Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Phillies Career Stats Against Brewers

The following roster is what is believed to be the 25 players representing the Phillies versus the Brewers in the first round of the National League playoffs. Listed with each player are their career stats against Milwaukee.

1. Cole Hamels 2-1 record, 4.41 era, 1.10 whip.
2. Brett Myers 4-1, 1.77, 0.84.
3. Jamie Moyer 9-5, 3.63, 1.32.
4. Joe Blanton 0-0, 3.86, 1.00.

1. Brad Lidge 5-3 record, 2.43 era, 1.10 whip, 17 saves.
2. Ryan Madson 2-1, 2.13, 1.26.
3. JC Romero 0-0, 2.53, 1.69.
4. Chad Durbin 0-1, 4.26, 2.21.
5. Scott Eyre 2-1, 6.68, 1.84.
6. Clay Condrey 1-0, 0.00, 1.15.
7. Rudy Seanez 4-0, 1.44, 0.96.

1. Jimmy Rollins .257 average, .740 OPS.
2. Jayson Werth .340, 1.043.
3. Chase Utley .336, .906.
4. Ryan Howard .250, .874.
5. Pat Burrell .268, .915.
6. Shane Victorino .271, .752.
7. Pedro Feliz .260, .752.
8. Carlos Ruiz .237, .736.

1. Greg Dobbs .267 average, .933 OPS.
2. Chris Coste .133, .411.
3. Matt Stairs .283, .927.
4. Eric Bruntlett .333, .836.
5. Geoff Jenkins 0-7, with 1 walk.
6. So Taguchi .282, .759.

Overall, I'm confident that our pitching staff will be able to keep the games close and that the offense will score enough to win the series. CC Sabathia will likely be troublesome, but as long as the Phils take care of business against the other Brew Crew pitchers, all will be good in the hood. This season the Phils were 5-1 against the Brewers and outscored them 33 to 16.

Look-a-like Alert:
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GM-Carson said...

I hope Chase is getting paid good money for that Vaseline lotion ad, because I know he's probably getting made fun of by his co-workers for it.

JMS said...

I hope he's getting made fun of. That is the most homoerotic commercial I've ever seen.

Soss said...

Is that the best ad he can get? I guess he's not at the same level as Howard and his Subway commercial.

GM-Carson said...

Howard also did ads for Dick's Sporting Goods. Lidge did local ads for car dealerships. Utley also does TastyKake.

furiousBall said...

wow. that commercial. yeah, need to man that up a bit Chase.

Soss said...

I saw a Utley ad in a Dick's Sporting Goods store once. He was on the side of a clothing rack. I don't remember what was on the clothing rack, but I'm pretty sure I bought eight of them just because of Utley.

zirb said...

Sentiment in Sheridan story sounds suspiciously similar to Campaign Cheer.


GM-Carson said...

Good article by ESPN's Tim Kurkjiam.

From article- Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino and Chase Utley went a combined 24-for-48 against the Brewers in 2008. *That's a .500 batting average!

GM-Carson said...

I just sent Sheridan an email saying how similar our "Dare to Dream" and "Campaign Cheer" ideas are.

Kotite's Corner said...

I feel like the Phillies should be able to take this series. They are the better team on paper, and the Brewers don't exactly come in on a huge hot streak like the Rockies did last season. Game 1 is huge, Phillies have to win that game, and the offense have to come through.

GM-Carson said...

Lidge won NL Comeback Player of the Year. Link

GM-Carson said...

It's official, the Model Dictator Fabio Castro has been the player to be named later in the Matt Stairs trade. Good luck lil' fella.

GM-Carson said...

According to Phillies.com JA Happ has made the NLDS roster with Rudy Seanez likely being left off.

Anonymous said...

Chase Utley and Vaseline? I'M THERE BABY!!

Los said...

Hamels needs a good game, and more importantly, RUN SUPPORT! This team, for some reason, doesn't swing the bat for this guy.

TheGirl said...

Chase Utley and Vaseline? No
Chase Utley and Tastykakes and Wawa? Holy shit, it's like my dream come true.

GreggyD said...

Pat Burrell was injured today during BP and walked off the field gingerly with back pain. Let's hope this is nothing big.

GM-Carson said...

We need The Bat, he's our boy!