Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday is a Day of Rest

For 161 games the Phillies regulars went through the wear and tear of the season trying to accomplish Goal #1- reach the postseason. With the first goal checked off of the list, it's now on to Goal #2- advance through the first round in the playoffs. Don't worry, there's also Goal #3- reach World Series, and Goal #4- parade down Broad Street. However, goals 2-4 will have to wait until Wednesday when the Phils begin the National League Divisional Series with the yet to be determined Los Angeles Dodgers or Milwaukee Brewers. Until then, there's still game #162 to be played today, and on the last day God rested, and so shall the Phillies.

My Proposed Lineup:
1. Ryan Howard- 1B
2. Tadahito Iguchi- 2B
3. Matt Stairs- LF
4. Geoff Jenkins- RF
5. Lou Marson- C
6. Eric Bruntlett- SS
7. Greg Golson- CF
8. Mike Cervenak- 3B
9. Kyle Kendrick- SP

I want Howard batting leadoff and swinging for the fences in an attempt to belt homeruns 49 and 50. If the game doesn't appear to have any chance of heading into extra innings I'd pinch-hit the regulars starting in the 8th inning and bring the rest in as defensive substitutes in the 9th so they can get a rousing standing ovation from the sellout crowd. JA Happ, Adam Eaton, and Les Walrond would be working the bullpen for me today.



GM-Carson said...

Coste at 1st base and Taguchi in RF instead of Stairs, but otherwise I was pretty close. Kendrick should be able to pitch well today, considering the scrub team Washington has playing.

Corey said...

holy crap. even though i've been watching the mets crash and burn for the last two weeks, i didn't think they would actually be out of the playoffs. i just thought they would make it somehow. what a pitiful display. not only am i very happy new york will not be represented in the playoffs this year, another mets collapse gives me plenty of anti-mets material for the blog.

so, looks like the brewers will be coming to town. CC pitches twice on only 3 days rest and probably won't go in the opener and ben sheets might now pitch either. excellent. full series preview/breakdown will be upcoming on WSBGMs.

GM-Carson said...

No Mets, no Yankees, both closed their stadiums to disgusted and disappointed fans. F' 'em!

Lou Marson with a homerun in his MLB debut. He'll be catching next year, with Ruiz or Coste being dealt.

Nice to see the scrubs pick up win #92.

SirAlden said...

Mutts lose CHOKE!!!!

Brewers are the Wild Card.

Mutts are D.E.A.D. DOUBLE CHOKE!!!!

5:07 PM Eastern Time

JMS said...

I just got back from the game...

I can't get over the feeling of our AAA guys beating the pants off the Nats, after all the "trouble" they gave us this year.

It was certainly more relaxed, but the air is just electric down there. We're going far. I feel it. I say Dodgers over the Cubs, us over Milwaukee, and then us over the Dodgers. I'm having a toast to Ryan Church tonight for flying out to CF.

I got a ton of great pictures today (especially of the dugout during the game. Myers is a nut), and a Moyer autograph. What a great guy. Even though the starters were sitting, it was still a great game. Nothing better than when Werth came out to PH, or when I saw the Big Man climbing out to hit. I'll post pictures if anyone's interested.

On to the playoffs-GO PHILS!

GM-Carson said...

Werth's stolen base gave him 20, and gave him a 20/20 season. That's good stuff.

Cheeseburger Sabathia twice in the Brew Crew series seems a bit daunting, but the Phils can do it.

SirAlden said...

On the last day of the season the Phils Tie the Mutts in Runs Scored:

Phillies 92-70 799 RS 680 RA
Mutts 89-73 799 RS 715 RA

Phillies Run Differential 119 +35
Mutts Run Differential 84

The Phillies Finish 2008 3 Games Above the lowly Mutts and their rude Mutts Fans.

Bob D said...

Taguchi will likely secure the last roster spot as he had a good game. Yes, he doesn't hit much or very far but the second half he has at least done something positive. I will look forward to Marson next year possibly as the starting catcher. But Ruiz has done a very good job the last 2 months.

BloodStripes said...

Taguchi also has a world series ring. That winning experience will probably count for something. He was clutch in that series too.

GM-Carson said...

I know I said I'd take Golson over Taguchi the other day, but I lied. Golson is a strikeout machine. He has -99% chance of making contact in the postseason let alone actually getting a hit. So Tag has experience, knows the ballparks, can make contact, and still has decent speed.

NE Phillies Phan said...

Yeah, I think Golson proved why he wont be on any playoff rosters...painful. Taguchi will be there though.

Marson Rules!

schue said...

What a relief!!!! Here's to making it past the first round!!!!

Corey said...

carson, could you explain negative percentages to me. does it involve square roots of negative numbers in any way?

GM-Carson said...

Negative percentages deals with irrational numbers, and is a direct derivative of the square root of such.

I just made that shit up, I have no idea what I'm talking about. All I know is that Golson can't and won't make contact.

JMS said...

Carson, just wait. Maybe when he finally makes contact he'll go yard and be the next Ryan Howard. We could do with two of them.

C.M.R. said...

the sad thing is, if golson was sent elsewhere, he'd become a big star.

Aaron said...

Mets ....HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golson is fast and that's about all.

Marson is going to be a stud. It will probably be him and Ruiz next year.

The Guchi's went crazy today. I think So had more hits today than he's had all year.

Maria said...

great picture.