Tuesday, November 04, 2008

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Thanks Pat Gillick...now move aside for Ruben Amaro Jr. Amaro steps into a good situation, the Phillies are World Series Champions after all. However, there are moves to be made, time to get to work Rube!

Leftfield- our boy Pat "the Bat" Burrell has likely played his final game for the Phils. He's been with the organization since 1998 when he was drafted with the 1st overall pick out of the University of Miami. He made his MLB debut in 2000 and smacked homeruns and lunged at sliders low and outside ever since. Replacing his defense is easy, a stationary light pole with a glove on it would do the trick, but his bat would leave a gaping hole from the right side in the middle of the lineup. It's not out of the question that Burrell returns to Philly, but they're going to have to do better than the reported 2 year $22 million contract they offered him. Losing a near .900 OPS is a big deal, so replacing him is not going to be cheap. Rumors have the Phils linked to Magglio Ordonez and Rocco Baldelli. Of course they could always go the cheap route and stick with an outfield mix of Werth, Victorino, Jenkins, and Stairs, but I hope not.

Bullpen- Brad Lidge has already re-upped with the Phils this past summer, so closer is taken care of. JC Romero and Ryan Madson have proven their value as 7th/8th inning set-up men. Chad Durbin is up for arbitration, and the Phils will likely want him back serving in the 6th inning role. Second lefty Scott Eyre has stated his desire to return to Philly and Amaro has reciprocated. That leaves Clay Condrey, who is also up for arbitration, and is a non-tender candidate and some unknown 12th pitcher on the staff. Relievers are a crapshoot, as they can be great one season then completely implode the next, so stockpiling quality arms in the 'pen is always a good idea.

Lock-up Hamels & Howard- NL leader in whip and innings pitched at the age of 24 and coming off of NLCS and World Series MVP honors, Cole has pitched himself into a huge pay raise. He'll likely be the frontrunner for the NL Cy Young next year by the know-it-alls at ESPN and is already a legend in Philly. Howard won his arbitration case last season and was awarded $10 million, and is set for another hefty chunk of change coming his way. He's in a class all of his own when it comes to sluggers as he's hit 153 homeruns and knocked in 431 runs over the past 3 years. Locking each up long term presents obstacles, risks, and rewards.

Cut ties with Eaton & Jenkins- Patty G may have crafted a World Series winning team, but at the expense of signing deadweight in Adam Eaton and Geoff Jenkins. Eaton is horrible, there's no better way to put it. Finding someone to take on his final year of his contract is no easy task. Jenkins on the other hand could still be serviceable if he were able to have a bounce back season and get back to at least being able to hit righties. Amaro would be a genius if he were able to unload both of them, hell even one of them (namely Eaton), but my money is on Jenkins returning and Eaton being waived.
Biggest offseason priority?
Lockup Hamels and Howard
Cut ties with Eaton and Jenkins
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GM-Carson said...

Other matters to handle-
*Catching situation (What combo do we go with out of Marson/Ruiz/Coste?).
*Who's the 5th starter?
*Who's the utility infielder?
*Who's the 5th outfielder?
*Re-sign Grand Pappy Moyer.

Larry said...

good job in summarizing the priorities for this off-season. Just one additional note - While Howard's offensive contributions are, without question, HUGE, there is the nagging issue of his defense. Something to consider with his arbitration case. I still agree that he MUST be 'locked-up'.

Larry said...

BTW - have to make this comment...

A GREAT site!! Thanks for two seasons of great blogging and valued insight with humor.

I've been meaning to comment throughout this year, but finally got my id's corrected.


GreggyD said...

Locking up Howard and Hamels is extremely important, but I don't know if both will be done at the same time. Howard needs to be signed long term now so we can avoid all of this arbitration non-sense. It gets old. He's going to want a assload of money and I was a strong proponent for holding out on giving it to him because of his strikeout numbers, especially early this year. But the guy led the majors in homeruns and RBIs. Give him his check.

Hamels SHOULD be signed this offseason because he will come cheaper than he would in the future. IF he were to win the Cy Young or lead the league in strikeouts, etc, his price tag will get higher and higher. He's already been the NLCS and World Series MVP. Get the guy under contract now before his value sky rockets, and if you want to re-negotiate a deal down the line, do that.

Marson and Ruiz need to be the catchers.

Jamie Moyer should get whatever he wants.

Jason Donald should be the utility infielder. He's ready.

GM-Carson said...

Thanks for the compliment Larry, and this was actually WSBGM's 3rd season, started right at the end of spring training in 2006.

GM-Carson said...

Greggy D I agree. I want Marson and Ruiz handling the catching duties next year with Coste as a pinch-hitter. Coste could play corner infield and be 3rd string catcher in the event Marson isn't ready of Ruiz's offense #'s slide even more. I'm a big fan of Jason Donald too, so getting him on the roster makes sense to me. Doubtful Amaro will go that direction though because relying on rookies while defending a World Series trophy isn't highly regarded.

GreggyD said...

Very true, but would you rather rely on a rookie, or bring in a veteran that might end up playing like So Taguchi?

Bob D said...

The Phils need a righthanded bat in the lineup, either sign Burrell or get another quality bat. Stairs and Jenkins are under contract for next year by the Phils, however I expect only 1 of them to make the team next year as 5th OF/PH as they both bat lefty. They also loss the other RH bat in the OF in So 'long' Taguchi. I expect the OF next year to be Victorino/Werth/Stairs/Unnamed RHbat/another pickup or Golson, with Jenkins taking one spot if not moved.

Bullpen, Lidge, Madson, Romero, and Eyre would make the pen 5 deep. Condrey as the 6th man did fairly well this year, especially down the streatch. I would keep him or use him as trade bait. Ruben should still look into adding another quality bullpen arm and go into spring training with too many and sort it out there.

Eaton will likely not go anywhere, maybe he can find success (yeah right) in the bullpen, otherwise AAA get ready for him. Moyer should be back, so only the 5th SP spot is questionable. However if an upgrade could be made in the rotation via trade then do so. I could see Kendrick being dangled for an OF or SP.

Tim said...

i am a huge burrell fan and maybe that is why i am going to defend his defense. i might be biased but i believe that burrell has proven that he is a decent left fielder. he was one of the league leaders with 12 outfield assists and only had 2 errors. he is definately not fast out there at all but is experienced enough to not go chasing after a ball out of his reach. i disagreed with "cholly" everytime he put the "defensive replacement" in. are bruntlett or taguchi really that much better in left? they definately dont have pats cannon. i really want pat back and i dont think his defense is as easy to replace as some think. to have that right handed bat in the lineup is key. hopefully if he leaves they can replace pats bat and to some degree his fielding.

~bitter for some odd reason

GM-Carson said...

Tim- Burrell's bat will be missed, but his defense won't be. He got to 20 less balls than the average leftfielder last season...that's pretty damn bad!

SirAlden said...

1) Left Field - Good Average Pop OB
2) Moyers and Eyre
3) Hamels Howard Durbin no insult
4) An excellent Bullpen Arm
5) Right Handed Bench Bat
6) Decide on Marson and McDonald
7) Release Eaton

0) Miracle - Top of the Rotation Starter, and extending Myers at a lower rate to take Gordons' role as set-up in the pen.

00) Sign Curt Schilling to make benjah happy.

GM-Carson said...

Bye-bye Les Walrond, as you've been claimed by the Blue Jays.

GM-Carson said...

Read this article for a good laugh and to be scared shitless at the same time. This dudes hates the Phillies and "the man".

GM-Carson said...

Rudy Seanez has opted for free agency.

3rd base coach Steve Smith won't be asked to return in '09.

Rad said...

I agree that catcher would also be a need to address. Bringing Lidge back, who seems to have returned to his pre-ALbert Pujols monster shot form, was and easy, very nice move by the organiation.
Nice blog dude, your a really good writer and everything flows nicely.

GM-Carson said...

rad- always love a compliment.

Catching situation will be sorted out with Ruiz, Coste, and/or Marson.