Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's All Relative

Did you know that George Herman "Babe" Ruth's great nephew plays Major League Baseball? The player I refer to is none other that Phillie TJ Bohn. Yep, the young phenom slugging outfielder who has been passed from organization to organization and was recently given free agent status is of Babe Ruth's bloodline...okay, not really. Sorry TJ Bohn, but you suck, and the only thing you've got going for you is you pseudo-porn name. Some current Phillies do have MLB lineage though, with Jayson Werth being a shining example.

Werth's stepfather was Dennis Werth, who played 1st base, outfield, and catcher for the New York Yankees and Royals in the early 80's. Jayson has two Dicks that played professionally in his family too, grandfather John Richard "Dick" Schofield and uncle Richard Craig "Dick" Schofield. The older Dick is a veteran of 19 seasons (1953-1971), playing with the Cardinals, Pirates, Giants, Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Brewers. It's amazing he hung around for all those years, because he's a lifetime .227 batter with only 699 hits to his credit (that's only 36.8 hits per season). Old Dick was predominantly a shortstop, but dabbled around the rest of the diamond as well. The younger Dick followed in his father's footsteps as low impact middle infielder that stuck around for over a decade. In 14 seasons, young Dick batted .230 while playing for the Angels, Mets, Blue Jays, and Dodgers from 1983-1996.

Loogy Scott Eyre, has a brother named Willie Eyre that has pitched for the Twins and Rangers. He had a successful 8 seasons in the minors, but couldn't hold down a job in the bigs with his 5.23 era and 1.63 whip. Scott is a lefty, which keeps him making the big bucks, Willie is like the majority of the population (right-handed) and therefore is out of work.

Premier setup man (*circa 1996 Mariano Rivera according uber-agent Boras)Ryan Madson has an uncle, Steve Barr, who pitched for the Red Sox and Rangers back in the mid-70's. Madson had outshone his uncle after his rookie season winning 9 games and posting a 2.34 era, as his uncle Steve only won 3 games in his entire career with a 5.16 era.

Gold Gloving shortstop Jimmy Rollins' cousin Tony Tarasco had a productive MLB career spanning 8 season (1993-2002) with the Braves, Expos, Orioles, Reds, and Mets. The outfielder made a career out of being the 4th outfielder, batting .240 with a .710 OPS. Tony Tobasco, as nicknamed while in NY, is best known for attempting to catch the fly ball hit by Derek Jeter in the 1996 playoffs that youngster Jeffrey Maier interfered with and was ruled an undeserving homerun.



GM-Carson said...

People hoping Jermaine Dye might be the answer for the leftfield void, can pocket that dream, because it's been reported that the Phils are one of the teams on his limited no-trade clause.

GM-Carson said...

From Daily News Wire Services-
Former Phillies centerfielder Lenny Dykstra has hammered out a deal with an accounting firm that claimed he owed it more than $100,000.
Dykstra and DDK & Co. sealed the deal in Manhattan federal court on Monday. Terms were not revealed, but Dykstra told the New York Post that DDK "folded like Mitch Williams in the ninth."

Dykstra had said in February he was looking forward to fighting the lawsuit because he wanted people to stop trying to rip off ballplayers. He also said at the time it was "insane" if DDK thought he would pay $111,000 for a tax return.

The company said in the lawsuit that the tab had grown to about $139,000.

Meanwhile, Dykstra said he was working on a deal to launch what he said would be the first Rolls-Royce-branded private airplanes, Gulfstream G550s that would sell for $60 million.

He also discussed The Players Club, his lifestyle and advice magazine for athletes. He said he was losing $500,000 a month on the 25,000-circulation publication. "It's not about money," he told the Post. "It's about giving back."

*Dykstra can be a bit of dick, that was a low blow on Mitch. Mitch is a good guy and from what I heard a great teammate. No need to bring stuff up that happened 15 years ago.

SirAlden said...


Joe said...

I wonder how many no-trade clauses were written with the perception of Vet Stadium era perceptions of Philly.

With consistent winning, new stadium, a WS victory and a core of young talent, Philly looks like a good destination.

Dye's contact is from 2004, signed while the dust from the Vet was still settling. Why not talk to him? Can't hurt. Maybe he changed his mind about Philly after seeing 2 million people line the streets.

GM-Carson said...

Now that the Phils made the playoffs 2 seasons in a row and won the World Series, I would think Philly becomes a more desirable place to play. But then again, I'm not a professional baseball player, so I could be completely off.

GM-Carson said...

According to Todd Zolecki the Phils have contacted the agents of pitchers AJ Burnett and Derek Lowe in case a deal for Jamie Moyer cannot be worked out. Who would you rather have, a 46 year old Moyer, consistent groundball winner Lowe, or a stud enigma Burnett?

dr. steve said...

Burnette and Lowe should be talked to REGARDLESS of Moyer!! I don't like our rotation and I don't think we have enough pitchers you can feel safe with. Anyone pitching not named "Hamels" right now is someone you go to the game thinking "I wonder" about. Hamels and Happ were the only two guys I felt safe about going into ANY game, Opening Day to World Series Game 5. Moyer was the third pitcher I felt safe about going into a game, but there's a gap between Happ and Moyer.

So, we need pitchers. We need good pitchers. We need pitchers that dominate. I love Blanton in the playoffs, and I know he didn't lose in the regular season, but I'm never satisfied.

Plus, what does a surplus of pitchers get you? COREY HART!!

Bill said...

That last card scared me seeing Sid Monge again. Another in a long list of bad relief pitchers in Phillies history!

dr. steve said...

Jermaine Dye nooooooo wtf why Jermaine Dye

GM-Carson said...

Dr. Steve- what are you talking about Jermaine Dye for?

BloodStripes said...

What about Ibanez? Phils are still keen on him. Burnette and Moyer would be good too.

GM-Carson said...

Zolecki said it's either Lowe/Burnett or Moyer, not and Moyer.

dr. steve said...

The Phillies are interested in TRADING PITCHING PROSPECTS for Jermaine Dye.

And do they really think Moyer, long term, is as good as either of those pitchers? If thats the price for signing Moyer, I think you have to say good bye to him and tell him you will sign him as a pitching coach the second he retires.