Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Ryan Howard's ridiculous September:
.396 8 22 1.448
Happ-y Days Are Here Again
"It came down between (Happ) and Kendrick," said Charlie Manuel, "and we thought Happ was our best option."

Kendrick's last ten starts (3-6 with a 7.63 ERA) made this an easy decision for Charlie and the crew. He has solidified his position OUT of the rotation for the remainder of the year and has left the Phils hoping to get a solid start out of somebody. Anybody. Happ is that body tonight.

The Braves will throw Jair Jurrjens (13-9, 3.64). He's faced the Phils once this year, going 8 innings and giving up only 3 hits without surrendering a run.
Cuz I'm Free...Free Fallin'
After losing to the pathetic Gnats, David Wright had this to say, "This is what makes it fun...This is what you work hard for." Huh? I think I know what he means (fun being in a playoff race, etc.) but that is a funny way of putting it following a bad loss. I think I would have chosen my words more carefully...

The Mets look to continue their trademark September plummet against the Gnats. It will be Brandon Knight for the Mets against Gnats rookie Shairon Martis. Santana goes for the Mets tomorrow, so this is the last chance for the Gnats to steal another in this series.

Elsewhere, there doesn't see to be any Dale Sveum magic in Brewer Land as CC Sabathia lost his first game in the National League. The Phils are now a game up on the Brewers for the Wild Card. My buddy Ben Sheets goes for the brewers tonight against Jason Marquis.



GM-Carson said...

Nice shout out to our buddy Ben Sheets! Too bad he probably doesn't even read the blog.

We're starting Happ, it's the biggest start of his life. Yes, even bigger than that Little League championship game back in '92.

I can't believe the Mets are trotting out Knight, things are just shitty for them right now, and I'm entirely cool with that.

Pat Burrell needs to sit tonight. 0-5 with 5 k's last night, put in Stairs just for today.

Lidge scared me walking the bases full, but he came out unscathed and is still perfect in save situations 37-37.

Jayson Werth is turning out to be one of Gillick's best pick-ups.

Durbin is done. I'm thankful for him, but I'd be thankful if he didn't pitch again this season too.

Ryan Madson catches a lot of shit from me, but he's done very well lately.

Go Phils!!!

Kevin McGuire said...

Heck of a night for the Phillies. The Brewers are a mess now (why they would fire a manager when tied for the wild card spot is beyond me at this point in the season), the Mets continue to be frustrated, and Howard gos 4-5 with a huge night. If the Phillies win the division he should be on the short list for MVP, no doubt.

Edward said...

Was Eaton warming up the bullpen catcher?

GM-Carson said...

NL MVP Hopefuls:
*Albert Pujols
*David Wright
*Ryan Howard
*Carlos Delgado
*Jose Reyes
*Lance Berkman

I believe it comes down between Howard and Pujols. I'd vote Pujols, but if the Phils make playoffs and Howard stays hot for 11 more games then he may sway my vote (not that I actually get to vote, but I should!).

Reverend Paul Revere said...

edward, yes, yes he was

Reverend Paul Revere said...

Pat needs to sit the rest of the year. Let Howard do the heavy lifting.

GM-Carson said...

Pat is still needed, but what he needs is a day off, especially against a tough righty.

furiousBall said...

Werth looks so comfortable at the plate right now, Ryan too. Pat on the other hand, looks as if he's not sure he's holding the right side of the bat up.

Reverend Paul Revere said...

This Pat is not needed. At all.

ripjgarcia said...

They should do a remake of the 1983 movie "Trading Places" starring Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell.

BloodStripes said...

What a turnaround for Ryano. From K watch to MVP watch.

Jose Reyes will never be MVP. He is having another september to forget. As Reyes chokes, so choke the Mets. He is 11-for-54 (.204) with three runs scored and three RBI through 13 September games and has been caught on two his six steal attempts.

Massive gayass choker! Bye bye mutts.

Los said...

God, we need Happ to pitch a good one tonight ... is this more likely to happen than Pat Burrell hitting a baseball?

Amanda said...

Howard is red hot, but he doesn't deserve the MVP. You can read my blog to find out why I feel he doesn't deserve it:

Any who, go Phils!

Aaron said...

Should have moved Happ to the rotation a long time ago.

Charlie is an idiot. Pinch hits for Happ after six innings with Jenkins and then brings in Chad "I'm done" Durbin. With the schedule the way it is the Phillies will need a 5th starter 1 more time........LET HIM PITCH REST THE BULLPEN....YOURE A FREAKING IDIOT CHOLLY!!!.


Aaron said...

Ryan Howard is having a nice month but there aint no damn way he should be the leagues MVP.
Let's come back to reality people.

Aaron said...

How about Werth for MVP.

SirAlden said...

Let's put another one in the Win Column for the Phightin' Phils!!!

85-67 First Place atop the NL East after tonights second straight win over the Braves. A.J. Happ stepped up big time for his first Major League Win.

1/2 Game Lead with 10 to play.

84-67 the Mutts win over the Nationals. 1/2 game back with 11 to play.

84-68 the Brewers win over the Cubs. 1 game back of the Phillies (if the Philies need the Wild Card).

80-71 the Astro lost to the Marlins. 4 1/2 games back of the Phillies. Get the Fork Out.

79-72 the Marlins beat the Astros. 5 1/2 games back. The Fork is Out.

78-73 the Cardinals lost to the Reds. Stick a Fork in Them, they are DONE.

Bob D said...

Another impressive start for Happ. He should start those games they need him for over Eaton and Kendrick. With a 5 or 6 run lead, why not have Kendrick or gasp Eaton throw a few innings to save a few arms. Provided that they are on a short leash. Especially Kendrick as he may see some action in the playoffs.

GM-Carson said...

Awesome start by Happ. I agree he should have at least been given the chance to go 7 innings, but Charlie rules all.

Everyone else won too, but as long as the Phils win everything is good in the hood.