Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bench Coach, the Vet, & Washers

Pete Mackanin
has taken the spot of Jimy Williams and will be Charlie Manuel's trusty sidekick next season under the title of bench coach. Thus, recently hired Sam Perlozo officially becomes the new 3rd base coach. Mackanin has been an interim manager twice in the Majors ('05 with Pittsburgh and '07 with Cincinnati). Pete was also a player, and actually was with the Phillies from 1978-1979; 3 hits in 17 at bats is nothing to brag about though. All in all, he played 9 seasons with the Rangers, Expos, and Twins as a weak-fielding weak-hitting utility infielder.

The Vet Immortalized: is releasing its annual Ballpark Art by Andy Jurinko calendar. With Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field on the cover, the 2009 Hallowed Ground calendar also features Jurinko paintings of Crosley Field (Cincinnati), Griffith Stadium (Washington DC), Sportsman’s Park (St. Louis), Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles), Fenway Park (Boston), Comiskey Park (Chicago), Tiger Stadium (Detroit), Polo Grounds (New York), Veterans Stadium (Philadelphia), and Forbes Field (Pittsburgh). The 2009 edition of Hallowed Ground is available at for $17 plus $6 shipping and handling, or by calling 1-800-321-4633.


Check out this spiffy set of custom made washers loyal reader and noted Mets fan Scotty created for my family as a token of his appreciation for our awesomeness. Washers is a game played by 2 teams of 2 while standing on a wooden stage (shown to the side) and tossing washers (not the ones for laundry, the ones for bolts) and trying to land them in the 3 holes (1st hole = 1 point and so on). The stages are separated by 11 feet, and although it seems relatively easy, it is not (especially after drinking lots of Yuengling). I went with old school Phils on mine, but if you so wish, you too can have a custom built washers set with team emblem or other design of your choice. If interested email Scotty.