Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Recap

Game 1 - Pat Burrell had a HUGE single in the eighth that put the Phils ahead and was followed by a three run homer by Shane Victorino that put the game away. But don't overlook the significant contribution of Ned Yost's stupidity. He brought in Brian Shouse to face Utley and Howard with Werth already on first. It was a good move because Shouse sports a 0.65 WHIP against lefties. Utley bunted Werth to second and then Yost intentionally walked the hot hitting Howard. But then he inexplicably left Shouse in to face Burrell. I understand that Burrell is struggling big time, but Shouse has a 1.61 WHIP against righties. Burrell singles in the game winning run and Yost leaves Shouse in to face another right handed hitting batter, Victorino, who takes Shouse deep. Game over. Thanks Ned.

Reader Bloodstripes also pointed out that Yost put Corey Hart in the leadoff spot for both games despite his recent struggles. Hart went 1-8 and hit into a key 4-3 double play in the first game.

Oh yeah, and Manuel brought Brad Lidge into the game with 1 out, nobody on, and a 4 run lead in the 9th, despite having another game 3 hours later. Thank goodness they didn't need him in the series closer.

Game 2 -Brett Myers continued his second half Superman act. He became the first pitcher since Andy Pettitte in 2000 to pitch a complete came on only three days rest.
NL East - I don't think Billy Wagner is the only person crying in New York about their former closer's bum elbow. Luis Ayala and Pedro Feliciano combined for 5 runs in the ninth helping the Mets lose a two run lead.

Wild Card - The Astros played nine innings and had zero hits, which makes it tough to win. Carlso Zambrano picked up the no-no, and the Phils picked up a game and a half on the 'stros.

Here are the updated standings:

Today's games of interest:
2:05 - Astros (B. Moehler) v. Cubs (T. Lilly)
7:10 - Mets (P. Martinez) v. Gnats (J. Lannan)



GM-Carson said...

WSBGM's was at the day game, and it was a damn good game. Ned Yost is a retard. He makes Charlie Manuel look like genius, which is 5th grade level for Uncle Chuck.

Listened to the Mets collapse on XM, and laughed my ass off the entire drive home from the Cit.

Couldn't watch the night game, but followed it on the radio and Brett Myers is awesome. He was horrible in the 1st half, but he's the best pitch the Phils have right now.

I'm thinking playoffs, and that puts me in a good mood.

Bob D said...

Blanton hasn't been spectacular, but he has given the Phils a shot to win each time out. Myers has been down right awesome. And with Moyer and Hamels pitching very good also, it will be hard to beat this team. Looks as if Happ will pitch Wednesday.

BloodStripes said...

What a massive day for the Phils. They help themselves to a double headed sweep by crushing Milwaukee and NY and Houston help out with crushing losses. Awesome.

GM-Carson said...

Phils need a day of rest today. Hopefully the Mets lose to the gNats to put us only .5 game out.

GM-Carson said...

I know the Phils drive us nuts with their lack of situational hitting, but check out what the Diamondbacks did yesterday- 10 hits, 10 walks, and only 1 run scored. The only run coming from a Justin Upton homerun. How the hell do you only score 1 run with 20 baserunners?

goDuke said...

I say screw Happ and go with a 4 man rotation. I mean why not. Lets go all out for it, after it won't be our arms falling off!

GM-Carson said...

I'm in favor of a 4 man rotation. It's 1 extra start for a couple guys. They should be able to handle it.

Amanda said...

Awesome series.

Myers saved the bullpen for the night, which was huge.

Everything is clicking right now. Go Phils!

Mike said...

Hamels might not be a good fit for a 4 man rotation. Besides, the Phils have to keep their starters as rested as possible for the playoffs.

The Phillies should consider playing any home playoff games against Houston in Milwaukee.

Bob D said...

Today Milwakuee manager Ned Yost was fired. However what is not public knowledge is why he was fired.
WSBGMS prompted the Brewer's ownership to fire Manager Ned Yost. During the press conference I believe the Brewer's talkperson refered to WSBGM's quotes during today's post as reason why "But don't overlook the significant contribution of Ned Yost's stupidity" & "But then he inexplicably left Shouse in to face Burrell" & "Thanks Ned.".

I believe these 3 quotes from Corey prompted the Brewers to fire thier manager. (How horrible it is to be compared to or less than Cholly)

BloodStripes said...

Houston is improving. They managed one hit today.

BloodStripes said...

Big Z's no-no is interesting. You can't pitch better than that but he hadn't pitched for 2 weeks coming off a sore shoulder. After throwing 110 pitches it will be interesting to see if he maintains his strength. A sore shoulder again in a couple of weeks could really help the Phils not to mention the curse.

dr. steve said...


Also, lol mets.

LynnieMac said...

Your final tonight: Nats 7, Mets 2. Phillies now .5 game back (1 in the loss column).

SirAlden said...

Houston Lost.

Mutts Lost.

Good Night.

GM-Carson said...

Sorry Eagles, T.O. is got last laugh.

Speaking of laughing, I'm laughing my ass off at the Mets losing again last the Nationals of all teams.

I'm pissed Yost was fired. He had a few more losses in him this year.