Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Closer Look: Raul Ibanez

If the Phils are rumored to be interested in a free agent (no matter how far-fetched it sounds…) we are going to take a look him. Today’s candidate: Raul Ibanez.

Price – Ibanez made a modest $5.5 million in 2008, and at age 36, he can’t expect to get a longterm, high priced deal. It’s pure speculation, but 2 years at $10 per should get the job done.

He Can Hit – In the last eight seasons, Ibanez hasn’t hit less than .280, has hit 20+ homers five times, and driven in 100 four times.

Age – As I mentioned above, Ibanez is already 36 years old. Sure, he’s a spring chicken compared to Jamie Moyer, but I would be very hesitant to give a $20 million dollars to an old outfielder.

Lefty – The Phils have lefthanded power, but their righthanded power leaves with Burrell. Ibanez is a career .268 hitter against lefties, with a 3:1 strikeout to walk ratio, and only 34 career homers.

Type A – The Phils have an unprotected first round pick, and with Ibanez’s Type A status, they would lose that pick.

I don’t think Ibanez would be a good play for the Phils. He’s old, he won’t come cheap (money and picks), and he doesn’t provide an option for the middle of the order when they are facing a tough lefty.



GM-Carson said...

Happy birthday Shane Victorino- turns 28 today.

GM-Carson said...

Ibanez is a good player and seems like a decent guy, but with the way the current Phils roster is constructed there simply is not a need for a player like Ibanez. If he were righthanded I'd consider it, but another lefthanded bat is dangerous.

furiousBall said...

i concur, good player, but not a fit for what the Phightin' need

Matt said...

Agreed. I'd much prefer to see Burrell signed instead.

GM-Carson said...

Burrell is going to be expensive, too expensive in my opinion. I love him and want him back, but he'll be 33 next year and his game isn't improving.

GM-Carson said...

From Zolecki:
The Phillies remain hopeful that Moyer will be back, but they have talked with the agents for free-agent righthanders Derek Lowe and A.J. Burnett. Burnett has a good relationship with Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee, who coached him in Florida, and he lives in Monkton, Md. ... The Phils are looking for a utility infielder and have had discussions with Nick Punto, who played for them from 2001 to 2003. They also have some interest in free-agent reliever Juan Cruz and could be interested in David Weathers.
*He also mentions relief pitcher Doug Brocail, and outfielders Ibanez and Baldelli.

Bob D said...

Baldelli would be good as long as they pick up another OF for insurance as he has risks. The Phils do have 3 Minor League OF'ers who are good but they are at least a 1/2 year away.

I was hearing about Lowe and Burnett also. If one of them came aboard then we would likely see a trade or 2 occur. They would end up with alot of starting pitching.