Monday, October 27, 2008

World Series Game 5

If this were tennis, we would call this "triple match point." Here are the nuts and bolts of tonight's game:

King Cole toes the rubber for the Phils. He's an ungodly 4-0 with a 1.55 ERA so far this postseason. His opponent is a lefty Scott Kazmir. Kazmir escaped Game 1 with only 3 earned in 6 innings while taking the loss to Cole. However, he looked very hittable and unlike many lefties that the Phils struggle against, he doesn't throw a ton of sliders. There are rumors that Kazmir is hurt and that is why is velocity is down and he is throwing less sliders. I don't think the cold October air is good for stiff/injured elbows. He's prime for a South Philly beatdown...

Tonight's lineup is unchanged. Why mess with success? As the great Ramones would say, "second verse, same as the first."

1. Jimmy Rollins
2. Jayson Werth
3. Chase Utley
4. Ryan Howard
5. Pat Burrell
6. Shane Victorino
7. Pedro Feliz
8. Carlos Ruiz
9. Cole Hamels

The Rays, on the other hand, will change their lineup:

1. Iwamura
2. Crawford
3. Upton
4. Pena
5. Longoria
6. Navarro
7. Baldelli
8. Bartlett
9. Kazmir

Is tonight the night the losers wear the crown????


SirAlden said...

Many thanks go out to WSBGM's for providing the best Phillies Blog in the World.

And do not forget!


GM-Carson said...

SirAlden- thanks for the accolades. By the way it was Campaign Cheer.

I'm so freakin' excited right now, I can't wait for victory.

Blogman said...

A night to remember. Savor it Phil's fans. We've (I know I have) waited 25 long years since the Sixers, and 28 since since Tugger K'd Willie Wilson into history.

The Philly brethern will be united.
May even bring a tear to my eye if we win tonight.


How's that sound?


SirAlden said...

And do not forget!


I would like to know the Phils Record during CC after the Word Series is Won.

njh723 said...

hey, where have you guys been going to listen to the game? i want to hear harry call it

SirAlden said...

~ 18 outs to go... ~

SirAlden said...

Game Day Audio - On the Phillies Page for Radio.

GM-Carson said...

Wow, the weather is horrible...and so again is the Phillies offense. Seriously, how many runners are we going to strand on base? Doesn't look like this game is going to get played, in delay now, not sure when the hell it resumes.

GM-Carson said...

I can't take off work tomorrow, so it's off to bed for me. Doubtful they resume play tonight anyway. I go to bed disgusted- far too many runners stranded on base!

Aaron said...

Dude is this really happening?

you gotta be kidding me.

SirAlden said...

Don't want a tainted World Series Championship. Looks like rain tonight, and tomorrow.

MLB and Fox would have to change their precious schedule for a Game 5 in Philly on Wednesday.

dr. steve said...

This is horrible. This is terrible. This is bullshit. I can't believe it.

They use Cole Hamel's inability to grip the ball and giving up a run as the grounds for stopping the game. That is wrong. You can't do that. You have to give them the run back, or give them the inning over. You can't say "THE OPPOSING PITCHER IS HAVING A HARD TIME, SO TAMPA DOESN'T HAVE TO PITCH UNTIL IT'S SUNNY"

That's bullshit. That's wrong. There's no fairness there. I can't believe this. I thought Bud Seilig would come in and make the save, but no.



Aaron said...

The more I think about this, the more I start to smile and think, this is Philadelphia, this is exactly how it's supposed to happen and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We have 4 at bats left and the Rays have 3. We are gonna win this thing tommorow. Fear not Philly fans our time has come.
Lets not get pissed off about this, Let's embrace it, It's gonna make a great story some day to tell to our grand kids.

ripjgarcia said...

The more I think about it, the more shitty it gets... Bud Selig's little G.W. impression.. PRICELESS!!!

Fact of the matter is this game shoulda been delayed in the top of the fifth and now it creates a story.

There was no story in this series.. The story was that the Phillies were KICKING SOME ASS!

Does Fox really think the Phillies will let two go by in the DOME..built in 1993... a piece of crap?

I'll accept this.. but I hate it..

Maria said...

It's their plan to extend the series to 6/7 games.

Nobody said it would be easy.

ripjgarcia said...

i just went over to espn and my friend (haha) Jim Caple went around to people he could find to explain the william penn curse...

You folks who subscribe to porn sites: The TJ Simers/Jim Caple movie will be released about 45 minutes after we take this trophy.

ripjgarcia said...

Maria.. I hope it will be done tommorow... Any ideas on pitching in this situation?? Mine is simple... Romero/Madson 7th..

Madson/Myers 8th.... (Myers will beg!)

Lidge.. and we win..

Dan said...

Everybody needs to relax. I know, I have a bit of a sick feeling in my stomach too, but you just need to stop and think about it. The Phils are GOING to win this. And none of us will ever forget Game 5 if we live to be 300.

Come on, Phils. Win 1 MORE, GUYS!

dr. steve said...

I wanted Cole Hamels to make history. Why is Baseball so willing to personally JACK OFF nobodies to make them into stars and drink their piss when they do something unremarkable, but Cole Hamels has a chance to be the first person to win Five Games in the postseason, and they do everything they can to stop him.

It's mindblowing. The world needs NEW HEROES. And the Phillies have so much talent ripe for creating new heroes out of. And baseball is insisting that our new heroes are instead David Price and Tampa Bay. FOR NO REASON. Why?! Why the fuck do they want David Price?! He is in a tiny market team, he has no chance to make the kind of impact Cole Hamels can on that basis alone. No one knows if he will even have the chance Cole just had. And why build him up!? He's not even a closer yet?! And Brad Lidge has FIFTY PERFECT SAVES.

But no. Let's ignore Brad Lidge. David Price is where it's at. Because he's a fucking little bitch.

I hate baseball. I really, really hate baseball. I mean I seethe with hate at them.

ripjgarcia said...

Dr. Steve... Cole Hamels can not be ignored... David Price pitched all of 5 regular season games.. Oh yeah... what about Marty Bystrom... poor Marty... just an example..


Ask the media this...

Where the FUCK would you be without Benjamin Franklin?

Guarentee most kids with a Communications degree in this time can't even answer right... Send them to Jay Leno and embarass them.

Jacobin said...

Wow, that was a really screwed up and ridiculous way things were handled tonight. Throw on top of that Joe Buck being even more of an asshole than he usually is (did he actually get around to calling the game during his constant whining about the weather?), and you have a recipe for what was a good game turned shit-fest by the fifth inning.

That being said, how good do you think the ratings will be for what would be a 3 inning race prime time World Series baseball special? I mean, you'll be looking at the Phillies getting four chances to sew up the series while the Rays have three chances to try to stay alive...

...of course Fox will ruin it with constant pitching of shows along with 15 minute commercial breaks between innings, along with the usual Joe "seriously, I'm not gay" Buck being an unabashed Philly hater on national television.

For the love of William Penn, Tug McGraw, and every Phillies fan out there, let this team score early and often when this game resumes so we can get on with the celebration!

ripjgarcia said...

I sincerely apologize for spelling guarantee wrong in my previous comment... destroyed my credibility

dr. steve said...

I posted this on a comment section, but more people need to read it.

This is the most unfair, biased series I have ever seen and I am sick to my stomach with the 100% anti-Philadelphia attitude that has existed forever, and is only being shown more and more true this World Series. No one looks at Philadelphia in a positive light in any realm, not just sports. But I can't take it. What did we do to deserve this?! How many cities fans would have stayed through the rain? Or would have tickets so expensive? How are we rewarded?? We have an ace pitcher in Cole Hamels who has a chance to be the first player IN HISTORY to win 5 postseason games, and now the only way to do it is if the Phillies score in the bottom of the sixth? After Baseball makes him pitch in terrible conditions and he gives up a run? And they don't allow the Rays to pitch under those same conditions? This is amazing. I cann't comprehend the thought process behind this without it being anti-Philadelphian. And now our city is being blasted by national media for it RAINING? And how people think Tampa Bay's stadium has an advantage because it has a ROOF? That the game should be resumed THERE?! I don't understand it. I don't understand the hate for the city of brotherly love. But it's there, and it's palpable. You can feel it. Cities like New York, the smelliest, ugliest city I have ever been in, and Washington DC, which narrowly loses to New York only because the smells aren't so bad, are hailed as marvelous cities - marvelous cities with horrible traffic problem, urban blight, and a miserable experience - while people hate on our city all the time without ever having visited. And tourists I see on the streets, not one has told me they were wrong about the city. Not one. They all are amazed at our parks and sidewalks and trees, and how warm and friendly (and not fat or ugly) we are. But the country hates us. And all it does is breed more generations of Philadelphians who have this complex. And it won't change unless the country changes first.

JMS said...

When I was trudging back to my car some guy turned to me and said "only in Philly, huh?"

That pretty much sums it up. I think the tarp got more boo's than Eva and Upton combined.

Thanks a lot, Selig. My dad and I had the first fight we've had in months. I'm tired, I'm wet, I'm cold, and I feel like I'm in baseball purgatory.

SirAlden said...

Two Words...

Latin Words...

"coitus interruptus!"

SirAlden said...

If the Phillies Score in the Bottom of the 6th, Hamels can get the Win.

dr. steve said...

I know that Hamels can still get the win, but this just finding things to be happy about admist tons of things to be upset over.

It's still completely unjust, completely motivated by the bottom line, by the need to drive ratings, to drive sales. It's disgusting, it's pathetic. It makes me and many others HATE Baseball, HATE Fox, hate Bud even more, and - above all - HATE THE WORLD SERIES.

ripjgarcia said...

Three words siralden, three words:

Star Trek Convention

sorry, can't sleep... still highly annoyed.

GM-Carson said...

Garcia, I hope you finally went to bed bro. I know I went to bed around 11:30. I went to bed pissed off and woke up pissed off. This damn game better be played tonight.