Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snow, Hell No!

The MLB commissioner's office made it official, the remainder of game 5 of the World Series will not resume tonight as it has been tentatively rescheduled for Wednesday at 8:37 pm. It has not stopped raining in Philly since it began raining last night, which means the field remains in no condition to play baseball. To go mud-bogging in your Jeep yes, but not fit for baseball. Tomorrow the rain is supposed to stop with snow moving in. Snow...oh, hell no! This isn't the Super Bowl being played on the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field, this is the World Series for the love of Pete Incaviglia! Hopefully this storm rolls out of town and quits dumping misery upon everyone so we can get this party fired back up. 1 run and 9 outs is all that is needed. Lets go Phils!



GM-Carson said...

The snow/rain may move out around 6 pm tomorrow allowing the grounds crew to work magic on the field and play the game if lucky.

Andrew said...

hardest one run and 9 outs in a lifetime

GM-Carson said...

From the mouths of some unnamed Phillies-
“That (expletive deleted) guy,” one pitcher said as he saw commissioner Bud Selig before walking out the back door of the clubhouse. “I wouldn’t let him supervise one of my (bowel movements). He has no clue. Not one (expletive deleted) clue.”

“(Expletive deleted),” one position player said in the direction of one television pausing only for a moment before leaving. “He’s a moron. How stupid can one person be?”

ripjgarcia said...

I'm starting to notice everyone getting a little edgy, including myself with the World Series. Hopefully its just the weather and we can all get through this.

GM-Carson said...

My wife just said the Phils are going to win the World Series because hell is freezing over.

Los said...

What a disadvantage for us ... We lose Cole, and now we have to figure out what to do about the pitcher ... sounds like Price is coming in for the Rays.

GreggyD said...

Price has not been that fantastic in the postseason. Don't let the analysts trick you. The guy did get the save in game 7, but he also gave up a pinch hit homerun to Eric Bruntlett. He did not look that great against the Phillies in the one game he has pitched of the World Series. I'm not scared of him.

Maria said...

Optimism people! The Phillies are still up 3-1 with 12 outs to work with and only have to get 9 outs.

Plus David Price is not GOD. He's pitched pretty well but the Phillies managed to score 2 runs off of him in 2.1 innings. Forget the rain and Bud Selig. We have a team to support. 9 outs away from eternal bliss.

Maria said...

And Carson your wife is completely correct. Hell is freezing over [at least Philadelphia is] and we will win.

We'll have to wait 28 hours instead of 5. A lot of people have waited 28 years. What's a day?

Blogman said...

Fellow Philly fans, I like you were in fatalist-city last night from the fuc*ked up circumstances and seemingly bad karma bestowed upon us. Selig sucks and should never have let this game start and at best, should have let us bat in the bottom of the 6th.

However, f*ck all that!

Guess what? The players are pissed. The manager is pissed. I am pissed. You are pissed.

We are winning that game on Wednesday because the karma will actually work for us this time. Our bullpen is better and we are at home. We have 12 outs and they have 9. It will go down as a remarkable moment in Philadelphia sports history.

Keep the faith. Peace and victory.


SirAlden said...

I hope the Phils Score in the bottom of the 6th so Cole Hamels gets the Win, and the only 5-0 Record in Post Season Play.

ripjgarcia said...

siralden... who cares who scores when...???

25 players make up this team

25 players have brought us to this point (god bless you So)

I'm done.

Andrew said...

anyone else totally emotionally drained from this postseason? i need help from a yankees fan to get through this!

GreggyD said...

I'm absolutely drained from game 5. I'm just ready to get this thing started again...

Aaron said...

Does any one have any doubt at all that this game tommorow is going to stay tied for like 10 innings.

Aaron said...

My Dream Senario is a Pat Burrell walk off in the 9th to finish his Phillies Career.

I don't think they should re-sign him but I love his heart and dedication.

Aaron said...

Here is a good omen for cold weather game from phillies.com

The Rays and Phillies played a number of games in cold weather (50 degrees or less) in 2008.
Temp. Date Site Result
50 April 4 NYY W, 13-4
46 April 6 NYY L, 0-2
48 April 7 NYY L, 1-6
49 May 2 BOS L, 3-7
46 May 3 BOS L, 4-12
49 May 4 BOS L, 3-7
Temp. Date Site Result
49 April 2 PHI (vs. WAS) L, 0-1
49 April 3 PHI (vs. WAS) W, 8-7
46 April 4 CIN W, 8-4
50 April 8 NYM W, 5-2
49 April 21 COL W, 9-5

GM-Carson said...

Nice stat Aaron, lets hope it holds true.