Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thank You Cole Hamels

Thank you Cole Hamels for shutting down the Nationals last night and most of the teams you have faced this season. You may only have 12 wins to your credit, but your 3.01 era and 1.03 whip suggest that total should be closer to 20. Over 29 starts this season you have logged 203 innings, for an average of 7 innings per start, and have hurled an average 103.1 pitches per start. You truly are the staff ace and your 4-5 more starts here in September will be a big determinant if the Phillies make the playoffs or not. Here at WSBGM's we wish you could go a full 9 every game out, but we'll just have settle and be happy with the quality 7 you give us.

*Joe Blanton against Odalis Perez tonight in the rubber match of the series. Blanton has been good, bad, and mediocre so far in his brief time with the Phils. It's time for another good outing and win.

*Harry Kalas seemed so disgusted last night when Ryan Howard struck out for the 181st time this season. Harry's voice was dripping with displeasure.

*The Brewers aren't helping us out at all, as they blew another game in the late innings last night. Mets vs. Brewers this afternoon at 2:05, so the Phils should know by game time if they have a chance at making up a game or just keeping pace.

*Anyone that ever questions Chase Utley's intensity just needs to watch that play at the plate last night where he took out Nationals' catcher Jesus Flores. The dude is Mr. Intense.

*Jimmy Rollins is putting on his September surge, and the stagnant Phillies offense is in desperate need of it.



GM-Carson said...

Joshua Outman, prospect in Blanton trade, made his MLB debut for Oakland last night pitching 2 shutout innings.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Solid win all around, but all I wanna know is: Is Cole going to start on Sunday or what? The guy is awesome, but he cries about getting moved up (on 5 days rest nonetheless), he deserves to get questioned.

And seriously, how bad is management going to screw him by pointing out he only has 12 wins in at the start of September. His teammates cost him an easy $4 million or more.

GM-Carson said...

Cole sees himself as fragile, and therefore is. He may actually be able to hold up over longer outings with higher pitch counts, but he doesn't view himself that way and therefore won't be.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

AKA baby

GM-Carson said...

"Why shouldn't I? That's the way you play," said Manuel, asked if he was OK with the play. "I wish every one of my players would play that way. That would be good. Don't say 'old school.' That's good school. That's the way you play the game. Unless you want to put some rouge and makeup and lipstick on you."

*Damn, Charlie is funny sometimes.

GM-Carson said...

Chase's play at the plate wasn't dirty, it was well within reason and is ok. Most contact plays at the plate are “ok” in my opinion, with hardly any of them ever being dirty. The dirty slides come at 2nd base where an unprotected second baseman or shortstop is trying to make a play.

dr. steve said...

1. Like I said in the comments yesterday, do they teach Phillies players to injure catchers at the plate?

2. Carson, do you have to start off the comments with a quip about a prospect we traded being awesome? Please, the last thing I want to hear is that. Especially knowing that Happ could have done as good or better a job than Blanton. Oh I feel sick!

GM-Carson said...

Dr. Steve- maybe you need to prescribe yourself some meds, anti-depresants seem to fit the bill.

dr. steve said...

No need to be rude.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not being rude, I was hoping you could hook me up with some pills to pop too.

Scotty said...

Even though I am a Mets fan, I love Chase Utley. He goes hard on every pitch and I think that is the way the game should be played. But does anyone else feel that the timing of his attempt to steal home was off? I mean I understand there were 2 outs, but Howard is at the plate with men on 1st and 3rd, why take the bat out of his hands.

Sure he strikes out a ton but he also drives in a ton of runs, plus if he gets walked, the bases are loaded with 2 outs and the Phils have a chance for a big inning. I love the intensity, and I love the hustle, I just think he picked a bad time to do it, especially that early in the game.

Maria said...

6-0 mets in the 5th.

I think they said last night it was Charlie or Steve Smith's idea to send Chase.

ripjgarcia said...

Isn't there something in the WSBGMs
bi-laws about people commenting with Mets logos, even if they are paying compliments.

dr. steve said...

So it's September. We've had no problems with right field all season. We just added new outfielders from callups.


I'm in shock. First Matt Stairs starts a game, and now Bruntlett starts a game. And now we've given up a run.

And remember the first comment here when you look at Eaton...Blanton...Bleanton.

GM-Carson said...

Eric Bruntlett starting in RF was stupid on Manuel's behalf.

Scotty is a good guy despite rooting for the Mets, he helped with Campaign Cheer actually.