Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What the hell was that?

Without Kyle Kendrick the Phillies wouldn't have won the NL East in 2007. With Kyle Kendrick the Phillies may not win the NL East (or Wild Card) in 2008. Kendrick was torched for 7 runs in 1.1 innings of work last night and watched his season stats balloon to a 5.44 era, 1.63 whip, and .305 batting average against. Kyle had a decent first half of the season, but has been a disaster since the All-Star break. He's only 24, and far from being "done", but Charlie Manuel and company would be wise to decide for him to be done for the rest of the season in the starting rotation.

The final score ended up reading 10-8 in favor of the Marlins, with the Phils almost pulling off an uplifting comeback when they were down 9-1, but in the end they came up short. Moral victories equal squat in the real victory column, so I could give two pinches of poop whether the score was 10-8 or 10-0. The bottom line is the Phils are now 2.5 back of the Mets for the NL East, and remain 3 back of the Brewers for the Wild Card.

*Phils were damned by the score of 10-8 twice last night. Not only was that what the scoreboard read in Philly, it's also the identical score of the Mets/Nationals game where Carlos Delgado belted 2 homeruns to lead New York on to victory.

*Arthur Rhodes has been sensational for the Marlins, throwing 10 innings over 17 games without allowing a run and pick up 2 wins and 8 holds along the way.

*Brett Myers looks to knockout the Marlins today and wrap up a series win. Game time set for 4:05. Go Phils!



Bob D said...

I have 1 question for GreggyD: On dollar dog day, how many dogs were you able to put away? Onions & Mustard?

Joe said...

It's tough to sleep once it's confirmed that 2/5 of your rotation won't be of any use down the stretch.

I'll give Happ a pass since his arm had more cobwebs than Bea Arthur's vagina.

The Phils are scoring in bunches again. Which is nice.
Myers will continue his Lazarus act today.

And I'm off to Citizens Bank Park with one of my sons for the matinee.

GM-Carson said...

Joe- I am now convulsing with sickness after the mental picture you painted of Bea Arthur's private area...ugh!

Kendrick is bumming me out.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Is it still too late to send Kendrick to Japan?

GM-Carson said...

What the hell was Charles Fuqua Manuel doing:
1. pitching Brad Lidge in the 9th?
2. not pinch running Golson for Stairs in the 7th?
3. letting Kendrick in too long to get shelled?
4. not lifting Seanez in favor of Eyre against the lefty?
5. batting Utley and Howard back-to-back making late game strategy an easy decision for the opposing manager?

GM-Carson said...

Over his last 6 starts Kendrick has allowed 29 runs in 23 innings for a shit-o-rific 11.35 era. No more starts for him in '08 please!

dr. steve said...

The best plan for Kendrick is literally get him rest, rehab, and practice. He's eligible for the playoffs, and he may actually be able to help in the playoffs if he gets time to prepare and rest.

But right now, Kendrick has turned into a death sentence. Something that we haven't even gotten from Eaton or the horrible pitchers before him. At least they have the courtesy to stretch the runs given up over a number of innings so that the Phils don't go into "URGENT SCORE" mode and we lose the way you're supposed to - with the TV off.

GM-Carson said...

The freakin' Mets already have 3 players with 100+ rbi on the season: Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, and David Wright.

Aaron said...

I'm so God damn tired of this F'ing team leaving a man on 3rd with less than 2 outs.
Man on 3rd 1 out down by a run with werth and utley coming up and we don't fucking score!!!

Mike said...

I still have faith...

GM-Carson said...

You must have blind faith.

Spencer said...

Here is the difference between the Phillies and a well run team - Kendrick is a nice kid, and a decent end of the rotation option, but he should have been out of the rotation in early August with the Phillies replacing him with someone they picked up via trade. The fact of the matter is this team didn't even try to improve this team post the Blanton trade.

I think last year's playoff visit fooled the Phillies into thinking they were better than they are. Fact of the matter is they were never as good as the end of the season results - they were fed by a historical collapse, and to guarantee themselves a spot in the playoffs this year, needed to get significantly better. Let's take a look: the starting rotation did seem to get better, but Myers ruined that idea at the beginning of the season and for a huge part of the season, apologies to Cole Hamels, there has been no true #1 pitcher (need to see a true #1 - look at Webb or Sabathia for examples) . The bullpen became more consistent and a strength. The line-up has taken a huge step backwards. This doesn't add up to a sure fire playoff team and it definitely doesn't add up to a team that can beat the Angels, Rays or either Sox team in a series.

This team, once young is getting older and lacks the commitment to do whatever it takes to make sure their best players don't play their careers without a shot at winning it all.