Friday, October 31, 2008

Phlashback Phriday

We've phlashed back to many players on the '93 team before , but we've never gone back, reminisced, and given props to '80 World Series team. This is partly because we thought we might jinx something, and partly because we were both 1 year old at the time and don't remember anything. But now that Williams Penn has obviously gained some closure about not being the tallest thing in Philly, we can mention the '80 team without fear.

Like I said above, I was only one year old when the Phils won it all, so I can't add any analysis or insight into how things went down. [Although when it did go down, I bet Blondie or Queen was on the radio.] So, this post is to 1) expose the youngsters to the names of the great Phillies on this team and 2) allow the old-heads who read this blog to pop an Aricept and try to remember the days...

The lineup:
1. Pete Rose - 1B
2. Bake McBride - RF
3. Garry Maddox - CF
4. Mike Schmidt - 3B (League & WS MVP)
5. Greg Luzinkski - LF
6. Bob Boone - C
7. Larry Bowa - SS
8. Manny Trillo - 2B (NLCS MVP)

The bench: Lonnie Smith, Kieth Moreland, Greg Gross, Del Unser, Ramon Aviles

The rotation:
1. Steve Carlton (Cy Young)
2. Dick Ruthven
3. Bob Walk
4. Randy Lerch
5. Larry Christensen

The bullpen:
CL - Tug McGraw
Dickie Noles
Ron Reed
Kevin Saucier


Carson listed a bunch of items yesterday that you could buy to preserve the memory of this great occasion, but I have another one today for those of you who are fans of baseball cards. Upper Deck has put together a commemorative World Series Champions box set. For more info, details or to purchase a set, follow the link to Upper Deck's website. Get one for yourself, get one for your friend, get one for your one year old son who won't remember this but 28 years later when the Phils win another one he may want to do a blog post about this year's team and may need something as a reference....



GM-Carson said...

"World Fucking Champions"- Chase Utley. Yep, Chase busted out the F-bomb again today on live tv. First it was "Boo? Fuck you."

BenJah said...

yeah, it has been a while....don't take this personally, but i read one too many comments about how we "needed to sign curt shilling" and i just had to take a break. then we were winning, and y'know, i just can't mess with a streak.

i was at the parade today!! 2.5 millions phans going insane!! it was a lot of fun, with pat burrell (and his dog) on the budweiser cart (had to see that coming) and everyone else looking like they make make loads more money than i do. i still cheered them on, i mean, they won it all and were classy enough to thank the phans at every possible opportunity. i must say, i am thrilled for the chance to have gone. even hearing chase "slip" was awesome. the one thought i couldn't help but harp on watching the parade was: "this is why you win. this is why you work hard. 'baseball' may not be important, per say, but when people suffer from all sorts of problems and they are given this kind of distraction...something to hang their hats on...they give it all back in love form for those players. this is why you work hard. this is why you win."

thank you phillies. the rest of the world might be in the shitter, and soon to be flushed completely, but for now i revel in your glory!

C.M.R. said...

i vote chase utley for president of the fcc

BloodStripes said...

That was the greatest phlashback in the history of this blog. I have been waiting for that for a long time.

SirAlden said...

You should Strato-Matic the two teams against eachother this Winter GM-Carson. I will manage the 1980 Phillies and kick your ass.

We can do it on the site in Feb when the cards come out.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that free agent Pat Burrell turned down a two-year, $22 million offer to remain with the Phillies.

As well he should have. Burrell is a liability defensively and struggled down the stretch, but batted .250/.367/.507 with 33 homers overall and is still relatively young at 31 years old. He seems like a better fit for an AL team looking to add a middle-of-the-order bat and should get plenty offers above $22 million.

Plenty of offers.... well I guess in this day and age that is true. The Phillies offer was a fair home town discount offer. Pat earned 10s of millions more than he was able to produce, although when he did produce he was very important to the team.

Good Luck Pat! The good news is that there are lots of good options out there this Winter.

dr. steve said...

Burrell will stick around for years, not money.

But I really think the DH issue comes into a huge, HUGE problem here. The Phillies can NOT use Burrell because they are in the NL. What does that mean? How can that be fair? Both leagues have to have the same rules.

I am, of course, against the DH, but I can see how it would lengthen both pitchers and hitters careers. Pitchers because they can focus on pitching and not have to worry about being athletic, and hitters because they can focus on hitting and not worry about fielding.

IT IS NOT BASEBALL AT ALL AND IS A DISGRACE - but if half the teams are allowed to have it, it's also a disgrace. And the fact that Burrell, who should and wants to stay a Phillie for life and the Phillies do s well, can not resign with the Phillies under circumstances that he can sign under in the AL - ruins the game for me.

This World Series Win has been wonderful, but it's also made me EXTREMELY ANGRY AND JADED over baseball and baseball's management. It's horrid. The sport is circling the toilet. The players need a NHL-style lockout. Hockey may be the number 4 sport for bizarre reasons, but the lockout did wonders for the game and it is the most advanced and modern of the Big 4 sports out there. Instant Reply, automatic booth checks, new rules, teams (soon) moving to bigger markets, players salaries being kept in check (not that I agree with that one so much, as salaries will invariably grow due to competition, and then signing a talented player really hampers you, but Baseball's is insane)

Baseball really needs what Hockey got. And they need a new manager... a new general manager...

Hey... We Should Be GMs.

BloodStripes said...

Indeed Dr Steve.

Watching highlights of the parade and the speeches on the field makes for awesome viewing as a phan. I think it has finally sunk in 100% that the Phillies are the Champions. I keep having to pinch myself. "They did it, they did it. They really did it". We only hoped they were good enough at the start of the year. A maybe. We never truly believed. But the Phils believed in themselves and now we are better for it. Once again. Thanks Phils and well done.

GM-Carson said...

I hate the idea of DH, but then when I think about some of the past DH's I get mixed feelings. I was a Harold Baines fan, still like the Big Hurt Frank Thomas and Jim Thome, and where would the BoSox be without Big Papi David Ortiz?

GM-Carson said...

From Scott Lauber-
After being hailed as a World Series champion and riding down Broad Street in the victory parade of his dreams, Jimmy Rollins couldn't resist taking one more jab at the Phillies' fiercest division rival.

"In the offseason, I heard a lot about the New York Mets," Rollins said. "Johan Santana is a great pitcher. But it takes more than one player to bring home a championship."

GM-Carson said...

Jim Caple has lost all credibility and respect, what a dickhead- article.

Bob D said...

Flash Gordon and So 'what' Taguchi had thier options declined and are now free agents.

Thank you Phils for a championship.

I would like to see this 1980 vs 2008 head to head matchup.

The 1980 championship drive was as exciting as it was this year.