Thursday, October 16, 2008

2008 National League Champions

Maybe if Randy Newman wasn't such a pansy, he would have written a song about a real city. Anyways, when you get drunk tonight celebrating, imagine that fairy tickling the ivory and sing along with me...

Hate Milwaukee
It's cold and it's damp
And all the people dressed like sausages
Let's leave LA to the vegetarians
That town's a little bit too soft
For you and me, babe

Rollin' down Schuykill Highway
With a cheesesteak and pretzel in my hand
Chester winds blowin' stink from the south
And we don't give a damn
Roll down the window, put down the top
Crank up the G Love, baby
Don't let the music stop
We're gonna ride it 'til we just can't ride it no more

From South Street to some back alley
From Henry Av to River Drive
Everybody's very happy
'Cause the sun is shining in South Philly
Looks like another Phillies win

I love Philly (We love it)
I love Philly (We love it)
We love it

Look at that broke bell
Look at Society Hill
Look at that bum over there, man
He's a fan of the Phils
Look at these women
There ain't nothin' like em nowhere

Pattison Avenue(We love it)
The Orange Line (We love it)
Ben Franklin Parkway (We love it)
Broad Street (We love it, we love it, we love it)
We love Philly

I love Philly (We love it)
I Love Philly (We love it)
I Love Philly (We love it)



Jacobin said...

Four more wins... just for more wins... yes, we can!

Bob D said...

This is a great day! Way to go Phils.

Magic number down to 4 !!!!

Dan said...

Amazing day. So much to say here, what a great win and a great series and the only thing that could make it better would be a World Series championship.

But I'm going to throw one last piece of mud at the Dodgers:

Is it me, or is Chad Billingsley actually looking kind of fat these days? Seriously, I do not remember him being this thick during the past 2 years. What gives? He's 24, there's no way he should have a Freddy Garcia type body at this point.

SirAlden said...

Champions! Great Song Corey.

BloodStripes said...

NL Champs. Bloody awesome!

Victory is sweet. I love Philly too and I haven't even been there. Ha!

World Series man. Wooooooo!!

SirAlden said...

Phillies Win The World Series in 6.

Maybe 5.

BloodStripes said...

Time for a Coopers Pale Ale. You in Corey?

Corey said...

i got about 10 more hours of being at work, then i'm down for a ale or seven.

dr. steve said...

I liked the song a lot. You're pretty talented at writing songs.

I regret not getting to join in the mobs or crowds or riots. I also regret Lidge getting the final out on a pop fly in foul territory and not a strikeout. BUT I'LL TAKE IT ANYWAY I CAN!!! Of course. Ruiz deserves the final out as he won't get enough credit for this series win.

BloodStripes said...

I had 4 ales. One for each win.

National League Champions. Say it proud, say it often.

BloodStripes said...

Charlie Manuel kicked Joe Torres arse. Game 4 looked shaky until Stairs went nuclear and made him look like a genius. It all worked. Each year at the helm he has got the Phils to go one better. So cheers to you Charlie. We should have never doubted you.

Charlie Manuel your 2009 NL All-Star Manager.

BloodStripes said...

Its still only just sinking in. Pennant number 6, going to the World Series. Bloody hell!

JMS said...

I am in shock. Still.

What a beautiful day for Philadelphia-way to go Phils!!

Stephanie Grace said...


ps: I sent Simers an email. "Suck it. Love, Angryville"


Aaron said...

Dudes, I was at the game tonight!!
It was F'ing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

F the Dodgers, F Manny, F that toilet they call a city. And most of all F YOU DODGER FANS...WORST FANS IN BASEBALL!!!
I took a picture of the half empty stadium as the first pitch was being thrown. You might have heard Joe Buck saying it was because of "traffic". That's Bull shit, I drove two hours from San Diego to go to the game and guess what, I was there for batting practice!!
I knew the game was over in the 3rd inning when a dodger fan poited to my shirt and said.."what did you spill on your shirt dog". I just stared at him until he looked dissapointed and walked away in shame....HA HA HA...F you Dodger fans....F YOU.
Yes bitches in your house, we celebrated in your house...on your field!!!

Corey said...

aaron, please email that picture to us, i would like to see it. i noticed during the first inning there were plenty of empty seats, but you can't get a good look on tv.

Andrew said...

Great game! I can't tell how Yankees fans do it year in and year out. Its stressful!!! Not to mention all these late game times and its mid-October and we're still playing baseball!!! I love it!!

I just thought of something interesting that hopefully is not a bad omen. In Phillies WS history we beat the Royals, but the other 4 teams we lost to were the Red Sox, Yankees, Orioles and Blue Jays.... Here we are poised to play the Rays, the fifth and final member of the AL East. An interesting trend but hopefully one that we crush next week!

furiousBall said...

not to be a downer at all, but i lost my dad this past april and damn it i wish he was here to see this. he took me to so many Phils games and explained the game that i grew up to love. miss ya, pop

Aaron said...

Corey i'll email you that picture soon....your gonna laugh your ass off at how empty that place was...Dodger fans are a joke.

The Omnipotent Q said...

My congratulations to you both, Corey and Carson, on the Phillies well-earned NL pennant. Anybody who knocks out the Dodgers is OK with me (I was born in raised in Brooklyn, NY) and especially ending all the "Manny and His Magic Carpet Ride" BS.

The Phillies pennant reminds of what the Red Sox did in 2004, winning a pennant after a long stretch (18 years in the Red Sox case).

Now, how about a Phillies-Red Sox World Series? The Sox have the Rays exactly where they want them (down 1-3). My buddy Mike, a devoted Phils supporter, won the lottery for tickets to Game 4 at Citizens Bank. It would be a blast to see the two clubs meet for it all...

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Jamie Moyer quotes, everyone:

"This is awesome," Jamie Moyer said, a few tear tracks running down his face as he listened to the surprisingly healthy contingent of Phillies fans hailing the victors. "The support we've had - you just can't thank people enough. We're celebrating this with them, and to me that's the most important thing. And even though we're not in Philly, I'm thinking about the fans in Philly having a good time, and that's what it's all about."

"I don't know if I understand what's really taken place here," said Jamie Moyer, the only member of this team who actually attended the parade of the one World Series championship in Phillies history. "I don't know if it's really sunk in. I know we're going to the World Series, but it hasn't sunk in."

With eyes watering, Moyer began to tell the story of what it was like to be a kid in high school in October 1980, skipping school to watch the champs parade down Broad Street.

"I remember people hanging from the street lights and the trees, and toilet paper all over," Moyer said. "And everybody was your friend. A half a million people were all friends."

And then somehow, in 2006, the world spun and brought him back to his hometown, to a team that was still trying to figure out how to win these kinds of games. And a couple of weeks later, he found himself in the middle of a team meeting, telling his new friends about that parade -- and laying out a dream for all of them, to reach a parade of their own someday.
"And now we're one series away from being on the floats in that parade," Moye said. "It's amazing."

"We've gone this far," Moyer said. "So why stop here?"

Frank said...

God Bless Charlie Manuel

ripjgarcia said...

I have given a little thought to this and here are my hopes:

1) That Charlie Manuel gets through this day well.

2) That Boston wins tonight behind Dice-K

3) That Tampa Bay wins the series the next game. (The last thing I wanna see is Boston pull it out.. I don't want any momentum from the storied franchise going into what is going to be a tough World Series)

Maria said...

I got my hat today! Pretty sure it was worth it. 3 hours in line and a packed Modell's.

Anonymous said...

four wins to go...unbelievable

Maria said...

TB is choking in a way once only known to the Mets. Up 7-0 and Boston has come back to tie it.

Ala the Phillies this year against the Mets when we won in 13 innings. Good times. 6 days people!

BloodStripes said...

Please put Aaron' photo on the blog for all to see Corey.

Awesome stuff from Moyer. I'm so glad he is around to inspire everyone.

BloodStripes said...

What a blast. I was just on WIP. Letting people know the Phils are appreciated Downunder.