Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Myers Needs Hug, Phils Need Win

Brett Myers' last 2 starts in the Hunt for October: 8.1 innings, 19 hits, 4 walks, 16 runs (14 earned), 0-2 record, 15.12 era. Thanks a-freakin-lot you mental pansy! Myers wants to be a so-called "rockstar", but I've got news for you Brett, ain't nobody coming to see your ass on tour when you're singing that shitty tune. His horrific outing against the Marlins was excusable because he had been so good prior to that. However, 2 abysmal outings in a row leads me to believe that the craptacular Brett Myers has returned just in time to screw over the team for the playoffs. I don't have the patience nor the positive mental attitude to try and spin the Phils' current state of affairs in a soft white light. No, I'm pissed because they're pissing away a golden opportunity. Not all is lost, but it could be if they continue losing.

*Ryan Howard did what he does best- went yard (#47), struck out (#196), and made a costly error (#18).

*Chris Coste is a good guy, but his September is one to forget, batting just .125 (3-24); that's uglier than Jorge Cantu's minefield. In case you haven't noticed, and obviously I have, Coste is taking a backseat to Carlos Ruiz and may be on his way out of town following the season.

*Every time Charlie Manuel suggests Jayson Werth is worthy of a full-time gig, he begins struggling and striking out a buttload. His swing and misses are more disgusting than the video you found in your parents' room labeled "private".

*Much needed off day today. Phils need to regroup and gear up for the Nationals series. No rest for a Phils Phan though, as it's- Root, root, root for the Cubbies. If they don't win it's a shame. For it's 1, 2 games out for the Mets if the Cubs win the game. Rich Harden vs. Pedro Martinez tonight...who's your daddy?



GM-Carson said...

Here are some quotes about the bench-clearing hugfest caused by Shane Victorino and Julian Taverez last night:

"There's no bad blood between these two teams," Braves right fielder Jeff Francoeur said. "I don't think anybody besides Tavarez and Victorino knew what was going on. Victorino does that dance that he always does and Tavarez wasn't happy with that. There was no need [for Victorino] to do that."

Francoeur said he heard 45-year-old Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer say, "I'm too old for this."

"If I had my way, you know what I'd do? Form a big circle and see who wants to fight," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. "I've seen that before and nobody fights."

ripjgarcia said...

What, all of a sudden Charlie is running Fight Club? Has he given up on trying to manage the Phillies?

No wait, he hasn't managed the Phillies since he's been here.

GM-Carson said...

Charlie is from West Virginia where they often fight their family and friends just to entertain themselves.

I'm so glad the Phils don't play today. I need a break from watching them for a day.

BloodStripes said...

Phils making it tough for themselves. Only delaying the inevitable though. Grand daddy Moyer will get us home.

Bob D said...

I thought they had cock fighting in West Virginia.

Some relief stats for Sept:
Lidge 0.00 ERA
Durbin 7.59
Romero 7.94
Madson 0.00
Condrey 1.17
Eyre 5.06
Seanez 2.70
Kendrick 9.00 (in relief) 19.89 total

Durbin and Romero have been overused and now are struggling, hopefully a little rest this week will allow them to bounce back.

GM-Carson said...

Romero should have never been used in last night's blow-out. Les Walrond, Adam Eaton, or Kyle Kendrick suck, but they would have been much better alternatives given that we need Romero down the stretch and in the playoffs, but not the those 3.

GM-Carson said...

Reading the boxscores like I do everyday and I noticed LaTroy Hawkins has been amazing since joining the Astros, going 22 games, 19 ip, 8 h, 5 bb, 23 k, 2 w, 10 holds, 1 save, and a 0.00 era.

GM-Carson said...

Freakin' Livan Hernandez is 13-11 on the season despite a 6.05 era, 1.67 whip, 257 hits allowed in 180 innings, and only 67 k's. Why can't Cole Hamels get the type of run support?

furiousBall said...

"you should probably step out side of the Stone Circle of Death so Glondoor doesn't get the wrong idea"

Jeff H. said...

Maybe a delivery that didnt get through to the Mets?

A Philadelphia police bomb squad prior to yesterday's Braves-Phillies game “detonated three suspicious packages at Citizens Bank Park,” which turned out to be "hot dogs heavily wrapped in white packaging and duct tape" left over from a commercial shoot with the Phillie Phanatic (PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, 9/25).

BloodStripes said...

Mutts catch a break with the triple A Cubs lineup today.

BloodStripes said...

Althouogh, Pedro sucks so should lose anyway. HA!

Aaron said...

I'd like to send out a big FU to Lou Pinella for resting Soriano, Ramirez, Lee, Soto and DeRosa all in the same freaking game!
Thanks a lot Asshole.
It's the 5th inning right now so i'm sure he will be pulling Harden at the end of the inning as well
I understand the Cubs have earned the right to rest some there players but how about not all on the same Day in a game that has big time playoff implications!!!!!!

dr. steve said...


Aaron said...

Lou Pinella must die!! If we get in and meet the cubs in the playoffs....i hope the Phils remember what Lou did tonight. He Rests basically his whole starting line on the same day and then protecting a 2 run lead in the 8th goes to Bob Howry and his 5.12 ERA.
Then with the game tied in the 9th goes to some douche bag I've never heard of Kevin Hart and his stellar 6.48 ERA.
F YOU PINELLA!!! Mark my words will pay for your baseball crimes!!!

SirAlden said...


Both the Mutts and the Brewers won tonight while the Phillies were resting. Dangerville Phillies!

That is the bad news. The good news is that it sets up the Mutts to be totally traumatically scarred for life if they miss the playoffs.

Double Choke.

89-70 Phillies are in 1st Place atop the NL East. 1 Game Lead with 3 games to play.

88-71 Mutts beat the Cubs.
Tied! In the Wild Card with the Brewers with 3 games to play.

88-71 Brewers beat the Pirates
Tied! for the Wild Card with the Mutts with 3 games to play.


Phillies Magic Number for the Wild Card - 3.

Phillies Magic Number for a second straight NL East Crown - 3.

GM-Carson said...

As mad as I am at Sweet Lou and the Cubs, I'm more mad at the Phillies. If the Phils don't make the playoffs, they're the only ones to blame.