Monday, November 03, 2008

Gillick - A Phillies History

With Pat Gillick riding out of town, leaving a World Series trophy in his dust, I thought it would be fun to look back at the significant trades and signings he made during the short time he was here.

Jim Thome, cash -- Rowand, Haigwood,
Cash -- Chris Booker
Vicente Padilla -- Ricardo Rodriguez
Jason Michaels -- Arthur Rhodes
Aquilino Lopez -- Thayer, Johnston
Cash -- Jim Crowell
R. Tejeda, J. Blalock -- Dellucci
Daniel Haigwood -- Model Dictator
Sal Fasano -- Hector Made
David Bell -- Wilfredo Laureano
Abreu, Lidle -- Henry, Smith, Sanchez,
Rheal Cormier -- Germano
Franklin, cash -- Zac Scott
Baldwin, Barb -- Jamie Moyer
Cash -- Jose Hernandez
Chavez -- Jeff Conine
Cash -- Randall Simon
G. Floyd, G. Gonzalez -- Freddy Garcia
Jeff Conine -- Javon Moran, B. Key
Cash -- Francisco Rosario
Micahel Dubee -- Tad Iguchi
Matt Maloney -- Kyle Lohse
J.Merchan -- Julio Mateo
Cash -- Russell Branyan
Bourn, Geary, Costanzo -- Lidge, Bruntlett
Cash -- Chris Snelling
Chris Roberson -- Cash
Cardenas, Outman, etc. -- Joe Blanton
Model Dictator -- Matt Stairs

Abraham Nunez 2 years/ $3M
Sal Fasano 1 year/ 425K
Tom Gordon 3 years/ $18M
Ryan Franklin 1 year/ $2.6M
Jamie Moyer 2 years/ $10.5M (extension)
Wes Helms 2 years/ $5.5M
Adam Eaton 3 years/ $24.5M
Jayson Werth 1 year/ $850K
Rod Barajas 1 year/ $3M
Greg Dobbs Waivers
Chase Utley 7 years/ $85M (extension)
Antonio Alfonseca 1 year/ $700K
Brett Myers 3 years/ $25.75M (Re-signed)
J.D. Durbin Waivers
Jose Mesa League Minimum
J.C. Romero Minor league Contract
J.C. Romero 3 years/ $12M (Re-signed)
Chad Durbin 1 year/ $900K
Geoff Jenkins 2 years/ $13M
So Taguchi 1 year/ $1.05M
Brad Lidge 3 years/ $37.5M
Pedro Feliz 2 years/ $8.5M
Kris Benson Minor league Contract
Scott Eyre Waivers

I guess it's time to start the Ruben Amaro database...



GM-Carson said...

Looking at that set of trades, signings, and waiver wire pick-ups it's hard to envision a World Series championship coming from that, but it did, and that's all that matters.

Bob D said...

Amaro has just a few questions going into this offseason:
Resign Moyer? - yes
Resign Eyre? - yes
Resign or replace Burrell? - possibly, not a lot out there. Holliday via trade but it will cost alot. Rocco Baldelli is available but has a history of injuries. He could put up #'s of 280/15/75 with 15 SB.

Other than that, the rotation, pen, and lineup will remain mostly the same.
Kyle Kendrick could be one to go as he has a winning record and his trade value should be decent. There should be someone who would take him.

As for Gillick:
best trade - Moyer for minor leaguers (sorry the Lidge trade was good, but not as lopsided as this one)
best minor league signing - JC Romero
best waiver wire signing - Gregg Dobbs
best signing - Jason Werth
3 worst pickups - Eaton, Nunez, Helms.

GM-Carson said...

There's not a ton to do this offseason.

My list:
1. Re-sign Moyer
2. Re-sign Eyre
3. Bye-bye Burrell, you're my boy, but this is business.
4. Let Bruntlett go, Jason Donald utility infielder in '09.
5. Arbitration for Durbin
6. Let Condrey go, he's not that great to be earning millions.
7. Trade Coste for a minor leaguer or a MLB ready relief pitcher.
8. Find a way to get rid of Jenkins and Eaton.
9. Trade for Maggilo Ordonez.

GM-Carson said...

Also, Kendrick, Happ, and Carrasco will compete for the 5th spot in the rotation behind Hamels, Myers, Moyer, and Blanton.

By the way, the Magglio thing is not a pipedream. The Tigers want to cut payroll and are willing to ship the very productive Ordonez out of Detroit because he's owed something like 50 million over the next 3 seasons. Heard Tigers might even throw some money in the deal and it may not take a lot of prospects to land him.

Mike said...

Donald might be better off playing every day in AAA.
Do you think they might consider trying him at third, to replace Feliz in 2010?
(Or by mid-season of 2009?)

GM-Carson said...

I think Donald is ready to get MLB exposure in '09 as a pinch-hitter and pinch-runner, and get an occasional start at 3rd, and a few times a year at SS and 2B to give Utley a breather, then possibly take over at 3rd base in '10 if he can handle the position defensively and hit enough.

BenJah said...

tigers need pitching, phils need a right handed, power hitting outfielder. eaton and stuff to the tigers for ordonez, with the money easier to even out b/c of big contracts going both ways. i like burrell, but like you said, this is business.

also, it doesnt matter anymore than last year's bullpen was awesome. relievers are the least reliable players in baseball. we should keep our eyes open for more help here.

plus, why not keep bruntlett to keep doing what he does and start mcdonald in the minors. if he's good, then he can come up later. remember when rollins went down early last year?? that kind of depth is important so we don't end up with another abe nunez to fill a hole.

GM-Carson said...

Bruntlett has good speed and plays decent defense, his bat is very suspect. I would expect Donald, even with making the jump to the majors, to be much more of an impact with the bat.

I was thinking a dream scenario where the Tigers stook Eaton and Eaton plus a prospect for Ordonez and with no money being swapped. That would be sweet!

GM-Carson said...

*Gillick is staying with the organization as a paid consultant.

*The Phils are interested in Pete Orr...not sure why.

*Arbuckle has resigned.

*Moyer and Eyre are likely to be re-signed and likely within the next couple weeks.

*Burrell has switched agents, and his new one is based out of Philly.

*Baldelli, Ordonez, Atkins, and Holliday are all connected to the Phils via rumor.

dr. steve said...

I like Ordonez and Holliday.

Arbuckle has RESIGNED. I read re-signed and got my hopes up. But I guess we tend to overrate him here. Hopefully the Phillies have someone waiting in the wings, or there is a quality scouter out there.

I wish Burrell could be a lifelong Philly, but even I think he hurts more than helps in Left Field. The big thing to do this offseason is look for a temp 3basemen and a badass left fielder. And hey, a backup right fielder too. Trade Jenkins.

I am ALL ABOUT THE BULLPEN. We need more.

It's hard, but I am thinking we should prepare for disappointment this offseason. The Phillies better have a hell of a good draft though, because our minor leagues are empty as can be and we are getting majorly lucky with Happ, Donald, and that catcher dude who's name I can never remember but I am in love with.

Bob D said...

Ordonez would fill that void of good righ handed bat in the OF.

Condrey makes a good long reliever.

Stairs and Jenkins may be playing for the same roster spot, I would look for one of them to be traded.

Another starter may not be out of the question especially if one leaves via trade.

Bob D said...

Tadhito Iguchi is also a free agent. It wouldn't be a bad idea to try to resign him. He can also play a good 3B as well as being a backup IF.

Scott Eyre would be a good lefty out of the pen to compliment Romero. Resigning him and making an arbitration offer to Durbin (which is expected) would make a good bull pen of: Lidge, Madson, Romero, Eyre, Durbin, Condrey, and a slew of Minor Leaguers Rosario, Bisenuis, Mathieson, Zagurski, and others. Adam Eaton should be prepared for the bullpen as he has no chance of starting. Maybe he will get lucky like Durbin making the transistion from SP to RP. He could try it in AAA for the next year/ or trade him for a pack of twizzlers.

GreggyD said...

Arbuckle should've been given the job

SirAlden said...

Gillick did three things:

1) He got rid of guys - shedding attitude and payroll. Addtion by subtraction. He did not resign Lieberthal. Getting rid of guys created Slots for Players that do not appear on your list in roles that were expanded. Howard, Victorino, Werth. He fast tracked Cole Hamels. He got Zach Collier in the 2008 Draft for Rowand, and collected high round draft picks and did not lose them the was Wade did.

2) On the so-so ho-hum bleck side during the first year especially he opened his rolodex to sign former good dirt players who all sucked - past their primes.

3) Finally he got players that we needed when we needed them that resulted in 2 consecutive playoff appearances, and the second World Series Victory in Phillies History - a .666 batting average over three years.

After getting a spot for Howard, Victorino, Moyer, Werth, and Dobbs, he added 2B Iguchi when Utley's hand was broken, and Romero, this added to Rowand gave us the post season in 2007.

This World Series Year the unnbelievable trade for Lidge (where would we be if we had 6 Fingers, and Mesa in the Pen), he added Blanton, a glove and the winning RBI at 3B in Feliz, and Stairs to Hit Homeruns in Sept, and against the Brewers.

Finally he acted like a grown up, delayed gratification, which paid off, and left the Minor Leagues is a substantially better place than when he arrived.

Thank You Pat Gillick. Pat Gillick is a Genius.

GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- you should write an "Ode to Pat Gillick" and maybe we'll post it.