Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Game Day: Phillies vs. Brewers Game 1

Phillies fans will be rushing home from work to catch the game on television (TBS), listening to it on the radio, or pushing work aside and following the game on the Internet beginning at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Personally, I'll be arriving home just in time to hopefully catch some of the 1st inning. I love baseball, I love the Phillies, and I love that they're in the playoffs.

Cole Hamels gets the starting honors in Game 1 of the NLDS just as he did last season against the Rockies. WSBGM's was at the ballpark last year and remember the deflated feeling of watching Hamels labor through the game. This year he has experience under his belt and is poised to pitch big in a big game. Jimmy, Chase, and Ryan will be there to support him with some offense against young Yovani Gallardo and the Brewers.

Concern: reports that Pat Burrell had to cut yesterday's workout short due to discomfort in his back. The Bat is a crucial member of this offense, especially with Jayson Werth roaming full-time out in right field now, and the fact that the Brewers best starter (CC Sabathia) is a lefty (Burrell .279/.951 against lefties). You're our boy Burrell, you're our boy!

Brad Lidge picked up the 1st award of the offseason, garnering NL Comeback Player of the Year. Lidge was a perfect 41-41 in save opportunities and is a darkhorse for the Cy Young Award as well due to his efforts.



GM-Carson said...

From BeerLeaguer:
The Phils are 42-15 (.737) when Jimmy Rollins scores a run this season and a 421-202 (.676) team over his career. If Jimmy’s in the mix, the Phils are a lock to take this series.

*That's amazing!

GM-Carson said...

Does anyone else find the Comeback Player of the Year Award being sponsored by Viagra to be funny?

Soss said...

I heard he gets a life-time subscription of Viagra for winning it.

furiousBall said...

i agree with carson's first comment - jroll is key

GM-Carson said...

J-Roll has always been the key to the offense. Utley, Howard, Burrell, and Vic are all important, but Rollins is the most important of all.

GreggyD said...

I'm getting sick to my stomach from nerves and anxiety as I sit here and wait for this game to start. I need some playoff baseball in my life. I'm pumped about the game today and wish I could be there.

As we always say, as J-Roll goes, so goes the offense and let's hope today the Phils find a way to stomp the Brewers into the CBP dirt.

GM-Carson said...

Around the blogsphere there's a lot of complaining about the 3 pm start today. I think it's cool, because it means the Phils open the 2008 postseason.

GreggyD said...

I think it's fantastic because I get back from my internship at 2:45 and then work at 5:00 which will allow me to see the majority of the game before I am forced to switch over to MLB Gameday. I'm just glad I can see most of it.

GM-Carson said...

I'm a big momentum guy, thinking it definitely helps some. Hamels not giving up a run in the top of the 1st is crucial in my opinion. Seems like our starting pitchers have had problems in the 1st inning a lot this season (especially Myers). Being down a run or runs before you even get a chance to bat has to be a bit demoralizing.

GM-Carson said...

The Phillies made the following moves today to meet Major League Baseball's 10:00 a.m. roster deadline for the Division Series:

• Reliever Rudy Seanez and catcher Lou Marson are not on the roster but will travel with the team.

• Pitcher Kyle Kendrick, infielders Mike Cervenak and Andy Tracy and outfielder Greg Golson have reported to Clearwater, FL, and will participate in the Florida Instructional League program to stay sharp.

• Pitchers Adam Eaton and Les Walrond and infielder Tadahito Iguchi have returned to their respective homes.

Under Major League Baseball rules, rosters can be changed for each postseason series. Pitcher-for-pitcher and player-for-player roster replacements for an injured player during a series are allowed if approved by the Commissioner's Office. An injured player who is replaced during a series must miss the remainder of that series and the entire next series.

Pitchers (11)
Blanton, Joe
Condrey, Clay
Durbin, Chad
Eyre, Scott
Hamels, Cole
Happ, J.A.
Lidge, Brad
Madson, Ryan
Moyer, Jamie
Myers, Brett
Romero, J.C.

Catchers (2)
Coste, Chris
Ruiz, Carlos

Infielders (6)
Bruntlett, Eric
Dobbs, Greg
Feliz, Pedro
Howard, Ryan
Rollins, Jimmy
Utley, Chase

Outfielders (6)
Burrell, Pat
Jenkins, Geoff
Stairs, Matt
Taguchi, So
Victorino, Shane
Werth, Jayson

Manuel, Charlie

Billmeyer, Mick
deArmas, Roly
Dubee, Rich
Henderson, Ramon
Lopes, Davey
Smith, Steve
Thompson, Milt
Williams, Jimy

GM-Carson said...

From Zolecki:
Phillies manager Charlie Manuel and head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan spoke minutes ago about Pat Burrell's strained lower back, which could keep him from Game 1 of the NLDS.

Sheridan said Burrell "felt significantly better after batting practice yesterday. ... Obviously, this morning we got here at 8 and started working on him. He feels pretty good. We're going to progress him along after batting practice and see how he feels and go from there." Manuel has two different lineups, in case Burrell can't play. Matt Stairs will start in right field with Jayson Werth moving to left field, if Burrell can't go.

Sheridan said running or fielding isn't an issue for Burrell. Hitting is. They want to be careful because Burrell could make the back worse. Manuel mentioned that it probably is more important that Burrell be ready to face lefthander CC Sabathia tomorrow than righthander Yovani Gallardo today.

*I say sit Burrell, don't risk further injury. I think Stairs will come up big today in his place.

Aaron said...

We Need 11 wins.

Corey said...

re: 3 PM start time

it fucking sucks. who the hell is watching this game? are women switching from oprah to the phils?

prediction: burrell goes willis reed on the brewers, hitting at least one homer.

biggest game of the series today. go phils!

GM-Carson said...

Great start to the game by Cole- 3 up, 3 down, 2 k's.

Corey said...

well, he ran real slow like willis reed...

Corey said...

TBS just listed Ruiz's nickname as "Cooch". Sweet. New nickname.

GM-Carson said...

9 up, 9 down for Hamels.

Werth, Burrell, and Rollins had ugly at bats.

Big breaks on the error by Weeks on the bunt and the dropped ball by Cameron on the liner off the bat of Utley.

Phils up 2-0, with the lead hopefully to remain all day.

GM-Carson said...

I noticed that "Cooch" nickname graphic for Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz. What idiots TBS are to notice notice a euphemism for pussy up on their screen.

GM-Carson said...

Phils are walk machines right now. Bullpen already up for the Brewers. Kid looks rattled. 3-0, Go Phils!

dr. steve said...

I think this should be a rule for the Phillies Batters - when the opposing pitcher has lost all control on the ball and is walking guys left and right and the bases are loaded - not to swing unless you have two strikes.

GM-Carson said...

Telling Pedro Feliz to not swing at the first pitch is like telling Michael Jackson to not making googly eyes at young boys...not gonna happen.

dr. steve said...

I was very impressed Victorino did not swing for the fences. He is usually too energetic to take a walk.

GM-Carson said...

Jayson Werth's swing is not meant to face righties like Gallardo. Gallardo is flat-out dominating him today.

dr. steve said...

Werth is in for his defense, let's face it. He's not coming out of this slump until the bullpen comes out.

GM-Carson said...

Werth is a big reason the Phils are in the playoffs, so I don't want to bad mouth him. He'll come through in a big spot some time this postseason, I have faith.

GM-Carson said...

Freakin' Mr. "I wear my sunglasses at night" Cory Hart gets the 1st hit. Damn you Hart!

dr. steve said...

I should fix my Google, my image should be showing up. And I like my nickname but I should probably fix that too.

GM-Carson said...

Dr. Steve is a good name, especially if you're a doctor and your name is Steve. If you're neither a doctor nor is your name Steve, then that's even better.

Aaron said...

That's Huge getting Braun to get out of the 6th unscathed.

Come on Phils...I aint seen a playoff win since I was 18!!!!!

Let's do it!!!!!

dr. steve said...

Does a WIFF rate even exist? I'm spelling it like WHIP.

And should I leave my name uncapatilized? I'm just afraid if I rename it you guys will forget who I am.

BloodStripes said...

Hamels rockin' so far. Lets go Phils, make some history today. Its been a long time between playoff wins.

Aaron said...





BloodStripes said...


GreggyD said...

I almost shit myself when I saw Hamels was pulled. I have a feeling he may have cruised through the 9th a bit easier than Lidge, and if he did happen to give up 2 baserunners, then you bring in the closer.

Nonetheless, they pick up a big win today especially seeing as they face CC tomorrow which is not the most exciting thing in the world. Let's hope all these starts on short rest catch up to him.

Bill said...

1 down 2 to go! Tomorrow against CC will be huge.

By the way, the Comeback Player of the Year being sponsored by Viagra IS hilarious!

dr. steve said...

I don't know why they pulled Hamels. I mean even if Hamels was struggling, go for the chance to save your Closer a day and keep him rested.

On the other hand, I think Lidge worked through this jam pretty well (we won) and getting strikeouts instead of a pop fly or a miracle double play should help his confidence.

Los said...

I was curious as to why the Phils put in Lidge in the 9th, when Hamels was pitching so good. Was it Hamels' choice to be taken out? After the 30 pitches he pitched today, I doubt Lidge will be available tomorrow.

dr. steve said...

The question is - do you even want Lidge to pitch?

GM-Carson said...

Manuel is a dumbass sometimes, that's why Lidge was in there. In Charlie's pea-size brain, 3 run lead or less equals Lights Out Lidge time, regardless of how well the starting pitcher is dealing. And dealing Cole Hamels was, he was damn near unhittable. We won, that's all I care about.

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