Saturday, September 20, 2008

Myers Lays An Egg

Brett Myers has been superman lately, but maybe the Florida Marlins are his kryptonite. After that egg he laid last night, his ERA against the Fish this year stands at an cool 8.03.

Myers has been so good recently that he is above criticism for this game, as far as I'm concerned. These games happen against hot teams, playoff race or not. Now, as for Charlie leaving him in to long, that we can criticize...
Your Tattoos Are Blinding Me
Fredi Gonzalez complained about Brett Myers' arm tattoo last night, and the umpires made Myers put on a long sleeved shirt to cover up the ink. A petty complaint? Probably, but I say it's about freaking time those things got covered up. I hate those wrist tattoos. You know who has wrist tattoos? Emo chicks. Does Myers have a tramp stamp too?
One More Complaint
I just want to give thanks to the CW 15 out of Harrisburg for possibly causing permanent damage to my retinas due to the awful picture quality of the broadcast last night. Not only was the game not broadcast in high def, the standard def broadcast looked like they rubbed each camera lens with Vaseline before the game. It was so blurry my eyes now hurt from squinting. Deplorable.
Today's Game
The Fish are hot right now and even missing their best hitter to injury (Hanley Ramirez - shoulder) isn't enough to slow them down. The person responsible for controlling the big sticks today - Joe Blanton. Oh crap. Help us Jeebus...



Bob D said...

Lets mention that the Phils do have a 2 game lead on the wildcard, with 8 to play. That gives them a magic number of 6. For the division the Phils have to beat the Mets with no tie. The Mets hold the tie breaker in head to head competition.

Bob D said...

magic # is 7 actually

Kevin McGuire said...

The Phillies' magic number for the NL East is Darren Daulton. :)

Kevin McGuire said...

Also that was one of the worst broadcasts of the season. The camera guy had no clue where Ryan Howard's homerun was going and at one point they messed up the balls and strikes count on their scoreboard and had a difficult time getting it back in order. The HD presentation usually sucks when they are on the road. Why is that? Do they use their own cameras?

furiousBall said...

i think Myers stupid tribal wrist tattoo is lame too.

SirAlden said...

Magic Number 7 for the Wild Card

Magic Number 10 for the NL East Crown.

SirAlden said...

There were five little pigs in the bed and the little one said "ROLL OVER" "ROLL OVER" they all rolled over and the Marlins and Astros rolled out... they both lost tonight, put a fork in both of them, they are done!

Let's put another one in the Win Column for the Phightin' Phils!!!

87-68 The Phillies are in First Place atop the NL East. 1/2 Game Lead with 7 to play.

86-68 Mutts lost to the Braves. 1/2 game back with 8 to play.

84-71 The Poor Brewers lost to the Reds. Their Theme Song is "FREEFALLIN" by Tom Petty.
2.5 behind the Mutts, 3.5 behind the Phillies with 7 to play.

Magic Number 5 for the Wild Card

Magic Number 8 for the NL East Crown.

Magic Number 6 for the Wild Card, for the Mutts.

Aaron said...

HA HA HA!!! F you Marlins and F your 14 fans while your at it.

And most of all F your rediculous ass hat announcers!

1st inning, 1st batter Rollins strikes out anf the Fish announcer screams at the top of his lungs like they just won the world series..."HE GOT HIM!!!!!".
What an ass hat.
I can't stand watching games in that horrible stadium, with their stupid 14 fans who cheer like it's game 7 of the world series on May 15th and you can hear every word they say because it echos off the empty seats.

8th inning 2nd and 3rd and no outs ground ball to 3rd runner out at home....."And his name is DAN UGLA!!". F you Marlins announcers...worst announcers in baseball by far!! Get your golf clubs out bitches.

GM-Carson said...

In general I dislike tatoos.

I didn't get the game at my house...luckily.

Anonymous said...

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