Saturday, October 04, 2008

Keep The Bubbly On Ice For Now

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It's difficult not to be extremely negative after the game last night. Poor pitching. Poor hitting. The word I would use to describe overall feeling last night: frustrating. They didn't make an error, though, so they have that going for them, which is nice...

One of the most disappointing parts about the loss is that Milwaukee wasted so many opportunities to put up a lot of runs that up until the 8th or 9th inning there was still a feeling that the Phils could really steal one if they would just string a few hits together. But alas, the bats remained silent and the Brewers did just enough offensively to grab their first playoff win since 1982.
Dale Sveum Is No Ned Yost
I couldn't help but think that when Sveum was managing his bullpen to get favorable matchups, Ned Yost was at home on his couch thinking, "What the hell is he doing?"
You Make The Call
This is a comment during last night's game from a Brewers blog. Is it wishful thinking or just pure stupidity?

I understand a Brewer fan might not know everything about the Phils, but you'd think some basic knowledge would be there. I'm surprised he didn't ask if they'd see Terry Mulholland or Gavin Floyd...
Ooooh, That's Sucky
Although I don't want to be too negative [they do still have a 2-1 series lead...], it is worth pointing out the continued playoff struggles of our Big 4. Listed below are the 2007 playoff numbers, followed by the 2008 numbers so far. Only J-Roll has acceptable numbers this year.

Ryan Howard - 3-12, 2-8
Jimmy Rollins - 2-11, 4-12
Chase Utley - 2-11, 2-12
Pat Burrell - 2-11, 0-8
Series Clincher
Enough bad energy, let's focus on how the Phils are going to beat the Brewers today and move on to the NLCS. Jeff Suppan doesn't stand a chance against a hungry Phils lineup and Joe Blanton is going to pitch 6 strong innings before handing it over to the bullpen to close out the victory.

Why not Cole Hamels on three days rest instead of Blanton?

"With his makeup, he’d probably try to grunt and groan his way through things," said Rich Dubee. "To pitch him on three days’ rest, I’m not sure he’d be able to control his emotions."

That is a very odd quote from the pitching coach. But it doesn't matter, because Blanton is going to get the job done. First pitch is 1:05, again on TBS. Once again, I will have my basement covered in plastic sheets and the champagne ready to go.

Let's Go Phillies!



Dan said...

Quick hits:

(1) Terry Mulholland probably still has some pretty mean stuff and a nasty pick-off move, let's not bandy his name about lightly.

(2) I actually have a pretty good feeling about Blanton for tomorrow. Watching him is always unpleasant, but the results tend to actually come out pretty favorably. Let's hope we get some of that tomorrow.

(3) I think our big guys are going to wake up against Jeff Suppan. Suppan is the consummate mediocre pitcher...he has nothing special about him other than "he doesn't completely suck". I really do think they're gonna wake up.

(4) Tonight's game was a frustrating one to watch, but honestly, sometimes that's how it goes. It's hard to get a sweep, especially of a decent team...we all know that. So we just won a 3 game series, now we just need 1 more.

Let's go PHILS!

Corey said...

i agree with everything you just said, although i find that sort of rational thinking a little unnerving.

BloodStripes said...

Yeah, that's way too sensible Dan. But your right. 2-1 up. No need to panic. Phils can beat Suppan. As long as Big Mac Blanton hangs in there himself.

Kick yourselves in the arse Phils and get 'em Sunday.

Maria said...

Sensibility: not a common characteristic of ANY Phillies fan.

Frustrating to say the least. Gah! I have work tomorrow 1-6. I will definitely have my sister texting me constant updates.

BloodStripes said...

Well the Cubs just sucked their way to oblivion. Nice job girls.

Man up Phils and take your place against LA.

Corey said...

i have a lot of confidence that joe blanton is going to pitch a good game today. not since i predicted that adam eaton would win 12 games this year have i been this confident in a pitcher.

BloodStripes said...

I'm half tanked now because Manly just won the premiership. You bloody beauty!!

Think about it phans. We are putting our faith in Joe Bloody Blanton. Shit! At least Supp has done this before and he did it well for St Louis in the World Series.

It probably won't be easy but I have faith too.

Let's go Joe!!!

Corey said...

bloodstripes, please give me the lowdown on some of the australian brews you have been celebrating with. my limited experience with australian beer consists of fosters (ugh), king lager (funny shaped bottle, odd taste) and cooper's lager (pretty good).

GM-Carson said...

I'm so pissed at Chase, Howard, and Burrell right now. They've been complete shit in the playoffs. Wake up and doing something worthwhile!

Guess life will go on hold again this afternoon for the Phils, hopefully they clinch so I can be productive some of next week at night.

By the way, I'd rather have modern day Gavin Floyd going than Blanton, but Blanton will do well enough to win today I think.

GM-Carson said...

Today isn't a "must win", but it's damn near close, and we need every bit of offense that we can scrounge up. Dobbs better be starting at 3rd base and I'd go as far as to plug Stairs into LF for the abysmal Burrell. Not winning today means a well rested and redemption-minded CC back in Philly on Tuesday...not a scenario I'd be looking forward to. Blanton needs to pitch well, but the offense has got to stop shitting the bed for anything positive to happen in the playoffs this year.

GM-Carson said...

Great quote from Charlie-
"I think we're fortunate to be up 2-1," Manuel said. "I mean, we've got to hit. We've got to score runs. We're supposed to hit, and when we don't, yeah, I'm concerned about it. But I don't know what you can do right now, especially this time of year in the playoffs. Actually, that's what the playoffs are all about; you don't have time to go into slumps or go bad or anything. You've got to be playing good. In order for us to go to the World Series, we've got to hit."

GM-Carson said...

From Victorino's postseason blog:
As for my ninth-inning play on Craig Counsell, it wasn't dirty. If that was the case, I would've just bowled him over. That wasn't my intention. I was trying to get him to throw the ball off my chest, or my helmet, something. When the ball was hit, I said to myself, "That's almost an automatic double play." He hit the ball so well and Billy made a good play. I was just trying to get something to happen. I was trying to stay out of a double play. It didn't work.

Chase Trillo said...

Terrible all around loss last night. No clutch hitting. No brains in the dugout. There, it's out of my system now.

The Phils need to step up here. Imagine how lame a Brewers-Dodgers series would be. The Phils need to do their part. I want Cole going in Game 1 of the NLCS. Let's go!!

ripjgarcia said...

1:05.. ouch.. I either have to sober up or keep drinking...
Phillies got kicked in the nuts last night... I just got punched there...

someone call me and wake my ass up
at about quarter til one..

Los said...

With the exception of 3 innings, their offense has been nonexistent ... their big boys NEED to step up!

Maria said...

I really don't think Howard's been that bad. Last night I think he had 2 hits. He's had a lot strikeouts but he has to be patient because I really don't think they're ever going to pitch to him. He needs to take the walk instead of trying to do too much.

Corey said...

wow, the tbs announcers are just killing utley. if you believe them, utley won't get a hit the rest of the playoffs.

dr. steve said...

They're Brewer's announcers. It's total bullshit. At least have Scott Graham on.

All they do is talk Brewers, and if the Phillies do something positive it's nothing but a torrent of negatives.

Fuck you Brewers. This is like the Flyers Postseason all over again - nothing but negatives about the Philly team. At least on FOX the Eagles are getting the respect they deserve.

GM-Carson said...

Blanton looking good through 5. Whoever said he was a bad acquisition? Certainly not me.

Burrell, Rollins, and Werth go Yahtzee. Whoever suggested Burrell take a seat today? Certainly not me.

5-0 Phils, let's go!

Dan said...

Are these announcers really the Brewers' regular announcers? I mean, I've noticed that they don't know their collective ass from a hole in the ground (I'd say they make one factual mistake per inning that I pick up on).

But I assumed they were just a couple of village idiots that TBS had hired, rather than the actual Brewers' announcers. That's absolutely tremendous work by TBS. Let's ignore Hall of Famer Harry Kalas and hire a couple of chumps for our nationwide broadcast.

Corporate baseball disgusts me.

dr. steve said...

The fucking FOX Football announcers have said more positive things about the Phillies today than the TBS ones have said all series.

This is why no one watches the former Braves network.

GM-Carson said...

I can't wait to the Phils clinch today, so I can give the virtual double-fisted middle finger salute to these cock puppets.

GM-Carson said...

Blanton is kicking so much ass today. Great pick up Gillick.

Jason said...

That was an absolute BOMB!

Jason said...

Pat the friggin' Bat!

GM-Carson said...

Prince hit quite a shot, but The Bat has gone deep twice today. Huge outing by Blanton, and Madson did a decent job too.

Ruiz is back to being a lineup waste. Charlie would have been wise to get Coste 1 start this series.

dr. steve said...

That last bit, about sending the game to extra innings, was insane. These announcers should be dragged into the middle of the field and shot like the dying horses they are.

Dan said...

Dr. Steve, what was the comment about extra innings by the TBS announcers? I must have missed it, but I'd like someone to repeat it for me, so that I can add it to the common law suit I'm bringing against these 'tards.

GM-Carson said...

Phils vs. Dodgers in NLCS, looking forward to it. Bring on Manny, bring on Bowa.

BloodStripes said...

Phils win! Crack the bubbly!

Corey, my favorite beers are the Coopers range. Pale Ale and Sparkling Ale. Good drops with no artificial stuff added. Nice natural brews to keep you clean on the inside. Crown Premium Lager is another top brew. Very popular for those special occasions. It costs more but is very good. Lots of other regional ones are good too like James Boag from Tasmania and Byron Bay Premium ale is another all natural drop with a good taste.

There are several cheap beers in the low range, VB (Victoria Bitter), Tooheys, Reschs (Reschs Pilsener is one I like) but if you can get a hold of some Crown Lagers they are certainly worth a try and of course stick to those Coopers. Beautiful.

BloodStripes said...

Due to last night and a 4am 1st pitch I missed the game but after watching the highlights I am stoked and pleasantly suprised by a red hot Big Mac Blanton. And 4 friggin' taters! Wooo yeah. Smoked 'em right from the start. Later on tonight I will settle in for a full game replay. Bloody awesome Phils.

Take down LA and bring home the National League Pennant.

dr. steve said...

"Dr. Steve, what was the comment about extra innings by the TBS announcers? I must have missed it, but I'd like someone to repeat it for me, so that I can add it to the common law suit I'm bringing against these 'tards."

The specific comment was "Well, since the other game is delayed, I guess it won't matter if the Brewers go into extra innings here!"

Other comments that got me where "There's still 9 outs left for the Brewers to win this" as opposed to "There's just 9 outs left"

It was just total bias. And, until the 9th when that one guy was there, the talk was ALL about the offseason for the Brewers. And then finally, the one guy and JUST the one guy starts talking Phillies.

I never like TBS for baseball. And now I want them to lose their licenses.

Bob D said...

I kept hearing about how the Brewers lost because of Sheets being hurt and CC pitching too often. I thought the Phils won because they played much better.

This does mean that I lose my playoff tickets to game 5 on Tuesday, but WOO HOO!!!! GO PHILLIES!

SirAlden said...

Let's Put Another One In The WIN COLUMN For The Phightin' Phils!!!!

If the Phils go 8-6 over the next 14 games they are winners of the World Series and Champions of the World!

Not to hard.

SirAlden said...

After the 1964 fold, (the greatest tragedy in Phillies History) which has now been erased by the last two years of Mutt's Chokes, the second greatest Franchise pain - the wrong that needs to the righted - are the three straight losses (preventing advances to the World Series) in the NL Championship Series in 1976, 1977, and 1978. Arguably the best Phillies Teams of all Time.

The 1976 Phillies (101 Wins), were swept (3-0) by the Reds.

The next year the 1977 Phillies (101 Wins), lost (3-1 in LA) to the Dodgers in the NL Playoffs.

The next year the 1978 Phillies (90 Wins) were back for one last try against the Dodgers. In Game 4 of the series, down 2 games to 1, the game went into the bottom of the 10th Inning with the score tied.

Carlton was scheduled to pitch game five if only the Phillies could Win this game, tie the series 2-2, and break the curse.

Tug Mcgraw was on the mound, he had a great screwball a reverse curveball, that even though he was a lefty he was lights out against righty batters because the ball moved backwards to them.

With two outs in the 10th Ron Cey worked a walk.

The second greatest tragedy in Phillies Team History then unfolded.

Dusty Baker hit an easy soft line drive to shallow centerfield to Garry Maddox the greatest Phillies Centerfielder of all Time.

"Water covers 2/3's of the Earth, and Garry Maddox covers the other 1/3rd." ~ Ralph Kiner - Hall of Famer and Mets Broadcaster - the Hitter Ryan Howard passed last year for the least number of games played for 100 homeruns).

Maddox who never ever missed anything pulled up, and in shock and horror we watched as the ball bounced off his glove for a 1 base error with Cey making it to second.

Maddox who never made a mistake, who played the shallowest Centerfield in the history of the game, had just dropped the ball.

A moment even worse than third worst moment in Phillies history the Joe Carter - Wild Thang Walkoff Homerun.

Still with two outs the next batter up was Bill Russell a light hitting white Bowa type SS. He singled to center, Maddox had a CANNON but Ron Cey still beat his throw home with the winning run, eliminating the Phillies for the 3rd Straight Year

The winning run scored with 2 outs.

There was no game five, no World Series, the last chance was erased to advance for these three singularly great teams.

So! Fate has brought us back to this point in time, and IT'S PAYBACK TIME! Dodger's IT'S PAYBACK TIME!

(Next Year we will Crush the Toronto Blue Jays in the World Series and complete the Franchise Redemption Hat Trick).

SirAlden said...

Shane Victorino: $480,000, .293/.352/.447.

Aaron Rowand: $12,000,000, .271/.339/.410.

GM-Carson said...

Shane plays better defense too.