 in 2008.

Memorable Moment:

Preview: after spending a month on the DL with back problems, Feliz is having surgery soon. According to reports, Feliz will rehab for 2-3 months, meaning he should be back for the start of the season or close to it. He'll then proceed to hit into lots of DPs, strikeout, field well, hit .250 and this year get close to 20 dingers.



GM-Carson said...

Corey, thank you for reminding us that Kyle Kendrick was a valued member of the rotation. Without him in '07 the Phils don't make the playoffs, and the same case can be made for this past season. I don't have any faith in him right now, because that's how bad he looked at the end of the season, but he is only 24 and there is time for him to develop a 3rd pitch which would allow him to be a 5th starter for years to come.

On Feliz- I keep reading on many Phillies blogs about how he strikes out so much. It is true he hits into a lot of double plays, but reality is he only k'd 54 times last season in 425 ab, and 70 k in 557 ab the season before with San Fran. In today's game that is actually decent contact.

GM-Carson said...

Good and bad of this day in Phils history:
Good- released Kyle Abbott, signed Jim Einsenreich.
Bad- signed everyone's favorite 3rd baseman David Bell.

Corey said...

it seems like feliz strikes out a lot, and perception is reality, even more than reality is...

GM-Carson said...

What type of crazy mumbo-jumbo are you speaking?

Skeeter said...

what bakery did you guys get those donuts from in the previous post?

that box looks awfully familiar..

GM-Carson said...

I could be wrong, but I believe that particular box of donuts was from Giant (grocery store). Corey and I have been known to put away some donuts.

GM-Carson said...

I don't know why we even pretend to cover the Pirates. This is how pathetic they've become- (from MLBTR) the Pirates signed Indian pitchers Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh to minor league deals. Patel and Singh were finalists in the Million Dollar Arm contest in India.

*Color me unimpressed.

BloodStripes said...

Best walk ever.

BloodStripes said...

Patel and Singh? They are cricketers.